Wisdom Notes-27


All I do is breathe, pray, stand strong in my faith and try to remember that all things happen for a reason and there’s a lessen in every storm. Knowing this, doesn’t make it easy. Storms are not always easy to bear.


When a go-getter connects an un-motivated mate, it’s like putting a string of bricks around the neck and expected to keep moving forward in life at the same speed. Un-motivate people hold you back or slow you down and they benefit from your gain. It’s stressful trying to reach your goal to benefit you both. Resentment sets in and the distance attitude starts. Some un-motivate people need you to believe in them in order for them to do better; Some un-motivate people don’t know how to be a go-getter (it’s like their minds can’t extend pass a certain point). Some are comfortable being where there are and if you change them, you change who they are.

From My Heart: Rather you are in a relationship or alone, there are things that need to be done to get where you need to be in life. I don’t know what will inspire you to be motivated. I don’t know how to go inside your mind and reprogram it to think or see life in a different way. Just know that life is passing your by.

There are many things that you can learn; many places that you can go; being comfortable doing nothing, you’re missing out on many things. All it takes is prayer, effect, sacrifice of self for others, take a healthy chance on being happy and meeting someone half-way, listen to tapes or read inspiring books.

Your mind is the reason that you’re not being motivated to do anything worth doing. Search your heart, mind and soul to be a better you. Be a blessing to someone when you get the chance. You may not be lazy; it may be a form of depression.

But know this; that God can renew your mind and your way of thinking but you have to want Him too.


Tears are salty water that comes from the eyes of a person or animal; the flow of tears is perceived as a way to manipulate a situation. People have become immune to tears, hurt and pain most find it funny or label it as weak. FYI: even fake tears comes from somewhere in the heart.

From My Heart: Tears are the beginning of a road not taken. Tears are the beginning of reasons that alter decisions for a life time. Tears are clear blood that flows from a broken spirit. Hurt, anger and pain followed by tears: drown dreams, destroy goals, kill determination and fades hope.

Tears lighten the hurt and burdens of the soul to give the heart another chance at love and life. Sometimes tears help to mend the heart, clean the soul and allow the eyes to see clearly. But sometimes, tears harden hearts and turn souls cold.

They Wanted Me Not

When I think back, about the love I gave, none have loved me with a sincere heart. I asked myself what’s wrong with me that they loved me not. I laid the truth before them and never kept any secrets, faithful to the soul, kind to the heart. Maybe if I had cheated and lied, they would have believed my every word. I gave more than I took, gave without motive or reason, gave sincerely. Maybe, if I taken more and gave nothing, they would have given me the world. I showed them love of a life-time, love of a pure heart and true soul. I should have given shallow love and maybe they would have loved the ground.

I spent countless moments proving that I should have been what they wanted and this they would respect. I answered every call, every text; I was there for every visit and came every time I was called. Maybe, if I had not answered every call and ignored every knock; maybe they would have tried harder to reach me; maybe they would have missed me more. The reasons were all the same: they were unappreciative, unfair and love was just a game: It’s simple; they loved me not because they didn’t want too I just wasn’t the one for them and I can live with that.

The reasons were all the same: they were unappreciative, unfair and love was just a game: It’s simple; they loved me not because they didn’t want too. I just wasn’t the one for them and I can live with that.

Spiritual Connection

For some, a spiritual connection comes after a sex; loving God on the same levels or equally yoked; an answer to a prayer for love to come and it does or a moment that feels like fate or destiny is real; when the two you are the same by the way of being different; your differences covers each other’s shortcomings and your made whole.

From My Heart: Spiritual Connection between two people is when God is a part of what you share: having the same dream; passing by each other singing the same song; heartbeats at the same pace; when one hurts the other feels the pain; silent words speaks depth to eachother’s soul; your one in Christ, one before God, you have the love of God for each other-no leaving and no forsaking, no lies and no disrespect, no unfaithfulness or abuse.

You’re a helpmate, a friend, a lover, a comforter to each other. You’re a forgiver and you except eachother’s shortcomings. You lift each other in prayer always. You feel each other in every way when you together or apart. There are no secrets or pride and you thank God for the love you share every day. And every day you find a reason about your mate to love and cherish even more. You can feel God’s love flowing from them; the love you share makes God’s love real in eachother’s lives. God is able to help you communicate with each other because each of you listens to God individually. You know each other in a way that’s amazing and unique and love over-powers, mends and conquers all things that try to come between you.


Snakes mate, sleep, eat, watch and wait patiently to kill you. They are not Pets. They have no emotions in their eyes and they have no soul. To keep snakes around your children is a very foolish thing. Snakes are very smart, intelligent and wise animals. Over a period of time, they figure out your height, weight, width, length and weakest moment, then, they stop eating to prepare their bodies to eat you. Reality is: you only want a snake because it makes you look dangerous, different, evil, violent and cool. Insecurity is a dangerous thing.

