Wisdom Notes-27


All I do is breathe, pray, stand strong in my faith and try to remember that all things happen for a reason and there’s a lessen in every storm. Knowing this, doesn’t make it easy. Storms are not always easy to bear.

Wisdom Notes-19

I Try To Take A Step To Get To A Higher Place… The Steps Are Too Far Apart

I Try To Reach The Brass Ring… It’s Always Too High

I Try To Find Open Doors… They were Open But Not For Me

I realized that, anywhere that I am… that’s where I’m supposed to be and I’ll get where I’m going when it’s my time; Blessings that come in your life is better than one brass ring; If the doors are not open for me, I’m sure that God has, not only a door but a whole building just for me. Just Keep The Faith.


Time…. Time is all you have. Time is everything. There’s a Time to live, a Time to have life, a time to be remembered and a time to be forgotten. A Time to leave and time to stay; a time to make mistakes along the way; a time to use what you have learned to better yourself. A time to do things your way, a time to do things the right way and a time to do things God’s way.

There’s a time to raise your children in the way that they should go; a time when it’s too late to teach them anything; a time when life will teach them in the hospital, jail or grave; A time to give; a time to regret giving; a time to receive and accept what is given; A time to be free, a time to be enslaved to freedom and a time to realize freedom is lonely. There’s a time to love, a time when life damage that love; a time to forget love; a time to remember that we were made to love and be loved in spite of the pain; A time to run; a time to hide; a time to try and a time to give up; a time to be still and a time to go forward; a time to fly and a time nest; a time to swim and a time to stay on dry land. A time to cry and a time to laugh; a time to rejoice and a time of sorrow; a time to have peace and a time walk over troubled waters; a time to struggle and a time to overcome.

There’s a time be humble and a time to be bold; a time to be aggressive and a time to be meek a time to bossy and a time to be submissive; a time to be child/childish and a time to be an adult/grown up; a time to learn and a time to teach; a time to follow and a time to lead; a time to be careless and a time of responsibility; a time to be foolish and a time to be wise; a time to be set in your ways (narrow minded) and a time to know that wisdom is your friend and wisdom will keep you safe; a time to hold on with all your might and I time to let go with all your heart; a time for tough love and a time when love is tough; a time to be obedient and a time to pay for disobedience. Remember Obedience is better than Sacrifice.

There’s a time to sacrifice; a time when sacrifice will cost more than your willing to pay; a time when you have all that you want and there’s a time when all that you have is never enough; a time when, where you have been and the things you have done will alter your life; a time when doors open and the sky is the limit; and a time when your rep and pride will be all that you have left.

There is a time when, what you remember is all that matters and a time when memories won’t matter at all; a time to breathe and a time to stop breathing; a time to see if your religion and beliefs were right or wrong, a time to see if heaven and hell are real.


Last Words

Last Words (Before The Good-Byes): Don’t go, Don’t leave, Please Stay, Don’t die, Don’t give up, Please give us another try, Can we start over, Please listen, Please let me explain, Please understand, Please don’t walk away, It just happened, Please say something. I have to go, I’m not coming back, I’m leaving, I’m gone for good this time, It’s over, I’m done, I can’t take no more, We’re finished, Don’t ever come back, Get out, I don’t want you anymore, Why are you still here, I’m not in love with you anymore, Why won’t you leave, Why can’t you stay, I didn’t mean too, I didn’t try too, I didn’t think, I didn’t know, It’s not you it’s me, I’m sorry, Goodbye.

From My Heart: The moment when there is nothing you can do, say, think, feel, pray, beg, cry could change that moment. You want to speak from the depth of your soul but all you can do is be still, wait, listen, accept and obey. Sometimes, in certain situations, there is no undo-s, redo-s, start over-s or forgiveness. Life goes on. Everything begins and ends. Everything has a start and a finish. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Everyone lives and everyone will die. People come and people go. Just appreciate what you have and trust God for the rest. Nothing and nobody belongs to you. So, when it’s time to lose what you have, give up what you’ve been holding on to…. Let it go, Let them go.

