Wisdom Notes-23

The Past Showed Up Smelling Good, Dressed In New Clothes That Covered The Old Ones; Wearing The Same Shoes That Walked On My Heart; Speaking The Same Words That Woke-Up Old Feelings To Set Familiar Traps. What Do I Do?

Close my eyes, nose, mouth, butt and ears, turn around and run like hell!

Youthful Spirit

Youthful Spirit: Ages between 12 and 25: young, naïve, stubborn, ignorant, selfish, wild, carefree, untamed, untaught, won’t listen, can’t hear (music bumping too loud-deaf in the future to come), followers, easy to manipulate, easy to detour, angry, hungry all the time, curious, lazy.

From My Heart: There is time in a person’s life where the choices they make affect the rest of their lives. When a youthful spirit is upon a young man or lady, they listen but cannot hear wisdom. They are blinded by freedom, fun, pier-pressure, attitudes, raging hormones and stubbornness. A time when secrets are being formed; lesson learned from friends and enemies; wants outweigh needs and latest trend is the most important thing in the word. It’s hardest for those that were not taught, train or lead; hardest for those that were not saved or taught the word of God between the ages of 7 through 14.

Mistakes are waiting to exist in their lives; the TRAPS are set just for you: Older Men and Women are waiting to take their virginity. The legal system is waiting to stamp you with a label- Felony. Money is waiting to ruin their credit and future. The Clinics are waiting run test and announce your life threaten results. The world of employment is waiting to tell you that you don’t have any experience and education is not enough. Other employers are waiting to give you the lowest wage possible regardless of your education.

The Love Game is waiting to alter your hearts, destroy the preciousness that God intended for you to share; their waiting to stain your belief in love and you will never be the same; their wanting to make you cry and hurt so you can’t love again; they are ready to enjoy your innocence and take advantage of you being naïve; They are waiting to introduce you to drugs, alcohol, perverted sex, emotional and physical abuse; the welfare and child support office is wanting to put you in their system to be labeled “just another statistic”. But the good news is God is waiting to carry you through it all.


Every trap they set, I step right in it Bear traps, mines, pits, wells, ovens…… They know me better than I know myself. I can’t make it out without you Lord, That, that I do, I can’t undo. I realized it’s a trap a little too late. Traps are planted everywhere I go, everywhere I move. Every failure could cost me my life or alter my life in such a major way.

Some traps, I see but my heart hopes for the best and I want to believe that it’s real. Some traps are set on the other side of the mountain and I don’t see it till I get up the hills. Some traps are set so well, it’s hard to believe that it was all just a trap. Some traps, the hold is so painful and last so long before I’m free. Some traps, even when I’m free, it still hold me bound. Every trap that is set well prepared before I was born, it’s set with the wisdom of time. Ropes, chains, barbwire, duck-tape… My enemies are prepared to destroy me

Father, the traps leave me weary, empty of hope, foolish, naïve, stupid and useless. Every trap hinders my faith, crush my self –worth and weaken my will to try again. Please save me. Amen

Silent Enemies

Silent Enemies: The people who take from you and never have it to give back when you need it for yourself; people who never give yet always want more; the ones that we feed and they are never full; the ones that set traps over a long period of time-they invest in your long term misery; the ones that wait patiently for you to drown in your own tears and they are constantly the source of your pain. They are the ones that gently tear you apart by searching for your weakness and the ones that laugh at your misfortune and failures.

From My Heart :Silent Enemies seek you out like wolves to a lamb. Their plan is to distract, detour and discourage you from your path. They try to hurt you to the point of no return and they wait for your heart to harden and love no more. They seek out Christians that seem to truly love the Lord. They know that they can’t come to Christians, head on, because Christians are ready with the word of God to cast it down. So they tread lightly upon familiar waters (the things they have collected of your weaknesses) to dismount your armor.

The sad thing is: You don’t see this enemy until it’s too late. Nothing they have done can be undone. You are left to start over with nothing but emptiness and despair. You can’t get around what they’ve done; you just have to let it play out in time. You embrace your only choice; fall down on your knee, call on the name of Jesus to hold you together and mend your heart.

Behind this attack is a powerful lesson to learn and wisdom to gain. It’s a chance to start over, be wiser and appreciate the small things. Most importantly, be aware of the people you allow in your life. It’s like standing at the crossroads of life, make a decision, forgive yourself and move on.

I Am Not Free

I Am Not Free. I’ve allowed them to tie chains around my feet to keep me from embracing my future: the chains are supposed to be a daily reminder of how hard will be for me to get ahead and be prosperous; the chain bruise my ankles to keep me in fear of going forward

They put chains around my eyes to keep me from seeing how beautiful I really am; to keep me from seeing the amazing self that I truly am; to keep me from seeing the detrimental plan that they have for my life; to keep me from seeing love in an unpainful way.

They put chains around my mind to make me think that I am less than they, squeezing the life out of my self-worth; They want me to think that I cannot make it over their high hurdles or out of the traps they set just for me I have allowed them to make me a statistic, a black dot on a white sheet of paper, a last choice, a runner up, a substitute, a career prostitute, a bed warmer, a childish dreamer, a hopeless case, a disgrace to the human race

As long as I give them power over me, I am enslaving myself and I will never be free.