From My Heart: We think, because we purchase something, that it’s ours and it becomes family or a close friend. Snakes are sneaky, dangerous, conniving, manipulative and wise by nature. Their motive and reasons: to survive (sleep, eat, hunt and mate). They appear humble, friendly and peaceful. They study your every move, your weaknesses and strengths, your height and weight, your pattern of thoughts and behavior. They come to know you better than you know yourself. They wait patiently to strike at the right moment. Every attack is a well thought out, rehearsed in detailed plan


Sacrifice is an act of kindness that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice because it’s done truly from the heart. It is a willing heart giving without conscience, regret, self-gain or recognition.

From My Heart: Most people think that, sacrifice is giving up something you love for something that you love more. For some people, sacrifice is making a commitment to stop doing a thing for the sake of love. Other may think that doing a thing, instead of doing something else is a sacrifice.

When you sacrifice without remorse, regret, doubts, motives and your only reason is love…. Then, it’s a pure, sincere and genuine sacrifice. It’s like giving without any thoughts of expecting anything.

Doing something for someone without any thought of self-gain or need for a thankful outcome. God sacrificed His only Son Jesus to save our souls. Jesus willingly gave His life (no one took it) regardless of us not being worthy, ungrateful and evil hearted people…. Jesus gave his life for us. Who else would die for someone like us? Sacrifice is giving with a pure heart.

Don’t sacrifice anything that you will regret. Don’t give anything that you may want back. Don’t sacrifice for self-gain, it won’t last very long or it will bring you unhappiness. When you sacrifice for the wrong reasons, the heart becomes filled with bitterness, regret and anger; often speaking of what you gave and what you did, expecting something in return.


Reasons- A state of mind or thought carried out that bears consequence; an excuse.

From My Heart: Reasons do not ease pain or hurt. Reasons don’t undo the wrong or crime committed. Reasons, does not change a thing that’s done. Reasons for saying goodbye, doesn’t comfort the person you left. Reasons for not taking care of a love one is not understandable or unacceptable if you have the means or time to do so. Reasons for staying: you avoid having to start over somewhere else-that’s life, just do what cha gotta do. If you make a choice based on your reasons, live with the consequences. A Reason for a thing, should be based on truth, honesty, love, mercy, fairness, facts, reality and compassion.


Priorities are important things or people; things or people that are put before all things; the things or people that you value and care about the most.

From My Heart: Priorities has become like the chicken and the egg-which comes first (its takes the chicken to lay the egg and it can’t be an egg without the chicken unless God made the egg first). Which is most important? Your child or Your Job-you need to work to provide for your child.

At some point, there has to be a balance in your life and a sacrifice for your children or a sacrifice for the love of your life. Without love, does anything else really matters or have any value? Gaining all the riches in the world and have no one to give it too or share it with, is a lonely feeling. Love should be your reason for all things. Love should be above all things. Your first priority should be love.

Advice- Put your children before your hair and nails. Keep a roof over your head before you buy a car. Pay the bills before you buy new clothes. Buy medications before you shop for shoes. Put food in the house before you eat out. Give money to those in need and take care of your responsibilities.


Moma, I Miss You Mom would make us go to church. I didn’t understand and I didn’t know why, I just remember Mom sitting in church and crying…. tears constantly running down her face. Through her beautiful smile, her deep dimples peering her jaws, I saw so much pain in her eyes and pain written all over her face. My mother’s eyes are

My mother’s eyes are reason that I don’t look into my own eyes… the pain is the same. Sorrow embedded in our souls. I miss Mom’s touch, her laughter. I miss her stoking my hair as she combed it; sleeping at the bottom of her bed curved about her feet; the way she cared for me with so much love when I was sick. I miss her calling me from across the world when she felt something was wrong. I miss her being in the world, being somewhere but never too far away.

I miss my Mom just being Mom. One mother, per life time… if I had only known… I’d treated her like a Queen. Oh, how I wish that I could reach back in my past and her wipe away your tears and hold her in my arms once more. I wish that I had the chance to appreciate her mercy, sacrifices and forgiveness. I wish that my youth had not blinded me; I wish I had known how much she needed me. I spent most of my adult life trying to keep from saying those words that hunted her “I wish I would have.” I’ve cried her tears days, nights, years… My dreams — Faded. My hopes–Weary. My heart —Scared. My needs—Unfulfilled. Mom my children need you so much. I’m tired. My way is dark but my hands are in God’s hands.

It’s hard to show my children God’s love and how God work things out when things are constantly falling apart. Somehow Mom they still believe. I wish I had been there for you like your love was always there for me. You’re gone and I have so many regrets, things I can’t undo and so many words I can’t unsay. When I was child and felt misunderstood, I said that wished you were died… I’m sorry for my foolish ways, a childish mind and a naive heart. I end my letter as you’ve always ended yours to me. Please overlook my mistakes. I’m a work in progress.