Being Submissive is humbling your-selves one to another in love and respect; bowing to each other; saying “yes” to each other’s will, needs or demands in compassion and fairness. Being submissive allows the other person to feel loved and empowered with endless possibilities.

From My Heart: Being submissive can be a humiliating thing; that’s if you are submissive to a fool and all his/her selfish and foolish ways. Being submissive to God is easier because you know that God will not lie, He will not take you for granted, He will not hurt you in your willingness to be open and vulnerable and being at God’s mercy during your submissiveness is safe and His love is comforting. Be submissive to people with wisdom, prayer, knowledge and understanding.


HE WROTE…. My first love, words cannot describe how special you are to me. I will always love you. J. S.

Over 20 years now, I walk by his picture, a glance turns into a stare…. I can’t move, hypnotized. I can’t feel the breath that I take. The mire thought of every seeing him again… it would truly be a dream come true. It would be amazing if we could be once more. I look at his picture, my heart feels as if he were just here, standing beside me. His kiss was a drug-I closed my eyes for a moment, days seemed like weeks gone by. His body, the gods would envy… Everything about him was perfect- head to toe. I look at his picture… he love we made, no words could express. His sense of humor was like sunshine, warming my soul. I would get lost in his presence… I would stop breathing until he would come again. His love was pure and devoting only to whom he loved most. His love was sincere as the love of a child. Yet, he was wise, caring, gentle, understanding ….. He was all that one person could ever dream of. Beautiful as he was on the outside, he was just as beautiful inside. His tears, when he said good-bye… still run down my face. That’s the first time I had seen a real man cry. I miss my soul mate.


Respect is a silent action that speaks louder than words. It’s a demand for honor, humbleness and mercy.

From My Heart: Respect is not always earned or even deserved but it is the right thing to do. Respect in yourself shows in the way you carry yourself and how you treat others. To respect is to value or honor the presence of a person or thing regardless of your own thoughts, beliefs, upbringing, religion, sex, fears, doubts, pride and narrow-mindedness and selfishness. Giving someone respect and honor lifts you up higher than the person that you’re respecting or honoring. It makes you the better person.

It takes a mature person to honor and respect others.


People Emotional people are very in touch with their spirit; very in tune to everything around them; sensitive to the actions of others. Emotional people need more comforting than any one person can give. We often try to (un-knowingly) control a person with our feelings or emotions, wanting someone to take responsibility for how we feel and do something about it. Sometimes emotions alter the outcome of relationships, plans and goals. Emotions seem to be a result of reasons, the outcome of a fear or expressing a need. It’s not childish to express emotions as a re-action. There are reasons for emotions.

From My Heart: Emotions should not run your life. Emotions should not control your every move or decision. You shouldn’t make a decision based on emotions. Most people really don’t care how you feel but don’t take it personal, that’s life. When you want to communicate your feelings and people label them as “Drama” or “You’re Sooo Emotional: I suggest that you keep your emotions to yourself. Emotions cloud judgment, sight and heart.

Advice to emotional people: Just like you have a right to feel what you please, the other person has a right to feel differently or not feel at all. When you allow your heart to feel or allow your emotions to get the best of you, remember your emotions are your responsibility. You can’t make someone care about how you feel.


Decision means: to make a choice between one thing or another, between one person and another. Decisions come from within. We often pour what we have known into others, into their lives… We are used, worn, cracked and stained. We make decisions based on what we feel, where we’ve been, what we’ve done and what we have been through in our lives. We make decisions for other based on those same life lessons. Decisions, no matter how large or small, alter our lives. They re-direct our path and bring about a change.

From My Heart Decisions without wisdom, is like a blind man driving a car 100 miles an hour on the freeway. Good decisions come from having patience, wise thoughts. You should never make decisions when you’re emotional, hurt, angry or confused-the eyes don’t see clearly. Every decision has a conscience.

Take responsibility for your choices rather they are good or bad. Blame no one for the reasoning behind your decisions. Stress is relieved by making a solid, healthy and wise decision.

