Wisdom Notes-27


All I do is breathe, pray, stand strong in my faith and try to remember that all things happen for a reason and there’s a lessen in every storm. Knowing this, doesn’t make it easy. Storms are not always easy to bear.



It’s not in a black woman’s DNA to be weak. An illusion of strength to appear not-weak. I’ve been strong for so long that I can’t tell the difference between strength and hardness. A strong rod made of pride and insecurities. Fear mixed up with bitterness. Pain of wisdom grew roots of doubts. For once, I would like to be ok to be a black woman, weak in the arms of a man. For once, I would like to trust a man with my life, with my heart. I’m not as strong as I use to be, not as strong as I had to be… I feel fragile, vulnerable and at the mercy of my enemy. But it’s God’s strength keeping me strong in my weakness


Strength: Having a body of strength or being strong; having strength or being strong in certain skills, certain talents or abilities; Having strength or being strong is a product or shell nurture pride and egos.

From My Heart: I once wrote that, it take more strength to be weak than it does to be strong. Anyone can be strong but how many strong people can be weak. Some people rather die than to appear weak. Strength can be a band-aid of insecurities, hurt, low self-esteem and anger-a need to look strong in a weak moment.

Find strength to love yourself just the way you are. Having the strength to endure is better than having the strength to fight a dozen angry men. Wisdom and knowledge is stronger than foolishness. All strength is, is making through your weaknesses. Just make sure that your strength isn’t covering/replacing your weakness because of shame-that would be the beginning of Pride.

I Chose Pride Over Love


Instead of standing before you and sharing my fears of being hurt; my pride stands strong and I walk away Instead of showing you that I need you; my pride portrays me as a people that don’t need anybody for nothing.

Instead of shedding a tear in your presence; I avoid eye to eye contact or avoid time with you. Instead of calling you and asking you to come be with me because I’m lonely; pride harden my heart and keep me company. Instead of meeting you half way; I make you come most of the way so I can feel in control and loved.

Instead of swallowing my pride to ask; I wait for hell to freeze over or wait for you to ask you ask … whichever comes first Instead of letting you in and making you feel at home; I make it known this is mine and your time is limited Instead of opening up my fragile heart and let you love me; I treat you like you’re no different than they Instead of pouring out my heart to give your heart a safe place to belong; I keep silent and this makes your mind unsure and confused All you want to do is love me, but chose pride instead of love.


Leaders/Managers/Bosses/Owner: The head of a chain is only as strong as the links that are connected to it. When there is a weak link, you are not a good leader. The people that follow you, represent you or your company/group/business. When you allow people to mistreat others that are under you command, what does this say about the person you are?

From My Heart: What happen to Character, Integrity, Moral, Value and the Christian Way. It’s not all about money and people are not expendable. Good Leaders are hard to fine. A Leader is wise, smart but never too smart to learn. A Leader is compassionate, yet firm, honest and fair, watchful and merciful yet filled with tough love; patient because people learn differently and follow at a different pace. A Leader is a part from men, a woman a part from women. They aren’t afraid to stand alone and hold their own and stand for what they believe. A Leader protects in wisdom, serve in love and thinks before they speak, direct or demand. A True Leader, leads in knowledge, humbleness, strength and prays about all things. But most, find it easier to follow in the footsteps of fools.


Poetry -Leade Me

I let you lead me to the pits of hell I’m burned to the core of my soul You lead me to my death, my body wants to breathe no more I let you lead me to an empty place of no return, into pity and shame and I can’t find my self-worth I let you lead me through a pile of crap and I can’t get the smell off me or out of my memory.

But under your leadership, you lead me to myself: I chose to follow, so, in that, I learned from my mistakes And I choose to accept responsibility for trusting you to lead  In you leading me to my death, you lead me to my own life.

Head Strong

Head Strong: You are quick to turn a deaf ear; Quick to anger; Stubborn; Hard-headed; Narrow Minded; You often right in your own eyes; Your opinion is the only one that really counts; You get in the way of your own blessings; It’s your way or no way; You only trust yourself; and you have to learn from your own mistakes.

