Wisdom Notes-22

To Hold A Broken Heart In The Palm Of Your Hands: You Will Need Compassion To Carry It With You, Mercy To Repair The Pieces, Patience To Put It Back Together Again & Prayer To Give It New Life, New Hope &  A New Beginning.

Everyone has their own faults, shortcomings, imperfections and insecures. Love endures all in wisdom and knowledge.


Wisdom is a gift beyond the mind of men; deeper than space; time between time; sweeter than the gift of life and powerful enough to change the course of the atmosphere. Wisdom and sorrow go hand in hand; there is not one without the other.

From My Heart: The Bible teaches the knowledge of Wisdom but it is God who gives wisdom. Wisdom is a part of His spoken word to every heart. There is no God wiser than the most High God.

A man cannot be wise man without the love and word of God. Wisdom comes from God. Wisdom is filled with love, patience and much mercy. Gifts without wisdom and the love of God, will bring you much confusion and unrighteous sorrow.


Walls are built to separate one thing from another, one person from another; to separate walls inside the heart unconsciously; to separate walls inside the mind are created by life (fear, regret, remorse, hurt); to separate walls are a temporary and quick fix to deal with certain moments in life. Walls are large stumbling blocks to detour you, re-direct you, hinder you and make it harder for you to go forward. Wall protect from the bad but they also keep the good out. Walls could make you miss your blessings.

From My Heart: It’s hard to break through invisible walls inside a person. To break through and break down walls take prayer, patience, understanding, sincere love, compassion, mercy, kindness, endurance and faith. Because you don’t always see the walls coming down or falling inside, you just have to believe in that person more than they believe in themselves. Trust that your prayers are being answer and the seed is growing inside that person. Some walls are thick but love is thicker and stronger than any wall.


Poetry – Walls

Walls made of bricks, wood, stone, iron, water, trees, rocks or paper, held together by tears of pain and hurt, are all strong walls inside the heart, mind or soul. Worldly Love made these walls solid and strong and the memory of hurt maintain these walls.

God’s Love with faith, can restore, repair, mend, remove and tear down these walls. It starts with making a decision, a choice to love again.

You were made to love and be loved. Hurt is just a part of life. You live and you learn the wisdom of love.

If you learned not to love, you didn’t learn anything at all and satan wins.

Dream Time w/Mother

Missing and needing my mother so much and so many times in my life, God decided to have mercy on me and allow me to dream of my mother. In these dreams, mom knows she’s gone and I know she’s gone but it’s out time together. Times that we never got to share while she was here. Once, when I was going through so much and I dreamed that I was sitting on the tub in the bathroom and she was standing at the sink. I remember asking her why this and why that… Mom looked at me and said that she couldn’t tell me why but everything’s gonna be ok.

I’ve never had a birthday party in my life. I dreamed, couple days before my birthday that mom gave me a big party. It was a dream but it was my first birthday party in my life. I would share these dreams with my baby sister. And this particular dream happened after my baby sister confronted me with anger in her voice. She wanted to know why mom spent time with me in my dreams and not hers. Dreaming about Mom comforted my soul and helped me to make it through all the years of not having her.

So, one night God allowed me to dream for my sister: Mom was in her bed sleeping like she would do before going to her 2nd job. I and my baby sister were polishing her finger nails and toe nails, combing her hair and my baby sister got up and walked out the room for something and Mom woke up. And I said “Momma, she’s upset because you don’t spend time with her in her dreams and she misses you too.” Mom said to tell her that she never asked. So when I woke up from the dream, I called my baby sister and told her about the dream. She dreamed about Mom and that’s their time together. Peace & Patience.


