Wisdom Notes-22

To Hold A Broken Heart In The Palm Of Your Hands: You Will Need Compassion To Carry It With You, Mercy To Repair The Pieces, Patience To Put It Back Together Again & Prayer To Give It New Life, New Hope &  A New Beginning.

Everyone has their own faults, shortcomings, imperfections and insecures. Love endures all in wisdom and knowledge.


Being a writer, words mean the world to me. Every word has its own meaning, its own time and place. Words determine the outcome of a thing, the depth of thing. I’ve search my whole life to find someone that could hear me. You, you listen to my heart, my soul, my spirit. When my words won’t come out right, you speak what I meant to say. I speak words on the surface of things, you speak the depth of my hidden fears. When you speak, it’s like you’ve been in my secret places and heard my silence cries. You leave me frozen in my steps when you speak my truth that I keep from you. Before you, I always felt like I was in the world by myself. When you speak, you are in my world, crossing into my comfort zone.

My land was divided by your ocean, you open me up and filled every part of me. Before you, Words was all I had and I kept them hidden inside. Before you, a pen, a piece of paper and prayers was all I had to express myself. Writing was my safe place, no one could use my words against me. Writing was somewhere to put how I felt and now I have you, my words, you hear and we are one I love you, my world, my every thing. Maybe you are just my imagination because you left without a single word.


Walls are built to separate one thing from another, one person from another; to separate walls inside the heart unconsciously; to separate walls inside the mind are created by life (fear, regret, remorse, hurt); to separate walls are a temporary and quick fix to deal with certain moments in life. Walls are large stumbling blocks to detour you, re-direct you, hinder you and make it harder for you to go forward. Wall protect from the bad but they also keep the good out. Walls could make you miss your blessings.

From My Heart: It’s hard to break through invisible walls inside a person. To break through and break down walls take prayer, patience, understanding, sincere love, compassion, mercy, kindness, endurance and faith. Because you don’t always see the walls coming down or falling inside, you just have to believe in that person more than they believe in themselves. Trust that your prayers are being answer and the seed is growing inside that person. Some walls are thick but love is thicker and stronger than any wall.


Poetry – Walls

Walls made of bricks, wood, stone, iron, water, trees, rocks or paper, held together by tears of pain and hurt, are all strong walls inside the heart, mind or soul. Worldly Love made these walls solid and strong and the memory of hurt maintain these walls.

God’s Love with faith, can restore, repair, mend, remove and tear down these walls. It starts with making a decision, a choice to love again.

You were made to love and be loved. Hurt is just a part of life. You live and you learn the wisdom of love.

If you learned not to love, you didn’t learn anything at all and satan wins.

Prayer- Jesus


Jesus, I need your wisdom, guidance and direction. I need Your word to come alive in my life. I need to hear and see You Clearly. I need You to hold my hand and I need to hold Yours. I need healing, peace and love in my life and the lives of my children and those I love. I need You Lord. I need You to be in the places that I go and show me that you were in the places I’ve been. I need You to use me and I need to be used by you. I need to feel loved by You and I need to feel that I’m apart of You. I need Your love to make a difference in my life and others. I need You here with me because someday I want to be there with you Jesus. I need You .


There are a few things that create Soul-Ties: Sex, Sin, NeverBefore-Love, First Times, & Prayer. It’s the moment when sex becomes a function of your heart. It’s when, the only connection or communication you have with each other is sex that bonds you in an unhealthy way. It’s when sex is all you have to show each other love, when sex is the peaceful moment between the fights and arguments, you have nothing. If sex is the only thing you miss about your mate and sex is the reason you can’t make yourself walk away. It’s an addiction. Wisdom: Sex blinds the eyes, cripple the heart and cloud the mind. Sex is not love.

From My Heart: Sex without marriage is Sin. The outcome of Sin is pain, hurt, regret and shame. Sex isn’t something that you can take back or undo.

Prayer between two is the hardest bond to break. Spirit ties are deeper than the ocean, stronger than the strongest wind.


Prayer has become a well thought out announcement before others; words spoken to impress the people of God; prayer-fake time with God as if he doesn’t know your true feelings; a time to make a wish list (honeydew list) for God; a time to talk to God without listening and submission.

From My Heart: Prayer is your conversation with God. A time to thank Him for all he brought your through and thank him for having to put up with you. It’s time to Praise Him for being compassionate and merciful because you don’t deserve it. It’s your time with God to be who you are, what you are; humbling yourself before Christ in all that you are and all that you’re not. It’s going before God, stripped of pride, dressed in shame and willingness to change.

