Being a Victim is a state of mind; a mind-set that cripples the heart, blind the eyes; plants a seed of un-forgiveness; create distrust; hinders the feet ability to move forward; Painful events that cripple, more mentally than physically; hurt that alter our lives forever.

From My Heart: Pray. Forgive as God has forgiven you. Forgive yourself; Let someone love you. Love again; Sincere, healthy love, heals the heart. Seek counseling if needed. Being a victim is a state of mind-seek God to renew your mind and change your way of thinking. You are not a victim. You are a warrior that overcame.


Poetry-I Don’t Have To Imagine

I don’t have to imagine being hung in the air by fragile ankles and no one hears my cry. I don’t have to imagine laying down for the Massa to stay employed because of my children. I don’t have to imagine being made to lay at the bottom of the bed to be someone’s foot warmer. I don’t have to imagine being raped, beaten and my body helpless at the mercy of another. I don’t to imagine my child taken from my womb and made to watch it die before my eyes. I don’t have to imagine surgery, colonoscopy or giving birth with no anesthetic out of spite. I don’t have to imagine what it’s like to have the life choked out of you with only one breath left. I don’t have to imagine being left alone to die and almost drown in your own tears. I don’t have to imagine being passed around like a ragdoll, silent screams heard by only God. I don’t have to imagine being sold for one more High, heartless reasons or selfishness and pride. I made it through by the mercy of God and so will you. Believe, that, This too shall pass. Nothing ever stays the same but God’s love for you. It could have been worst.

They Wanted Me Not

When I think back, about the love I gave, none have loved me with a sincere heart. I asked myself what’s wrong with me that they loved me not. I laid the truth before them and never kept any secrets, faithful to the soul, kind to the heart. Maybe if I had cheated and lied, they would have believed my every word. I gave more than I took, gave without motive or reason, gave sincerely. Maybe, if I taken more and gave nothing, they would have given me the world. I showed them love of a life-time, love of a pure heart and true soul. I should have given shallow love and maybe they would have loved the ground.

I spent countless moments proving that I should have been what they wanted and this they would respect. I answered every call, every text; I was there for every visit and came every time I was called. Maybe, if I had not answered every call and ignored every knock; maybe they would have tried harder to reach me; maybe they would have missed me more. The reasons were all the same: they were unappreciative, unfair and love was just a game: It’s simple; they loved me not because they didn’t want too I just wasn’t the one for them and I can live with that.

The reasons were all the same: they were unappreciative, unfair and love was just a game: It’s simple; they loved me not because they didn’t want too. I just wasn’t the one for them and I can live with that.


HE WROTE…. My first love, words cannot describe how special you are to me. I will always love you. J. S.

Over 20 years now, I walk by his picture, a glance turns into a stare…. I can’t move, hypnotized. I can’t feel the breath that I take. The mire thought of every seeing him again… it would truly be a dream come true. It would be amazing if we could be once more. I look at his picture, my heart feels as if he were just here, standing beside me. His kiss was a drug-I closed my eyes for a moment, days seemed like weeks gone by. His body, the gods would envy… Everything about him was perfect- head to toe. I look at his picture… he love we made, no words could express. His sense of humor was like sunshine, warming my soul. I would get lost in his presence… I would stop breathing until he would come again. His love was pure and devoting only to whom he loved most. His love was sincere as the love of a child. Yet, he was wise, caring, gentle, understanding ….. He was all that one person could ever dream of. Beautiful as he was on the outside, he was just as beautiful inside. His tears, when he said good-bye… still run down my face. That’s the first time I had seen a real man cry. I miss my soul mate.

Sincere Love

Having a sincere heart in this day and time, is a dangerous thing. It’s unbelievable to some and a punching bag to others. Having the mind of Christ, putting other’s first, being the last; giving and never receiving back; believing someone is truly innocent until proven guilty and forgiving as God has forgiven us. Having a sincere heart for Christ and holding the words of God close to your heart and trying to live by those words… being humble, meek and merciful: being a sheep in a field of wolves.

From My Heart: God had to teach me how to love, when to love, how much love to give, what kind of love they will understand and accept or if to love and just walk away. He’s teaching me that I am responsible for my own heart as well as my own body, to protect my heart, mind, body, spirit, soul and trust Him for the protection of those that I love. I have a right to protect myself. Forgive and walk away because you know your self-worth and you deserve better. People will chew you up and spit you out and hurt you just because they can, some are hell-bent on breaking you into, just to see how much you love them or just to see you cry in humiliation. Bricks and Cotton-balls don’t mix but it’s by nature that the strong seek out the weak.