Control Freak

Control: Needing to have everything their way or no way; extremely manipulative and conniving; sometimes greedy for money, success, attention; easy to offend and quick to blame; quick tempted or easy to get upset and often violent. In the work place, they spend more time trying to control people than getting work done or control others to do their work for them.

From My Heart: A person that feels the need to control seems to be very insecure and struggle with the fear of not being in control. Control gives a person power and security. Power covers their flaws and fears covered with perfectness. Control is a sign of weakness and a need to be something or someone you’re not. Being in control gives a person a sense fake comfort. Letting go of control, feels like losing ground, losing status, lessen selfworth and alter reputations.

To the person being control: Seek help to find the reasons that you let someone control you. Control is abuse, why do you think it’s healthy for someone to not be able to think for yourself. Love yourself enough to control how someone treats you. Pray and read the word of God to help you realize the problems; Walk away when or if you can, when it’s safe to do so.

To the person that is controlling: Find the reasons behind the need to control and set people from your misery.


A conniving person asks all the right questions to use every answer. They search for the opportunity in the weakness of others. They seldom associate with someone if there is no self-gain. Every chance they get to use you, they will. They look for opportunity in the weakness of others. Everything they do has a reason or motives. What you say, can and will be used against you for future gain.

From My Heart: A conniving person sees the outcome of a thing before it begins. They see the gain and how to avoid the lost. Every point is covered and every plan carefully thought out. Even in their lost, they gain. Conniving people are careful with their words and actions. They fill their glass up from top to bottom but they see it full before you even starting pouring.


Communication: I don’t think that people realize that words are all they have with each other. I’ve found that people arguer to keep from talking, for, if they talk, someone has to tell the truth, admit a lie or face their wrong-head-on. Communication is listening without thinking about what you want to say; not listening for words to use against the person who’s talking; listen and try to hear what’s really being said. Communication is talking to someone, not talking at someone. In listening, some words may hurt but give that person a chance to say something to make your heart feel better.

From My Heart: It takes love and caringness to address important situations with patience and understanding; to be able to able to discuss issues that matters most to you; to not be quick to augur but talk calmly; to not be assume you know what the other person has to say and rudely cut them off. It takes a sincere man or woman to sit down and talk about matters of the heart. Communication starts with being honest with yourself and your mate. Secrets and lies damage the communication of love.

Some people don’t want to listen- when you listen, that means that you are responsible for what you hear. Listening takes sacrifice, control, humbleness and a willingness to change. Listening could take the relationship to a higher-deeper level. Much love comes more responsibilities.

Love and care enough to listen to each other’s thoughts, ideals, opinions and emotions. Learn to communicate in a healthy way. Try to see and hear things from a different perspective. Communication takes compromise, understanding and mercy on both parts. Think first, choose your words carefully and pray that your words are received with understanding.

Color of your skin

Color Of Your Skin: To love, to be loved or to not be loved because of the color of your skin, is not love at all. The color of your skin or nationality is someone’s preference (reasons). Today, the color of your skin determines your strengths or weaknesses; it defines who you are and who you’re not; it dictates how good you are or how bad you can be. The color of your skin is someone’s first choice in choosing you. From My Heart Skin gets old and wrinkled. Make-up damages, sunlight and tanning damages the skin. Your skin is a trophy, a target, a reason and behind every reason that is a motive. The skin shouldn’t determine a person’s worth, humbleness or abilities. The color of a person’s skin shouldn’t qualify them or justify them.

Color stroke: Selective Prejudice within a Nationality: A person that will only accept or receive a certain shade of skin of a person/people; Belief that a certain shade of skin color is superior or more intelligent than another; Classifying certain shade of skin to be more acceptable or compatible to certain lifestyle.

From My Heart: Close your eyes and see people for who they are. People are more than the color of their skin. Evil ways, selfish, disrespectful, inconsiderate, in-sensitive, ignorant, narrow-minded people come in all shades, colors, races, religions, countries and sizes. If we were Black Cows, we would still give white milk.

If the world were blind, what a beautiful place this would be.