Wisdom Notes-28


I love you means I like you alot. I miss you means I miss something you do. I need you means I need sex. Your the one means your the one right now. I trust you means I trust as far as I can see. Don’t go means stay until I don’t need you. You hurt my feelings means nothing.

Wisdom Notes-18

How Do You Separate Life From Work… Separate Pain From Joy….Separate Your Past From Your Future… Separate Your Friends From Your Enemies… Separate Right From Wrong…

Breathe, Pray, Get Wisdom, Forgive, Make wise choices, Do the Right thing for the right reasons & Trust God for the rest.

Wisdom Notes-17

It’s Hard To See Things A Better Way. It’s Hard To Always Do Things The Right Way. It’s Hard To Believe When Your Body Is In Pain. It’s Hard To Trust Something You Can’t See. It’s Hard To Change With A Broken Spirit. It’s Hard To Walk Through Fear. It’s Hard To Love When Your Heart Has Been Torn Apart…

Be patient with yourself. Be patient with God. Nothing last forever but God’s love for you. There is Wisdom in everything that happens. A hard heart can’t learn wisdom.

Wisdom Notes-16

Random Thoughts:

Legal Services; The Law; Justice For All; The Constitution; Rights & Fairness; We The People; In God We Trust, United We Stand; Love Your Neighbor; Equal Rights; Honesty; My Brother’s Keeper; Love, Honor & Obey; Faithfulness; Love God With All Your Heart… the meanings

Legal Services; The Law; Justice For All; The Constitution; Rights & Fairness; We The People; In God We Trust, United We Stand; Love Your Neighbor; Equal Rights; Honesty; My Brother’s Keeper; Love, Honor & Obey; Faithfulness; Love God With All Your Heart… the meanings of these words are lost.

Marriage, a holy union before God. Most marriages has nothing to do with God. God wasn’t in the wait for marriage; God wasn’t part of the reason for marriage; God wasn’t the foundation of the marriage. There’s a reason why Divorce cost more than getting Married.

Medicine: They think that, it makes them more money to increase the side effects of medications which increase the need for more drugs. When in fact, There are more people sick than there are drugs soooo, they would sell more drugs that cure disease than drugs that cause more problems.

Create A System To Keep People Stagnant, they are in control but to give everyone equal opportunity, The Sky Would Be The Limit. They lose control but gain more than they lose.

Education Is Needed To Get A Job. To Get A Good Education You Need A Loan.  A Loans Is: A Long Term Set Back. With the high cost of living; Loan’s high-interest rate, high medical care/cost and providing for your family, cost…it’s no way to get a head in life.

If we were One Nation Under God, If everyone abided by the 10 commandments of the Holy Bible… what an amazing, sweet place the World would be.


Women- Protect your hearts. Learn to be humble with wisdom. Learn to be silent in anger. Learn to love without forgetting to love yourself. Raise your children to know the word of God and love of God. You can’t be with your children 24/7 and God is forever and everywhere. Forgive and love again. Trust in God in relationships to always show you the truth to make a wise decision with that truth. Trust God with your heart and your lives, for, He will love you more than any man can. Ladies, let’s learn to love each other and lift each other up. Stop sharing men and breaking up un-happy homes; You deserve a man of your own.


Poetry- Being Born A Woman Being born a woman, being born a woman of color Being born a woman and have to be as I was born… a woman: walk like a woman, dress like a lady, speak wit. Being born a woman, being born a woman of color. Being born a woman and have to be as I was born… a woman: walk like a woman, dress like a lady, speak with with wisdom of a queen.

Being born as a woman to live in a man’s world, expected to change at a drop of a hat, shift with the wind, move with the times, and think like a man, hide emotions and use few words without feelings. Being born a woman and left to do a man’s job: provide, protect, lead, preach, teach our sons to be men and teach our daughters how not to be a weak for men

Being born a woman, the weight of the world sitting on her shoulders, worries flooding her mind like an ocean flooding the lands; carrying everybody’s problems in her soul, being the one to hold it all together.

Being born a woman, a slave to love, a slave to loneliness, and a slave to how we were taught to be… too strong to be weak. Being born a woman of difference; loved for the curve of her hips, the size of her butt and the length of her hair; loved for the skin she’s in, love for the body of a goddess… never being love for the woman that she is.

Being born a woman with spiritual beliefs, values and morals and have to lay it down in the hands of fools; push it aside with stripped pride; hide it in order to be love and get where she needs to be; put it on a shelf and provide for her family by any means necessary. Being born a woman and treated like a dog; fragile on the inside, tough on the outside; lost on the inside and going through the motions on the outside; broken on the inside and together on the outside; afraid on the inside and bold on the outside; insecure on the inside and beautiful on the outside; humble on the inside and stubborn on the outside; crying on the inside and smiling on the outside.

Being born a woman and always treated like a whore Being a woman and dying alone





Trust a tiny, vulnerable, sensitive, fragile token of love. Unbroken trust is a powerful thing. It’s strong enough to move the tallest mountains into the sea. But, when trust is broken, it’s like the dead that will never live again. Resuscitation is not an option; the mind never forgets.

