A hollow tube; something weak yet strong enough to carry a precious thing; something used by God to get blessing from point A to point B.

From My Heart: A broken piece of grass, bent over from the heaviness of life… yet, as useless as it feels, it still provides shade for a ant, protecting it from the sun; a hollow tube (humble spirit) that is the wanting and waiting to be filled with God’s purpose, waiting to carry out God’s will. Most vessels are clogged with selfness, sin, foolishness, un-forgiveness, regret, everyday life problems and stuff.

In order to be ready for God to use us, we have to clean out our vessels (lives); renew our minds (cast down thoughts), change our ways; be humble to the little voice of your personal Holy Spirit; submitting the hearts to the word of God; try to do what is right before God; surrender unto him and be willing to be used by God and praying about all things; pray for guidance and direction.


Stress is the side-effects of silence, hurt, worrying, pain, anger, frustration and humiliation that quietly affect the body functions; A silent destroyer of your health, spirit and peace. Stress starts with an over-whelming thoughts; thoughts without solution; thoughts with no way of changing things or fixing a matter; a feeling behind a situation; not having enough hours in the day to finish everything that you think, that need to be done and not enough of anything to make things better. From My

From My Heart: I know that it’s easier said than done but lay it down at the feet of Jesus and leaving there. Being one person but having many roles is extremely hard: Being a woman, mother, wife, sister, friend, business woman or employee, co-worker, counselor, bed-warmer, cook, maid, nurse to the sick and daughter; Being a man, husband, provider, protector, co-worker, freedom, father, business-man or employee, friend, brother, Mr. Fix-it, lawn care person and a son; Being a child, student, friend, a son/daughter; dealing with growing up, obedience and sacrifices; being hungry, emotional, needy and left alone. Life and worldly love is stressful.

So, just take a lot of deep breaths, count your blessing, pray, wait for something to happen, change things that need to be changed, sacrifice for a piece of mind, find another way of thinking about a situation or person, find some good in the bad and make the best of it until you can do better.


I’m not sure that the mind is the brain, much like the heart is not the heart and the soul is not an organ of the body. The mind is a powerful, complicated yet simple thing. It’s a storage place for good and evil. The mind has been known to control the body and it consists of many thoughts in one head. The mind has been known to heal the body. When the mind hears that the body is sick, the body get’s sicker and possibly die. The mind tells the heart to hurt because of what the eyes see or do the heart see and tells the mind to hurt? The mind is a path with many detours and avenues that become the life that we live.

I feel that a person that wears many hats to fulfill many tasks on one job is no different than a person that is diagnosed as being schizophrenic; choosing to be or pretend to be someone other than themselves to conquer projects or a way to turn on a mental mechanism to survive a certain situation.

From My Heart If you cut a brain open you will not find a thought. If you cut a heart open you will not find a feeling. If you dissect an eye, you cannot see what has been seen, yet. It’s funny; man will try to find a way….

Head Strong

Head Strong: You are quick to turn a deaf ear; Quick to anger; Stubborn; Hard-headed; Narrow Minded; You often right in your own eyes; Your opinion is the only one that really counts; You get in the way of your own blessings; It’s your way or no way; You only trust yourself; and you have to learn from your own mistakes.

From My Heart: It’s ok to stand your ground, hold on to what you believe and be un-moveable by any negative wind that blow your way. But always seek wisdom from wise persons or Proverbs. Never depend solely on your own thoughts. Pray about everything. Get knowledge, listen to the ideals of others but have your own thoughts; embrace new things, yet, stay focus on the right thing. You can sing someone else’s song but make it your own; much like wisdom, you listen and apply only what you need to your life or situation.


Decision means: to make a choice between one thing or another, between one person and another. Decisions come from within. We often pour what we have known into others, into their lives… We are used, worn, cracked and stained. We make decisions based on what we feel, where we’ve been, what we’ve done and what we have been through in our lives. We make decisions for other based on those same life lessons. Decisions, no matter how large or small, alter our lives. They re-direct our path and bring about a change.

From My Heart Decisions without wisdom, is like a blind man driving a car 100 miles an hour on the freeway. Good decisions come from having patience, wise thoughts. You should never make decisions when you’re emotional, hurt, angry or confused-the eyes don’t see clearly. Every decision has a conscience.

Take responsibility for your choices rather they are good or bad. Blame no one for the reasoning behind your decisions. Stress is relieved by making a solid, healthy and wise decision.


