Wisdom Notes-20

It Blesses My Heart To Love; It Blesses My Soul To Give; It Blesses My Everything To Care About Others & Being Needed Gives My Life Purpose.

I learned the hard way that my love, my giving, my caringness and my need to be needed was hindering certain People and getting in the way of God’s plan for their lives. I became their god and my God held my blessings up to keep me from hindering them.

God wanted a chance to show them how much he loved them if only they would trust in Him.


Words today hold no meaning; no one has the same meaning for the same words. People use words to meet a need, to feed their greed, to create a comfort zone and to get where they want to be.

Words are the most powerful thing in the universe. Words are a form of communication used in a negative or positive way; Words alter life for a life time; Words destroy, re-build, restore, remold, build-up, tear-down, mend or damage a soul; A spoken Word gives life; A spoken Word can make a heart feel like dying; Words encourage and discourage; Words can change a life for better or worst; Words can be food for the soul or kill the spirit; Words can portray as a knife and cut your world into; Words can be a beautiful thing if they are spoken in a beautiful way; Words can be evil and plant seeds of FEAR; Words can bless and words can curse; Words can direct your path or cause you to stray; Words bring peace or words can start a war; Words can open doors and those same words can imprison; Words can keep you bound and words can set your free. Words can make a difference between life and death.

From My Heart Reality: Words have lost their meaning. People don’t care anymore about what they say or how their words affect others. This is my purpose for writing this book. Words and actions are all we have in order to communicate. Use them wisely.

Name of Jesus


No leaf on a tree is the same as other leafs.. No love is ever the same No human’s finger print is the same as any other. No moment is the same as the next. Everything is different than something else. Out of all the people dead or alive, from the beginning of time. From every corner of the universe… no one is the same. Beyond every language of the human race; Beneath the lowest depth and the highest height; From all the places within the World and in Space; God in all His Glory and wisdom chose one man above all others, Jesus. In Heaven and Earth there is only one name that be-hold so such power, compassion, mercy, love and grace.

The Name “ Jesus” ….. Lord, they just don’t know, they just don’t know.

Unconditional Love

Loving as God intended; Love that endures all things; Love that is a sincere, endearing, emotional, praying, compassionate, unselfish, merciful communication of the heart, soul, spirit, mind and body of two people in a relationship for a life-time. Love… a fairytale with a happy-ever-after.

Love through the good, the bad; love through sickness and health; love through joy, happiness, disagreements, misunderstandings, hurt and pain; love through storms, rains and cloudy days; love through richness, wealth and poverty; love through insecurities and pride. Love is the security of a solid ground, stability, doing what is right for you and your family.

Love does not lie. Love is honesty and doing nothing that will create a need to lie. Love does not argue, fuss and fight. Love is peaceful, kind, understanding and merciful Love does not leave because it’s the easier choice. Love endures, works things out in love and . Love is not being prejudice. We are all God’s children, we were not meant to be the same Love is not abusive: No one belongs to no one. No one should have that much power over you to make you mad. Love does not keep secrets: Secrets changes the texture of a relationship like a drop of dye in a pure glass of water. Love is not selfish: Love not about self. We are all here for someone else. Love is

We are all here for someone else. Love is sacrifice of self with wisdom, giving joyfully without expecting something in return, helping willingly without motives, putting someone else’s needs before your own.


Trust a tiny, vulnerable, sensitive, fragile token of love. Unbroken trust is a powerful thing. It’s strong enough to move the tallest mountains into the sea. But, when trust is broken, it’s like the dead that will never live again. Resuscitation is not an option; the mind never forgets.

From My Heart: To trust someone, you have to first believe. Why believe a lie? Why trust a fool? Why do you believe a lie when the truth is right before your heart? I believe that it’s human nature to want and need to trust somebody sometimes. It feels good to be able to trust. Trust is solid, trust actions and trust with wisdom. Trust where trust is due and deserved. We allow people to lie to us and then get angry at the outcome. We allow people in our lives that we know that we shouldn’t trust. Trust makes a huge difference in your relationships.