No one but God is forever.


Communication: I don’t think that people realize that words are all they have with each other. I’ve found that people arguer to keep from talking, for, if they talk, someone has to tell the truth, admit a lie or face their wrong-head-on. Communication is listening without thinking about what you want to say; not listening for words to use against the person who’s talking; listen and try to hear what’s really being said. Communication is talking to someone, not talking at someone. In listening, some words may hurt but give that person a chance to say something to make your heart feel better.

From My Heart: It takes love and caringness to address important situations with patience and understanding; to be able to able to discuss issues that matters most to you; to not be quick to augur but talk calmly; to not be assume you know what the other person has to say and rudely cut them off. It takes a sincere man or woman to sit down and talk about matters of the heart. Communication starts with being honest with yourself and your mate. Secrets and lies damage the communication of love.

Some people don’t want to listen- when you listen, that means that you are responsible for what you hear. Listening takes sacrifice, control, humbleness and a willingness to change. Listening could take the relationship to a higher-deeper level. Much love comes more responsibilities.

Love and care enough to listen to each other’s thoughts, ideals, opinions and emotions. Learn to communicate in a healthy way. Try to see and hear things from a different perspective. Communication takes compromise, understanding and mercy on both parts. Think first, choose your words carefully and pray that your words are received with understanding.


Being Alone Loneliness is a state of mine. It causes some people to lower their standards and compromise their values and morals. For some, loneliness drowns wisdom, hide strength and blind the eyes from the truth. Sometimes it’s easier to substitute, compromise or adjust for a Ms. or Mr. Right Now.

From My Heart: People say that there’s someone for everybody, Is there? They say that you will know the Right One, when the Right One comes alone, Really? People say that, when you stop looking for someone or don’t want anyone in your life, that’s when the Right One comes alone, Do they? You rather spend every waking day and night trying to program your mind to believe these things. You constantly try to get your heart to die to all that you desire or deserve as if this will allow love to happen. Sometimes loneliness causes you to hold on too tight, which destroy the chance for love to grow. Sometimes loneliness causes you to make a person you’re everything and you stop thinking about yourself. You make your mate become the things you never had like close family, best friends, father figures, mother figures or a savior-that replaces God. Sometimes in loneliness, you make people your reason for breathing, for living; when in fact, all they really wanted to do, was to date you, hang out with you and get to know you. No one person can be your everything-it’s too much pressure to put on someone and it’s unfair for someone to have to play so many roles to be in your life. Find peace in being alone with yourself. With God’s help, being alone feels a-hell-of-a-lot better than loneliness and being hurt.

Be Still

Be Still: In most of our lives, Being Still is not an option: We start our day stressful; work 2 or 3 jobs; work with people that get on your nerves all day long; we take care of family; be there for friends; help strangers; provide for those that are less fortunate; adjust our lives ups and down; hustle to stay afloat; try to find ways to beat the system; try to find loop-holes to get rich; try to make the best out of being where we are in life; raise children the best we can; try to be someone we’re not in order to stay in the game; spreading ourselves thin for the cause.

From My Heart: Some of us never stop to breathe or notice the beautiful things around us; or stop to think of a better way or different way of doing things; or stop to think about how and what we do affect others; or stop to evaluate our situation and make a positive and healthy change; or stop focusing on the wrong things and get our own lives together; or stop getting so wrapped up in drama and try make a different in people’s lives. Be still. Be quite. Sit down in a comfortable/peaceful place and breath. Listen to relaxing music. Learn to rest your mind. Hide from your busy life. Take your watch off and turn the clocks off in the house and clear your schedule. Put the crazy and needy people on hold for a couple of days. Take time to admire things that you never notice before. Take a walk in the park. Sit still and look at a window. Do things that you use to enjoy doing (painting, music, drawing, etc….

Find some peace or something that makes you happy; find things to do alone and enjoy being with yourself. Give your mind and body a rest from YOU. Be still and give God some of your time and take time to listen more than you talk. Learn to let go and let God be God.