Wisdom Notes-21

How Do You Make A Heart Believe That It Deserves Love, Honor, Respect & It Deserves The Best?

How Do You Make A Heart Protect Its Own Preciousness & Still Love?

How Do Contain A Heart That Starves To Be Love?

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that a weary and damaged heart usually finds the answers a little too late. You have One Heart, One Soul & One Spirit and they were made to protect eachother. Know your worth.


When a go-getter connects an un-motivated mate, it’s like putting a string of bricks around the neck and expected to keep moving forward in life at the same speed. Un-motivate people hold you back or slow you down and they benefit from your gain. It’s stressful trying to reach your goal to benefit you both. Resentment sets in and the distance attitude starts. Some un-motivate people need you to believe in them in order for them to do better; Some un-motivate people don’t know how to be a go-getter (it’s like their minds can’t extend pass a certain point). Some are comfortable being where there are and if you change them, you change who they are.

From My Heart: Rather you are in a relationship or alone, there are things that need to be done to get where you need to be in life. I don’t know what will inspire you to be motivated. I don’t know how to go inside your mind and reprogram it to think or see life in a different way. Just know that life is passing your by.

There are many things that you can learn; many places that you can go; being comfortable doing nothing, you’re missing out on many things. All it takes is prayer, effect, sacrifice of self for others, take a healthy chance on being happy and meeting someone half-way, listen to tapes or read inspiring books.

Your mind is the reason that you’re not being motivated to do anything worth doing. Search your heart, mind and soul to be a better you. Be a blessing to someone when you get the chance. You may not be lazy; it may be a form of depression.

But know this; that God can renew your mind and your way of thinking but you have to want Him too.

Kind Words

Words that should be spoken from the heart; Words that people forget to say that would really make a difference; Words that comfort the heart and mend the soul; Words that redirect a heart; Words that open close doors and find lost love; Kind words, in this day and time, are never spoken.

From My Heart: Kind Words: Thank you. I believe in you. Please. You’re beautiful. Good job. A job well done. You’re sweet. You’re kind. Without you, I am nothing. Please forgive me. You are wondering and amazing. You are the only person that has ever done this for me, thank you. You are my world. You are my reason living. You complete my life and you make my world worth living. I enjoy your company. I miss you, etc…


Insecurity is a form of FEAR. A created thing that affects how you live, love, give, grow, trust and how you see everything: A produce of stolen self-worth, unhealthy pride and no selfrespect. A secure/solid foundation taken away in a blink of an eye (every step becomes impossible). Broken trust, nothing is easy to believe anymore (actions and reactions become random and based on fear). When someone takes advantage of weakness and fear, it leaves a heart vulnerable. Mind Games created to control a heart, damaged a soul (you forget who you are and the good you deserve). Striped of your will, pride, strength, belief in love, dreams, determination… unable to trust and love as God intended.

From My Heart: To the insecure person: The damage hasn’t been done to the heart but to the mind. Insecurities are a way of thinking and the way you think affects your heart. Be careful of your choices and protect your own heart with wisdom, reality, logic and trust your instinct. You need reassurance for your heart to secure in love, yet trust the eyes of your 6 sense. Accept how someone feels about (negatively), they have that right but you don’t have to accept it as your own belief. Like water running off a ducks back, shake it off unless it constructive criticism.

To the person dealing with an insecure person: It will take much patience, wisdom, mercy, compassion, fairness, honesty, openness, time, understanding and sacrifice. Choose your words carefully. Say what you mean, mean what you say, keep your words and promises and do what you say that you will do. Tread lightly even on a good day for every moment is like walking bare footed on broken egg shells. They will hang on your every word and live by the breaths that you take: if you’re breathing change, insecurity mode automatically kick on.

You have to have a secure and safe place in your heart to put an Insecure Person.