From My Heart: It’s ok to stand your ground, hold on to what you believe and be un-moveable by any negative wind that blow your way. But always seek wisdom from wise persons or Proverbs. Never depend solely on your own thoughts. Pray about everything. Get knowledge, listen to the ideals of others but have your own thoughts; embrace new things, yet, stay focus on the right thing. You can sing someone else’s song but make it your own; much like wisdom, you listen and apply only what you need to your life or situation.


Hate is a silent killer; an unexpressed emotion that fester inside. Hate is a strong, bitter, heartless, selfish, cruel word.

From My Heart: When the word hate rolls off your tongue, it’s like steam from a boiling pot when you lift the top. Hate can stem from anger, jealousy, bruised egos, pride, hurt or fear. All you need is one reason for hate to exist and it grows like cancer. To love what you hate is almost impossible. Hate affects the body, causing blood pressure to elevation and increase stress within the body.

There is no reason to hate anyone or anything but we do. Some people make you want to hate them and some feel good when they are being hated. It is so easy to hate than to forgive. Hatred-acknowledge your reasons and forgive, release, move-on and be a better person.

First Lady

First Lady: She knows her place in Christ; Appears strong but she’s weak in her husband’s arms; When her husband’s faith is thin, she trust God to be his strength, the back bone of her husband and keeps him lifted up in prayer daily. She is the proverb woman with silent power; allows her husband to be the man, the head of her household and still remain the strong woman of God that she is. She is able to pray for the women that lurk in the dark for her husband; able to hug the people of bad intent in sincere love and pray for their soul. She’s watchful, wise, patient, giving, selfless, nurturing, humble, meek, strong, compassionate, submissive, giving, understanding, forgiving, prayerful and she keeps the word of God hidden in her heart to bless others at all times. She is not driven by her emotions or fear. She cares for the sick and does not judge quickly. She completes her husband and the plan that God has for his life; loves her husband as God commands. She is her husband’s conscience in his wrong; praise him in his right and she believes in him because she believes in God and she trust God to bless his heart to do what is right. Her love lifts her husband up and reminds him of the love of Christ. When she is displeased, she is angry in respect, honor and love and in private. Her ministry is the love of God; help mate of her husband; makes the homeless feel like they belong; make sinners feel like they can be saints; feeds the hungry with food and the word of God; receives the naïve and gives them wisdom; embrace the foolish and teaches them the way that they should go. She cares for the elders and led the young. She is the spiritual protector of her husband and family. She knows her husband’s spirit, heart, mind, soul, energy, fear, faults and loves him still. She is not weak; a protector of her home and family.

From My Heart: Pray about all things. Marry a true woman of God. Your actions alone will teach and plant seeds. You are not perfect, be who God has called you to be in spite of, be the woman that God has blessed you to be. I’m sorry that so much is expected of you but you are chosen. God be with you always.


The name Coward is used as a judgmental name for a person who is afraid of doing something wrong. It’s used to attack a person’s pride, ego, moral and value.

From My Heart: When in fact, a Coward is:

1. A person who is abusive to helpless people or animals (preying on the weak to feel strong)

2. Fighting only fighting the battles that you can win (too afraid to take on a challenge)

3. Using others to do your dirty work because you’re afraid to do it yourself

4. Hiding behind a title or label in order to get away with wrong

5. Being someone you’re not to fit in, to get what you want or get where you want to be

6. Being someone you’re not because you’re afraid of change and be better

7. Blaming someone for making feel a certain way; you chose to feel hurt & angry, bitter and heartless because of what they did. Man up, forgive, move on and learn from your mistakes & know your weakness.

8. Being unfaithful because you’ve been hurt or afraid of being hurt

9. A person that follow fools and trends to be like others: gangs, thieves, thugs clothes

10. People that steal (things, ideas, ID, etc….) instead of working for things the right way 11. People who always take the easy way out when things get too tough

12. People who carry the tradition of prejudices from generation to generation, too afraid to change

13. People who are afraid to say “NO” to protect their own hearts, home, kids, mother or father