From My Heart: To trust someone, you have to first believe. Why believe a lie? Why trust a fool? Why do you believe a lie when the truth is right before your heart? I believe that it’s human nature to want and need to trust somebody sometimes. It feels good to be able to trust. Trust is solid, trust actions and trust with wisdom. Trust where trust is due and deserved. We allow people to lie to us and then get angry at the outcome. We allow people in our lives that we know that we shouldn’t trust. Trust makes a huge difference in your relationships.

Learn to trust in spurts. Example: I trust you to be faithful but I don’t trust you to marry me; I trust you to pay the bills but I don’t you to not gamble; I trust you to do the right thing when we are together but I don’t trust you do the right things when we are apart; I trust you to honest with me but I don’t trust you to tell me the whole truth; I trust you with the kids but I still got my eye on you; I trust you to go where you said that you were going but I trust that, that’s the only place you have been.

As for me: I trust people to do what people do. People are just people- most, know not what they do and the effect they cause a heart.


Poetry: Trust You
You want me to trust you yet you lie to me and keep things from me. You want me to trust you and you don’t even trust yourself to do right by me. You want me to trust you when all you care about is you. You want me to lay my life and my health in the palm of your slippery hands on a non-solid foundation. You hands are in many places, touching many things, holding others, knowing this to hurt me. You want me to trust you when you are not in my sight and my calls go unanswered. You want me to trust you and you have done nothing to earn the trust of my heart.

You have not shown me anything different that those that have damaged my heart. You too, have caused my soul to cry as you cut my heart into pieces. Trust you. Please. I wouldn’t trust you if you lying in your grave dead.

Taking Advantage

Taking advantage of the weak in helpless moments, naive and innocent people is a very cruel thing.

From My Heart: The choice not to take advantage of someone; not to take advantage of a situation or issue; not taking advantage of the lesser being… shows that you have a heart, a soul, character, integrity, morals and values of a higher standard.

Advice: When someone takes advantage of a person seems to strengthen their weaknesses; much like pride covers FEAR. Stop being weak food for the strong. Know your self-worth. Hold your ground. Know that you have a right to say “No”. Know that you deserve better. Walk away. Do what’s best for you. Know that, if someone loves you, they won’t take advantage of you or your weaknesses. Don’t trust a fool to do right by you.



It’s not in a black woman’s DNA to be weak. An illusion of strength to appear not-weak. I’ve been strong for so long that I can’t tell the difference between strength and hardness. A strong rod made of pride and insecurities. Fear mixed up with bitterness. Pain of wisdom grew roots of doubts. For once, I would like to be ok to be a black woman, weak in the arms of a man. For once, I would like to trust a man with my life, with my heart. I’m not as strong as I use to be, not as strong as I had to be… I feel fragile, vulnerable and at the mercy of my enemy. But it’s God’s strength keeping me strong in my weakness

Sincere Love

Having a sincere heart in this day and time, is a dangerous thing. It’s unbelievable to some and a punching bag to others. Having the mind of Christ, putting other’s first, being the last; giving and never receiving back; believing someone is truly innocent until proven guilty and forgiving as God has forgiven us. Having a sincere heart for Christ and holding the words of God close to your heart and trying to live by those words… being humble, meek and merciful: being a sheep in a field of wolves.

From My Heart: God had to teach me how to love, when to love, how much love to give, what kind of love they will understand and accept or if to love and just walk away. He’s teaching me that I am responsible for my own heart as well as my own body, to protect my heart, mind, body, spirit, soul and trust Him for the protection of those that I love. I have a right to protect myself. Forgive and walk away because you know your self-worth and you deserve better. People will chew you up and spit you out and hurt you just because they can, some are hell-bent on breaking you into, just to see how much you love them or just to see you cry in humiliation. Bricks and Cotton-balls don’t mix but it’s by nature that the strong seek out the weak.


SAFE: A place where you are protected; A place of security; A solid ground to stand upon; Stability; A place of comfort, trust and peace.

From My Heart: What I learn is that: When someone gives you their heart, you need to have a safe place to put it. If you want something, you need to prepare before you get. Preparing a place takes sacrifice, change, understanding, love, humbleness and a heart that’s ready to surrender. Keeping someone or something safe is a responsibility from the heart, dedication from the soul.

As for Me: The only person that I feel safe with is God. Nothing in my life has made me feel secure. My foundation (Jobs, Money, Relationships, Friends) was always falling apart; Nothing good ever lasted very long for me. So, God is my solid foundation, my rock, my hiding place, my security blanket, my shelter, my friend, my first love, my comforter, a good listener, and wonderful advisor. He’s my medication for depression, sickness and loneliness. I’m weak in His arms and God carries me. When life cuts me up and love damages my soul, He mends me, heals me and put me back together again. I’m safe with God from my enemies and myself.