Wisdom Notes-31

Someone Asked Me, How Do I Raise Good Children? How Do Teach Them Respect & To Obey? How Do You Raise Them The Right Way?

Answer: 1. The Bible says to raise a child in the way that they should go; Raise them in the word and to fear God, to know God.  2. I don’t care how hard you try to be a good Parent to your child…. you wouldn’t see what you did wrong until their Grown. Then, it’s too late to remold them.

They Wanted Me Not

When I think back, about the love I gave, none have loved me with a sincere heart. I asked myself what’s wrong with me that they loved me not. I laid the truth before them and never kept any secrets, faithful to the soul, kind to the heart. Maybe if I had cheated and lied, they would have believed my every word. I gave more than I took, gave without motive or reason, gave sincerely. Maybe, if I taken more and gave nothing, they would have given me the world. I showed them love of a life-time, love of a pure heart and true soul. I should have given shallow love and maybe they would have loved the ground.

I spent countless moments proving that I should have been what they wanted and this they would respect. I answered every call, every text; I was there for every visit and came every time I was called. Maybe, if I had not answered every call and ignored every knock; maybe they would have tried harder to reach me; maybe they would have missed me more. The reasons were all the same: they were unappreciative, unfair and love was just a game: It’s simple; they loved me not because they didn’t want too I just wasn’t the one for them and I can live with that.

The reasons were all the same: they were unappreciative, unfair and love was just a game: It’s simple; they loved me not because they didn’t want too. I just wasn’t the one for them and I can live with that.


Being Submissive is humbling your-selves one to another in love and respect; bowing to each other; saying “yes” to each other’s will, needs or demands in compassion and fairness. Being submissive allows the other person to feel loved and empowered with endless possibilities.

From My Heart: Being submissive can be a humiliating thing; that’s if you are submissive to a fool and all his/her selfish and foolish ways. Being submissive to God is easier because you know that God will not lie, He will not take you for granted, He will not hurt you in your willingness to be open and vulnerable and being at God’s mercy during your submissiveness is safe and His love is comforting. Be submissive to people with wisdom, prayer, knowledge and understanding.

Something About Me

I find that there is something about me that bring out the worst in a person. Without reason, they have a need to prove that they are better than I. I give is respect, honor, understanding and kindness, still.

There is something about me that a person’s heart becomes hard with pride against me. They conclude that in their minds that I can’t be this nice or this sweet and become hell-bent on seeing my anger, re-action to their foolishness and mistreatment. I respond in peace. Anger clouds the mind.

There is something about me that gives a person the determination to hurt me and belittle me. They set out to destroy everything I do, say, think or feel. They go out of their way to prove me wrong or incompetent; to prove me to be nothing as if I carry myself to be more than they. I humble myself before them to lift them up.

There’s something about me that brings out the worst in a person but who am I to despise so greatly when I give nothing but best wishes. There’s just something about me… but who am I for them to work so hard to destroy? I really don’t understand but God for me is better than the whole world against me.


Respect is a silent action that speaks louder than words. It’s a demand for honor, humbleness and mercy.

From My Heart: Respect is not always earned or even deserved but it is the right thing to do. Respect in yourself shows in the way you carry yourself and how you treat others. To respect is to value or honor the presence of a person or thing regardless of your own thoughts, beliefs, upbringing, religion, sex, fears, doubts, pride and narrow-mindedness and selfishness. Giving someone respect and honor lifts you up higher than the person that you’re respecting or honoring. It makes you the better person.

It takes a mature person to honor and respect others.


Insecurity is a form of FEAR. A created thing that affects how you live, love, give, grow, trust and how you see everything: A produce of stolen self-worth, unhealthy pride and no selfrespect. A secure/solid foundation taken away in a blink of an eye (every step becomes impossible). Broken trust, nothing is easy to believe anymore (actions and reactions become random and based on fear). When someone takes advantage of weakness and fear, it leaves a heart vulnerable. Mind Games created to control a heart, damaged a soul (you forget who you are and the good you deserve). Striped of your will, pride, strength, belief in love, dreams, determination… unable to trust and love as God intended.

From My Heart: To the insecure person: The damage hasn’t been done to the heart but to the mind. Insecurities are a way of thinking and the way you think affects your heart. Be careful of your choices and protect your own heart with wisdom, reality, logic and trust your instinct. You need reassurance for your heart to secure in love, yet trust the eyes of your 6 sense. Accept how someone feels about (negatively), they have that right but you don’t have to accept it as your own belief. Like water running off a ducks back, shake it off unless it constructive criticism.

To the person dealing with an insecure person: It will take much patience, wisdom, mercy, compassion, fairness, honesty, openness, time, understanding and sacrifice. Choose your words carefully. Say what you mean, mean what you say, keep your words and promises and do what you say that you will do. Tread lightly even on a good day for every moment is like walking bare footed on broken egg shells. They will hang on your every word and live by the breaths that you take: if you’re breathing change, insecurity mode automatically kick on.

You have to have a secure and safe place in your heart to put an Insecure Person.

Where You Have Been

You once loved me with compassion, passion and mercy Everything you did, you did in much love and respect … we were one. Sometimes, where you go, you never come back from. Sometimes, where you’ve been, will change you for a life time. Sometimes, the things you do, changes you inside. By the kiss of your lips, no passion,

By the kiss of your lips, no passion, just lust of the flesh. By the way that you hold me, you feel nothing but a woman’s body near you. You love me outside the bedroom as if I’m the best things that ever happen to you. By the stroke of your hand, you feel no need to be gentle. By the roughness and disregard for the delicate texture of a woman’s body, it’s extremely obvious where you have been. By the pervert things that you request of me, the disrespectful things you say to me in the heat of the moment You resent me because I am not they.

I’m classified as boring and less than a woman because I refused to go there with you. This lets me know that, the part of you that has been many place, has not returned the same. Where you have been, does not determine who I am; I am a Queen. The things that you were subjected too, a skill that you have mastered, merging me into it as if you forgot who you were with. This, you will not do to me. Your being, your spirit and your perception of making sincere love have been altered for life.


Having a conscience once meant, if you did wrong, it was strong possibility that your conscience would convict your heart or soul and you were quick to do what is right or sincerely felt bad about the wrong you had done. Having a sincere heart made your accusers forgive and forget and that gave you another chance to get things right. Once upon a time, much respect was given to a person that had a conscience.

Now, people do as they please rather it’s wrong, hurtful, belittling, unfair or degrading to others. Having a conscience doesn’t change anything if there are no morals or values in place. The voice of a conscience is too soft to hear; a hard heart deafens the ears. It’s too weak to be felt because it’s buried under anger, selfishness, greed, hunger, pleasures, fear, hurt or regrets.

From My Heart: Your conscience is your Holy Spirit urging your heart, mind, body and soul to do what is right, holy and acceptable in God’s sight. Your conscience is the soft voice of God teaching you, guiding and you using to bless others. Your conscience is the love of God trying to saving you from yourself.