Wisdom Notes-33

They Were So Busy Going Through The Motions Of A Relationship, They Didn’t See Me Watching Them.

They stood side by side but I could see no love. They spoke to each other but I could not hear communication. They were nice to eachother but there was not kindness. They looked at eachother but didn’t see eachother. They laughed but they weren’t happy. He held the door for her, a routine he had done for 20 years. They had a love of comfort, stability & knowingly secrets (everyone knows but doesn’t say anything).

To live in a grave yard and die in that grave yard…. I don’t think so.

Wisdom Notes-20

It Blesses My Heart To Love; It Blesses My Soul To Give; It Blesses My Everything To Care About Others & Being Needed Gives My Life Purpose.

I learned the hard way that my love, my giving, my caringness and my need to be needed was hindering certain People and getting in the way of God’s plan for their lives. I became their god and my God held my blessings up to keep me from hindering them.

God wanted a chance to show them how much he loved them if only they would trust in Him.

Lord, You love me anyway


I know my boat don’t always float and when it does, it only floats to the left. Some days my elevator goes halfway up and shifts to the right. Every cup I have, has a hole in it and most of them have been glued back together. I fall short, drift backward when I’m trying to go forward and I miss the point a lot. My ducks don’t know what a straight row is and I never know when to fly south. But, Lord you keep me close to your heart. Sometimes I’m blind even though I see and I’m deaf while hearing out of both ears. I don’t make sense most of the time to no one but myself. I don’t understand the simple things of life and love and I stumble over stuff that I knew was in the way. I often find myself swimming in the same shark-infested waters looking for the same things. But Lord, you are still there for me and you never forsake me. I get lost with perfect directions and I even get lost going to places I’ve been before. I lose what I’ve never had and I claim things that were never mine. I hardly every get anything right and most days I expect the worst and other days I have to laugh at myself for the way my mind works. I don’t know what you’re going to do with me Lord, but thank you Lord for loving me in spite of myself.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for loving me anyway