Learn to trust in spurts. Example: I trust you to be faithful but I don’t trust you to marry me; I trust you to pay the bills but I don’t you to not gamble; I trust you to do the right thing when we are together but I don’t trust you do the right things when we are apart; I trust you to honest with me but I don’t trust you to tell me the whole truth; I trust you with the kids but I still got my eye on you; I trust you to go where you said that you were going but I trust that, that’s the only place you have been.

As for me: I trust people to do what people do. People are just people- most, know not what they do and the effect they cause a heart.


Poetry: Trust You
You want me to trust you yet you lie to me and keep things from me. You want me to trust you and you don’t even trust yourself to do right by me. You want me to trust you when all you care about is you. You want me to lay my life and my health in the palm of your slippery hands on a non-solid foundation. You hands are in many places, touching many things, holding others, knowing this to hurt me. You want me to trust you when you are not in my sight and my calls go unanswered. You want me to trust you and you have done nothing to earn the trust of my heart.

You have not shown me anything different that those that have damaged my heart. You too, have caused my soul to cry as you cut my heart into pieces. Trust you. Please. I wouldn’t trust you if you lying in your grave dead.

Taking Advantage

Taking advantage of the weak in helpless moments, naive and innocent people is a very cruel thing.

From My Heart: The choice not to take advantage of someone; not to take advantage of a situation or issue; not taking advantage of the lesser being… shows that you have a heart, a soul, character, integrity, morals and values of a higher standard.

Advice: When someone takes advantage of a person seems to strengthen their weaknesses; much like pride covers FEAR. Stop being weak food for the strong. Know your self-worth. Hold your ground. Know that you have a right to say “No”. Know that you deserve better. Walk away. Do what’s best for you. Know that, if someone loves you, they won’t take advantage of you or your weaknesses. Don’t trust a fool to do right by you.


Strength: Having a body of strength or being strong; having strength or being strong in certain skills, certain talents or abilities; Having strength or being strong is a product or shell nurture pride and egos.

From My Heart: I once wrote that, it take more strength to be weak than it does to be strong. Anyone can be strong but how many strong people can be weak. Some people rather die than to appear weak. Strength can be a band-aid of insecurities, hurt, low self-esteem and anger-a need to look strong in a weak moment.

Find strength to love yourself just the way you are. Having the strength to endure is better than having the strength to fight a dozen angry men. Wisdom and knowledge is stronger than foolishness. All strength is, is making through your weaknesses. Just make sure that your strength isn’t covering/replacing your weakness because of shame-that would be the beginning of Pride.

Being One


How do I explain the need to be one with you; When the only oneness he know is being married, getting along and feeling good together. I need an oneness that doesn’t normally exist between two people. But I can’t ask something that you don’t believe that a man can do: Be honest, hold no secrets, be faithful, and always tell me the truth and don’t hurt me anymore. Be someone that I can trust, need, care for and know that I’m cared for. Love me pass your selfishness, pride, hardness and insecurity. Love me pass your ego, hurtful past and single man’s ways that comfort you. Be one with me in mind, body, spirit, soul, in heart, emotions and in life. Being one every day and everyday should be filled with loving me. I can’t ask something of you that you have never known… Oneness in love.

Spiritual Connection

For some, a spiritual connection comes after a sex; loving God on the same levels or equally yoked; an answer to a prayer for love to come and it does or a moment that feels like fate or destiny is real; when the two you are the same by the way of being different; your differences covers each other’s shortcomings and your made whole.

From My Heart: Spiritual Connection between two people is when God is a part of what you share: having the same dream; passing by each other singing the same song; heartbeats at the same pace; when one hurts the other feels the pain; silent words speaks depth to eachother’s soul; your one in Christ, one before God, you have the love of God for each other-no leaving and no forsaking, no lies and no disrespect, no unfaithfulness or abuse.

You’re a helpmate, a friend, a lover, a comforter to each other. You’re a forgiver and you except eachother’s shortcomings. You lift each other in prayer always. You feel each other in every way when you together or apart. There are no secrets or pride and you thank God for the love you share every day. And every day you find a reason about your mate to love and cherish even more. You can feel God’s love flowing from them; the love you share makes God’s love real in eachother’s lives. God is able to help you communicate with each other because each of you listens to God individually. You know each other in a way that’s amazing and unique and love over-powers, mends and conquers all things that try to come between you.