Priorities are important things or people; things or people that are put before all things; the things or people that you value and care about the most.

From My Heart: Priorities has become like the chicken and the egg-which comes first (its takes the chicken to lay the egg and it can’t be an egg without the chicken unless God made the egg first). Which is most important? Your child or Your Job-you need to work to provide for your child.

At some point, there has to be a balance in your life and a sacrifice for your children or a sacrifice for the love of your life. Without love, does anything else really matters or have any value? Gaining all the riches in the world and have no one to give it too or share it with, is a lonely feeling. Love should be your reason for all things. Love should be above all things. Your first priority should be love.

Advice- Put your children before your hair and nails. Keep a roof over your head before you buy a car. Pay the bills before you buy new clothes. Buy medications before you shop for shoes. Put food in the house before you eat out. Give money to those in need and take care of your responsibilities.


Leaders/Managers/Bosses/Owner: The head of a chain is only as strong as the links that are connected to it. When there is a weak link, you are not a good leader. The people that follow you, represent you or your company/group/business. When you allow people to mistreat others that are under you command, what does this say about the person you are?

From My Heart: What happen to Character, Integrity, Moral, Value and the Christian Way. It’s not all about money and people are not expendable. Good Leaders are hard to fine. A Leader is wise, smart but never too smart to learn. A Leader is compassionate, yet firm, honest and fair, watchful and merciful yet filled with tough love; patient because people learn differently and follow at a different pace. A Leader is a part from men, a woman a part from women. They aren’t afraid to stand alone and hold their own and stand for what they believe. A Leader protects in wisdom, serve in love and thinks before they speak, direct or demand. A True Leader, leads in knowledge, humbleness, strength and prays about all things. But most, find it easier to follow in the footsteps of fools.


Poetry -Leade Me

I let you lead me to the pits of hell I’m burned to the core of my soul You lead me to my death, my body wants to breathe no more I let you lead me to an empty place of no return, into pity and shame and I can’t find my self-worth I let you lead me through a pile of crap and I can’t get the smell off me or out of my memory.

But under your leadership, you lead me to myself: I chose to follow, so, in that, I learned from my mistakes And I choose to accept responsibility for trusting you to lead  In you leading me to my death, you lead me to my own life.


Eyes are a powerful thing. The eyes hold emotions that are hidden in the heart and soul of a person or animal; The eyes speak when the heart has not words; see the past, present and future and the future of the past with wisdom; The eyes hold truth, joy, sadness, peace, fear, anger, love, desire, confusion, pride, compassion, respect, admiration, honor and endurance; sometimes the eyes hold life and sometimes, death.

Searchful eyes- behold a curious heart, easy to stray, always looking for more. Lying eyes: the heart hold many secrets; the heart never rest. Restless eyes: the heart holds no peace; driven by past hurt, stress. Sad eyes: the heart holds much unforgiveness and sorrow. Hard eyes: hold grudges, a heart of regret, pain. Lonely eyes: hold hunger for affection and love, a need. Hungry eyes: a heart that is never full, never satisfied. Wild eyes: a heart and soul that has lost something of value-life, purpose and love. Angel eyes: Unforgettable, An Ocean Blue that you’ve never seen before; Eyes you never forget. Evil eyes: behold no conscience, no regret or remorse; cold. Merciful eyes: behold the gift of compassion, sincere kindness, humble yet strong. Bedroom eyes: behold lust and good intent; driven by strong desires; romantic; loving. Honest eyes: hold strength, honor, respect; fairness; easy to trust. Baby’s eyes: behold God’s love; the person that they will be; the struggles; their eyes hold innocence until life (someone) plants not-so-innocence-seeds.

From My Heart: What the eyes see can alter a life for a life time. The eyeballs lose its strength to see or become blind but they never get old and the eyes never, never, lie. The eyes reflect what is in the soul or heart of a person or animal. The heart, mind, soul and spirit of a person or animal create an invisible glass that cover the eyes and reflect what is inside. What we see, alter or shape how we view everything around us. If a heart is guilty- the eyes see through guilty eyes and no one is innocent. If the mouth lies, the eyes start to view everything as a possible lie. If you kill, you can see through the eyes of a killer and can identify the traits in others. If you are a thief, your trust is thin and your eyes are always watchful. The eyes are connected individually to the heart, mind, soul, body and hands of a person or animal. The body can remember for the eyes- you can see through your touch. The senses that we possess, become eyes to tell our spirit, mind and soul what our actual eyes cannot see. The eyes are a powerful and unique thing.


The name Coward is used as a judgmental name for a person who is afraid of doing something wrong. It’s used to attack a person’s pride, ego, moral and value.

From My Heart: When in fact, a Coward is:

1. A person who is abusive to helpless people or animals (preying on the weak to feel strong)

2. Fighting only fighting the battles that you can win (too afraid to take on a challenge)

3. Using others to do your dirty work because you’re afraid to do it yourself

4. Hiding behind a title or label in order to get away with wrong

5. Being someone you’re not to fit in, to get what you want or get where you want to be

6. Being someone you’re not because you’re afraid of change and be better

7. Blaming someone for making feel a certain way; you chose to feel hurt & angry, bitter and heartless because of what they did. Man up, forgive, move on and learn from your mistakes & know your weakness.

8. Being unfaithful because you’ve been hurt or afraid of being hurt

9. A person that follow fools and trends to be like others: gangs, thieves, thugs clothes

10. People that steal (things, ideas, ID, etc….) instead of working for things the right way 11. People who always take the easy way out when things get too tough

12. People who carry the tradition of prejudices from generation to generation, too afraid to change

13. People who are afraid to say “NO” to protect their own hearts, home, kids, mother or father