In prayer, you pour your heart, mind and soul to the one person that understands your crazy behind. It’s a chance to begin again, be made whole, be made over, restored and become a new person in Christ. Prayer is finding a resting place in the love of Jesus.

In prayer, you lay your fears, insecurities and worries at His feet; cry without feeling less of a man or woman; a time to heal in the secret places of the heart; a time to find God’s strength in your weakness. Prayer, a safe place, a rock on shifting sands; an act of faith that can save your life.

Prayer is a time to listen and a time to be heard by God, a time to find answers and seek wisdom and get answers. Prayer can be the light in darkness and your sunshine in a rainy day.


Peace is not a moment of quietness. It is not a moment of contentment. It is not a place you run too to get rest. It’s not the kids being gone all day or sleep all night. Peace is not having everything you want and need at your finger tips. It’s not the moment a hard day ends and a bottle of wine begins. It’s not the moment of a hot bath or long shower. It’s not about being comfortable or being along.

From My Heart: Peace is something that happens within your soul. It’s like: when you look at the roaring sea but beneath the surface of the violent waters, the waters are still. Everything going wrong in your life but in your mind there is peace with prayer in your heart. Peace is something that only God can give to your soul and your life. It’s not the world’s peace, its spiritual peace. God’s peace is like a baby that falls asleep in your arms because they fell loved and safe. When there is no one to hold you and no one to say that it’s gonna be ok, God reminds you that He will never leave you nor forsake you and breathe. It’s like you being in the middle of a burning building and an Angel comes and picks you up and covers you with His wings so that you can breathe and he carries you out without a burn or scar; or like being in a terrible accident and you and yours are not harmed in anyway but the car is totaled and you know it was God protecting you; like when you’re filthy, lost, worn out, worn down, torn apart, infected, rejected, cast out, pushed aside, laughed at, talked about and God comes and puts his arms around you and cleans you up, clean you out, heals you and wash you whiter than snow and gives you a purpose for living.

Broken Hearts

For Broken Hearts All Over The World, Lord I pray for broken hearts all over the world, there are more than the hairs on my head. It’s nothing for a heart to be taken for granted and soul crushed by selfishness and pride. Lord, some do it because they can, some do it because it makes them empowered. I pray that total healing rain down from heaven to restore all that pain and hurt his diminished. Lord, give hearts a sincere new start with wisdom, truth, direction, fairness and mercy. Please don’t let yesterday’s pain hinder the beginning of a love that will lift up your Glory. Hold broken hearts close to your heart. Lord and hear their cry for deliverance and love. Camp your Angels around their emotions, desires and will to love and be loved. For some don’t know how hurt has affected their lives, attitudes, faith, their ways. May your love cast out fear, heal and deliver, restore and bring about a good change. Father, have mercy on the broken hearts and damaged souls that turned to evil. They know not what they do, for they are blinded by hurt and lost in the pain of yesterday. Bless their memories to heal, their soul to mend and someone to love them unconditionally. Amen and Amen


Fear is a spirit that plays an imaginary mind game on the heart; A trick of the mind; A moment of insecurity or weakness; A stumbling block or wall to hinder growth. A tactic by the enemy used to discourage, detour and destroy.

From My Heart: Fear is a powerful thing and hard to overcome. Fear knows your weaknesses, the location of every bad memory throughout your body. It has the keys to open every door that hide the things that make us who we are. Fear knows the depth of the soul.

My prayer in the moment of fear: Lord, Jesus, I ask for forgiveness of my all my sin and all the times that I displeased your heart. I can’t do this without You. You said that You would never leave me nor forsake me Lord Jesus and I believe You. Please hold me and mine close Lord, be with us and help us make it through this with a good report. Whatever the outcome Lord, may you have all the Honor and Glory? In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen


Faithfulness: endurance of dedication; continuance of belief in the midst of a storm; hope that does not waver or become faint during tribulation: believing in one on one love, like serving only one God.

From My Heart: Faithfulness is not something you do; it’s who you are. Faithfulness to each other, starts with faithfulness to God. Being faithful takes effort, prayer, sacrifice, change and love. Being Faithful with your heart, body, eyes, intentions, words and actions starts within your-self. You’re faithful because it’s the right way to be. It’s not easy because the desires of the heart are many. Like oil and water, faithfulness and freedom don’t mix. Faithfulness is a choice, a decision that you make based on the good person that you are. Faithfulness takes commitment and commitment takes sacrifice and sacrifice takes unconditional love.

Poetry Faithfulness Unfaithfully, I’ve never had a faithful man. It was always baby-mommas, mommas and

Faithfulness Unfaithfully, I’ve never had a faithful man. It was always baby-mommas, mommas and ex’s.