How do you describe patience? Waiting peacefully; Being understanding and merciful with the things you don’t normally tolerate; Waiting in love and kindness; Enduring the storms in peace, humbleness and meekness; Waiting in wisdom; Compassion with the differences, ways and minds of others. Be patient and kind to the elderly. Be patient with the mind of

Be patient and kind to the elderly. Be patient with the mind of child. Be patient when you’re driving. Be patient with those that are slow to learn. Everybody learns differently. Be patient with yourself in love and life. Be patient with your enemies, for, they know not what they do. Be patient with God even when you don’t see what he’s doing or don’t know the plan for has for your life. Be patient with God in trying to teach you; it’s to help and lead others. Be patient with the church, their just people- we all fall short of God’s Glory. Be patient with fools, they know not what they do. Be patient with the prideful, the insecure, and the hurt and fearful. Be patient with the emotional people, God made them to feel more than others. Be patient in the storms, there’s precious wisdom to come. Wisdom is your friend. Be patient in your lost; nothing last forever; appreciate the small things and know that everything happens for a reason. Be patient in love- Love takes work and dedication, determination, prayer and the love of God. Be patient in goodbyes, it could be a blessing after you heal. Be patient in the mistakes of others, we all have to learn sooner or later. Be patient with time, time could be your best friend. Be patient with family, family is just family and they’re the only family you may have

Wisdom is your friend. Be patient in your lost; nothing last forever; appreciate the small things and know that everything happens for a reason. Be patient in love- Love takes work and dedication, determination, prayer and the love of God. Be patient in goodbyes, it could be a blessing after you heal. Be patient in the mistakes of others, we all have to learn sooner or later. Be patient with time, time could be your best friend. Be patient with family, family is just family and they’re the only family you may have.

Be patient with death, we all have a number of breathes that we will take and the number of days we will live. Be patient with yourself in trying to change, change what you can and accept what you can’t change and trust God with the rest. Be patient in pregnancy and child birthing, 9 months is a long time for your body to be going through changes and pain. Be patient and caring with the life that inside you. Be patient with your parents, no one was born knowing how to be perfect parents.

Be patient with your job and co-workers- it’s all just a temporary thing, a place of trials and a test of your faith. Be patient with people authority over you, their human and have to play the role of leadership. Be patient in sickness, we all have our cross to bear and pain to endure. Just breathe more. The pain means you’re alive. Be patient and merciful toward the disabled, sick and crippled, for, it may be you one day Be patient with life, we were all given paths to take, we are all the part of a big puzzle and we all have a purpose in life.

From My Heart There is a thin line between peace and patience Waiting patiently in peace while you are trusting God for all things Being peaceful within helps you be patience There is no peace in this world like the Peace that God gives.

Non-Talkers/Backward World

NON-TALKERS (DON’T TALK MUCH) Non-Talkers are often quite; in much thought; not quick to put feelings into words; very observant.

From My Heart Not everyone knows how to put their feelings into words. Not everyone knows how to respond to certain topics. Not everyone likes to be put on the spot to say the right thing. People don’t talk for reasons of their own. Respect their silence with patience. Maybe they respect the power of words and use them sparingly. In any case, try to be understanding and be respectful. Learn to read their actions and study their ways. Learn to search their eyes for the words they don’t say. Learn to listen more and talk less and wait for their responds. Tell them what you want to talk to them about and give them a time to process it and come back later to discuss it. Last but not least, be merciful and give them a safe place to put how they feel. Think before you speak. Let them know that how they feel is important and you care about what they have to say.



Backwards World: The loudest person in the room is always heard and people are quick to listen but a quite, humble and meek person is never heard or seen. The meanest people are respected and we are quick to catered to their every need, but a patient and sweet person is neglected and catered to last.

A shallow person is accepted and given more of an opportunity than a sincere person, because their words are perfect and their appearance fit the room. Kindness and humbleness is interpreted as weakness or being timid which speaks inadequacy. Silence is viewed as anti-social, unusual, un-intelligent, which portray an inability to conquer and succeed. Sometimes, silence speaks much truth. Anti-Social-it takes strength to stand alone and be different.

Intelligence is an individual thing: Watch a doctor fixes a car; Watch a genius tries to conquer a simple thing. Watch a highly educated person play a child’s game and foolish. The strong person is considered the perfect leader but strength without wisdom is ignorance. Conniving people are trusted more than trusted people that you can depend on. Lazy people get paid more and the hardest working people get paid less or less than less People (friends, ect…) with no experience are hired to delegate people with years of experience We take care of everyone but our own.