Money is a powerful thing yet it has no power at all. A piece of paper: an electronic invisible number. Money used to escape from reality is momentary peace. Money can buy love and make people who you want them to be. Money attracts fools, beauty, fake-people and swallow friends.

People use it, miss use it. People use it to build, use it to tear down. People use it to steal or claim what was never theirs. People change for money, change without money. People marry for money, divorce for money. Money makes people appear to be beautiful or make them appear to be more than they really are. Money makes you superior to others. For some, love for money; Kill for money; Live for money; Lie for money; Die for money.

Money causes is a lonely heart lost in Power. Money isolates people from sincere hearts. Money has no guarantees. Money is like hollow words from a hollow heart. Money is the god of most people’s lives. Who needs God when they got money? Money was meant to give, you can’t take it with you when you die.


Mercy is an act of kindness from a sincere heart; A willingness to have compassion on someone or something that does not deserve it; An unselfish, sacrificing act of compassion.

From My Heart: With the gun to my head, he could have shot me- but he had Mercy. He raped me and could have left me for dead, but he did not-Mercy. He could have stabbed me in my sleep but he didn’t-Mercy. He could have laid down with me and infected me with HIV but he didn’t -Mercy. He didn’t have to protect me but he did-Mercy.

Having mercy on someone or something makes you feel human and it brings the heart alive. There is no mercy like God’s Mercy on us.



MERCY Lord, You’re mercy is like every drop of a waterfall, forever falling from heaven You’re mercy Lord, is Love. Your mercy taught me mercy. In Your mercy there’s forgiveness, strength and peace. Because of mercy Lord, I appreciate Your grace. Your mercy extends far more than my eyes will ever see. You’re words “Rich in mercy” Reassures me. When I cry out “Lord have mercy on me,” Your mercy comforts me and my heart is worry free. Saved by Your Mercy and Grace. Your mercy endureth forever. You said “You’ll have mercy on whom You will have mercy. I thank You Lord, for choosing me to have mercy upon.

Without Your mercy, I couldn’t feel Your love.

Broken Hearts

For Broken Hearts All Over The World, Lord I pray for broken hearts all over the world, there are more than the hairs on my head. It’s nothing for a heart to be taken for granted and soul crushed by selfishness and pride. Lord, some do it because they can, some do it because it makes them empowered. I pray that total healing rain down from heaven to restore all that pain and hurt his diminished. Lord, give hearts a sincere new start with wisdom, truth, direction, fairness and mercy. Please don’t let yesterday’s pain hinder the beginning of a love that will lift up your Glory. Hold broken hearts close to your heart. Lord and hear their cry for deliverance and love. Camp your Angels around their emotions, desires and will to love and be loved. For some don’t know how hurt has affected their lives, attitudes, faith, their ways. May your love cast out fear, heal and deliver, restore and bring about a good change. Father, have mercy on the broken hearts and damaged souls that turned to evil. They know not what they do, for they are blinded by hurt and lost in the pain of yesterday. Bless their memories to heal, their soul to mend and someone to love them unconditionally. Amen and Amen


Forgiveness is peace within. It’s the beginning of a healing process that allows you to grow. Forgiveness takes wisdom, knowledge and humbleness. It’s a higher level of maturity in Christ Jesus. Forgiveness feels good to the soul and cradles the heart.

From My Heart: When you hold un-forgiveness, you body aches and develop sickness. To forgive is an act of mercy that blesses you with God’s grace and peace. Real forgiveness does forget. Forgiveness without wisdom is foolishness. Just because you forgive and forget does not mean you have to continue to be hurt and misused again and again. You can give them another chance but only with wisdom guiding you. God said forgive as I have forgiveness you. If you forgive not, you are not forgiven by God. God forgives a sincere heart. That doesn’t mean that, there will not be consciences to your actions.


Having a conscience once meant, if you did wrong, it was strong possibility that your conscience would convict your heart or soul and you were quick to do what is right or sincerely felt bad about the wrong you had done. Having a sincere heart made your accusers forgive and forget and that gave you another chance to get things right. Once upon a time, much respect was given to a person that had a conscience.

Now, people do as they please rather it’s wrong, hurtful, belittling, unfair or degrading to others. Having a conscience doesn’t change anything if there are no morals or values in place. The voice of a conscience is too soft to hear; a hard heart deafens the ears. It’s too weak to be felt because it’s buried under anger, selfishness, greed, hunger, pleasures, fear, hurt or regrets.

From My Heart: Your conscience is your Holy Spirit urging your heart, mind, body and soul to do what is right, holy and acceptable in God’s sight. Your conscience is the soft voice of God teaching you, guiding and you using to bless others. Your conscience is the love of God trying to saving you from yourself.