Communication: I don’t think that people realize that words are all they have with each other. I’ve found that people arguer to keep from talking, for, if they talk, someone has to tell the truth, admit a lie or face their wrong-head-on. Communication is listening without thinking about what you want to say; not listening for words to use against the person who’s talking; listen and try to hear what’s really being said. Communication is talking to someone, not talking at someone. In listening, some words may hurt but give that person a chance to say something to make your heart feel better.

From My Heart: It takes love and caringness to address important situations with patience and understanding; to be able to able to discuss issues that matters most to you; to not be quick to augur but talk calmly; to not be assume you know what the other person has to say and rudely cut them off. It takes a sincere man or woman to sit down and talk about matters of the heart. Communication starts with being honest with yourself and your mate. Secrets and lies damage the communication of love.

Some people don’t want to listen- when you listen, that means that you are responsible for what you hear. Listening takes sacrifice, control, humbleness and a willingness to change. Listening could take the relationship to a higher-deeper level. Much love comes more responsibilities.

Love and care enough to listen to each other’s thoughts, ideals, opinions and emotions. Learn to communicate in a healthy way. Try to see and hear things from a different perspective. Communication takes compromise, understanding and mercy on both parts. Think first, choose your words carefully and pray that your words are received with understanding.


Anger- a bottomless pit of hurt; Anger is like the root of a tree planted in the deepest part of the ocean. Anger is an emotional state of mind that clouds your judgment and views. The result of Anger: murder, lost, damages, destruction, jail time or regret. It silently affects/destroy your health (high blood pressure, stroke, stomach problem, breathing problems, depression, fatigue and problems sleeping). Anger affects your day, your work, friendships, relationships and marriages. Anger affects the world and how we treat other people and animals.

Life Lessons in Rehab: When someone makes you angry, they have control over you. When someone finds pleasure in making you miserable, they have control over you. In your moment of anger; Stop, breathe, listen, think and speak calmly and don’t give fools the satisfaction of seeing you angry, confused or hurt. Anger hardens the heart and turns the soul cold. The Spirit of Anger has no mercy. The deeper the anger the harder it is to forgive. Forgiveness lightens the heart, heals your body, gives you peace within and allows you to breathe. Being angry with God is foolish. Everything that God allow to happen is based on your decision (free will) and His plan and purpose for your life and others. Everything works together, comes together in God’s time. God’s time is not our time. God’s wisdom is deeper that our thoughts.

Where Am I-Poetry

Where Am I I’ve gotten lost in your dreams and I can’t find a piece of me

I’ve gotten lost in your dreams and I can’t find a piece of me anywhere. I’m in your world, breathing your air… This is not who I am You have re-shaped my existence and blinded me of who I was meant to be. Where am I in this My every day has been about what’s best for you?  My nights are filled with your dreams, worrying about my abilities to make you successful. You have consumed my mind with all of your thoughts and needs. What about me I have made my life all about you: You being my work, my love, my goals, my investment… How do I separate oil from water? You and I both have forgotten about me, as if, there is no me without you.

Where am I, in me, better yet, where am I in you

Wisdom & Life

Addiction-Part 1: Addiction is a struggle of good and evil within; It’s a struggle between body, mind, soul and spirit to do what is right rather than wrong; It’s a moment to moment fight to stop giving the body pleasures that it’s accustom too; It’s a struggle within to re-gain control over your body’s need to be satisfied.   Addiction-Part 2: I find that whatever a person experience, rather it be pain (pain to the body or soul) or pleasure (painful or perverted), to some degree, the pain becomes their greatest fear and the pleasure becomes their greatest need. Pain and Pleasure alters a person’s DNA and the struggle begins within between good and bad, right and wrong. The body seems to have extreme power over the mind. Prayer will see you through.

From My Heart: You have to learn to forgive those that plant the seeds that cause or created the addiction in the first place. Start by forgiving yourself. After you overcome, use it to help others and that will help you stay strong. Let go of the people that cause you to fall short. Find positive, caring people to support you. Cast down the thoughts before they reach your heart by saying “God I give this to you because I can’t handle this by myself.’ Learn to love yourself in a healthy way (doing what’s best for you). The fact is, when your finish the abuse, high or drunk: the pain, the hurt, the problems, the tears, the fears and the reasons (excuses) will still be there. You can’t change without God’s help (God changes us from the inside-out).

When God changed me, healed me, it was amazing.