We give more to the rich than to the poor. We have allowed our enemies access as if they are our friends. We cast our votes based on skin color, drama, hatred, insecurities, fear and greed… not with fairness, integrity, wisdom, knowledge or for the welfare or concern for others. Together we could conquer all but we are too divided, foolish and selfish. A land of beauty, blessed in all things, land of plenty yet, we are our own enemy. We are some backwards, screwed up people with messed up priorities. I know, go back where I came from… my mother’s womb, not Africa.


Decision means: to make a choice between one thing or another, between one person and another. Decisions come from within. We often pour what we have known into others, into their lives… We are used, worn, cracked and stained. We make decisions based on what we feel, where we’ve been, what we’ve done and what we have been through in our lives. We make decisions for other based on those same life lessons. Decisions, no matter how large or small, alter our lives. They re-direct our path and bring about a change.

From My Heart Decisions without wisdom, is like a blind man driving a car 100 miles an hour on the freeway. Good decisions come from having patience, wise thoughts. You should never make decisions when you’re emotional, hurt, angry or confused-the eyes don’t see clearly. Every decision has a conscience.

Take responsibility for your choices rather they are good or bad. Blame no one for the reasoning behind your decisions. Stress is relieved by making a solid, healthy and wise decision.


Counseling: Someone that listens in order to give advice and direction to another; One that thinks highly of self and plant seeds/words in the lives of others for time and money and they nature that seed to healthy state of mind; Someone educated enough to evaluate the state of mind and has mastered the ways that the mind thinks and with a single word, they can determine a diagnosis and need for medications, weakness or disabilities; Someone that can manipulate a mind or transform thinking.

From My Heart: Counseling without Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience, Fairness, Compassionate, Patience, Understanding, Mercy and God is being counseled by fools


Communication: I don’t think that people realize that words are all they have with each other. I’ve found that people arguer to keep from talking, for, if they talk, someone has to tell the truth, admit a lie or face their wrong-head-on. Communication is listening without thinking about what you want to say; not listening for words to use against the person who’s talking; listen and try to hear what’s really being said. Communication is talking to someone, not talking at someone. In listening, some words may hurt but give that person a chance to say something to make your heart feel better.

From My Heart: It takes love and caringness to address important situations with patience and understanding; to be able to able to discuss issues that matters most to you; to not be quick to augur but talk calmly; to not be assume you know what the other person has to say and rudely cut them off. It takes a sincere man or woman to sit down and talk about matters of the heart. Communication starts with being honest with yourself and your mate. Secrets and lies damage the communication of love.

Some people don’t want to listen- when you listen, that means that you are responsible for what you hear. Listening takes sacrifice, control, humbleness and a willingness to change. Listening could take the relationship to a higher-deeper level. Much love comes more responsibilities.

Love and care enough to listen to each other’s thoughts, ideals, opinions and emotions. Learn to communicate in a healthy way. Try to see and hear things from a different perspective. Communication takes compromise, understanding and mercy on both parts. Think first, choose your words carefully and pray that your words are received with understanding.

The Bedroom

The Bedroom: The place where the honesty begin, truth is known in your spirit, clothes come off and every flaw, every problem is felt (you know when something is wrong), mask are off and you got your real face on, your armor is off, every nerve is exposed and fears are seen; a place where secrets pressure the heart with guilt; guilt makes the touch, kiss and embrace feel different; silence speaks louder than words. It’s a place where needs are strong, sometimes un-met and those needs determine what happen outside the bedroom. A place where you shouldn’t take the stress of the day, demons that surrounded you, disappointment or frustrations. A place when you’re Denzel & Halle Berry becomes just a man and just a woman. For some, it’s the only time you feel loved and appreciated. The bedroom: a place where your strength to tolerate shortcomings and craziness of your mate.
From My Heart: The bedroom should be a place of mercy, forgiveness, security, unselfishness, humbleness, respect, honor and submission; A sacred place; A place of compassion, passion, romance, selfless love, sincere affection, caringness, patience and mercy; A place of sacrifice without bitterness or regret, sharing the things that happen or tempt you during the day before it contaminate your relationship and home later; Standing before each other, stripped of pride and no insecurities or neglect; A place of peace, honesty, respect, no fear, no lies, no secrets, openness, understanding, one on one love and prayer. A place where needs are met and plans are made. Just love, talk and listen to eachother with your heart.