Wisdom Notes-20

It Blesses My Heart To Love; It Blesses My Soul To Give; It Blesses My Everything To Care About Others & Being Needed Gives My Life Purpose.

I learned the hard way that my love, my giving, my caringness and my need to be needed was hindering certain People and getting in the way of God’s plan for their lives. I became their god and my God held my blessings up to keep me from hindering them.

God wanted a chance to show them how much he loved them if only they would trust in Him.

Prayer- Jesus


Jesus, I need your wisdom, guidance and direction. I need Your word to come alive in my life. I need to hear and see You Clearly. I need You to hold my hand and I need to hold Yours. I need healing, peace and love in my life and the lives of my children and those I love. I need You Lord. I need You to be in the places that I go and show me that you were in the places I’ve been. I need You to use me and I need to be used by you. I need to feel loved by You and I need to feel that I’m apart of You. I need Your love to make a difference in my life and others. I need You here with me because someday I want to be there with you Jesus. I need You .

Taking Advantage

Taking advantage of the weak in helpless moments, naive and innocent people is a very cruel thing.

From My Heart: The choice not to take advantage of someone; not to take advantage of a situation or issue; not taking advantage of the lesser being… shows that you have a heart, a soul, character, integrity, morals and values of a higher standard.

Advice: When someone takes advantage of a person seems to strengthen their weaknesses; much like pride covers FEAR. Stop being weak food for the strong. Know your self-worth. Hold your ground. Know that you have a right to say “No”. Know that you deserve better. Walk away. Do what’s best for you. Know that, if someone loves you, they won’t take advantage of you or your weaknesses. Don’t trust a fool to do right by you.


Respect is a silent action that speaks louder than words. It’s a demand for honor, humbleness and mercy.

From My Heart: Respect is not always earned or even deserved but it is the right thing to do. Respect in yourself shows in the way you carry yourself and how you treat others. To respect is to value or honor the presence of a person or thing regardless of your own thoughts, beliefs, upbringing, religion, sex, fears, doubts, pride and narrow-mindedness and selfishness. Giving someone respect and honor lifts you up higher than the person that you’re respecting or honoring. It makes you the better person.

It takes a mature person to honor and respect others.


Hearing/Listening: You can listen to anyone speak but do you really hear what they are trying to say. Most people listen but at the same time, they are thinking about what they want to say to you, which is not listening at all. When you listen to someone talk, you need to let that person complete their part of the conversation and then speak based on what you have heard, which shows them that you were really listen. On the other hand, the person doing the talking has to learn to speak about one thing at a time and let the other person comment on that one thing and then go to the next part of the conversation. Separate your feelings to be dealt with one by one. It takes a heart to talk. It takes a heart to listen. It also takes a willing heart to hear.

Talk (communicate) to resolve a situation. Listen to each other to be closer in your relationship. If you love each other, care enough to listen to what each other has to say. Care about the fact, that someone took the time to tell you how they feel. Listen to hear their heart. Listen when you don’t want to listen by adjusting your heart to care. Listen to Change yourself for the sake of love. Listen to your mate to have peace in your home.

Consideration: * Don’t talk to hear yourself listen- how can you hear what is being said. *Don’t cut someone off in the middle of expressing how they feel,-that’s rude. If you don’t listen, how are they supposed to feel important to you * Don’t turn away, shout down or get distance every time he/’she try to make you understand that your driving them crazy- because they’re trying to put up with your non-sense. * Don’t ignore a heart that is trying to express their hurt… try giving them a safe place to pour out their feelings. * Don’t be a selfish-listener by saying what you want to say and then walking away, never giving the other person a chance to express how they feel to avoid listening.

From My Heart

I found out that God is a jealous God wanted me to know that there is no other more powerful and loving than He. He wanted me to love Him and trust almost as much as the love He has for me. He wants a chance to show me His love, a chance to show me that He would never leave me nor forsake me; that the doors He closed no one could open and doors He opened, no one could close. He let me know that He was God all by Himself and He didn’t need my help. God loved me enough to show me His heart. I learn to cast down every thought that exhaust itself against the word of God and His promises for my life. I laid every doubt at His feet and left it there. And I took a lot of deep breaths, blowing my caring upon waters that I could not see. I forgave myself. I finally chose to trust God with His plan for my life and heart. I tried hard not to lean on my own understanding and get out of the way of what God is doing. I started applying his word to my emotions, fears and worry because he said if I abide in Him and His word abided in me, anything I ask, this He would do if it was His will. On my rough days, I prayed in moaning because I had no words, God knew my heart and heard my cry and I waited for a change to come. After 40 years, God let me out the wilderness and answered my prayers. He said “Yes” to me. But He allows me to visit the wilderness to save soul for His Glory and touch heart with His love.