Wisdom Notes-23

The Past Showed Up Smelling Good, Dressed In New Clothes That Covered The Old Ones; Wearing The Same Shoes That Walked On My Heart; Speaking The Same Words That Woke-Up Old Feelings To Set Familiar Traps. What Do I Do?

Close my eyes, nose, mouth, butt and ears, turn around and run like hell!

Wisdom Notes-18

How Do You Separate Life From Work… Separate Pain From Joy….Separate Your Past From Your Future… Separate Your Friends From Your Enemies… Separate Right From Wrong…

Breathe, Pray, Get Wisdom, Forgive, Make wise choices, Do the Right thing for the right reasons & Trust God for the rest.


Understanding why someone hurt you doesn’t give them the right to keep hurting you. Understanding why a job won’t promote you doesn’t give you the right to react or rebel. Understanding a person’s past doesn’t mean you have to accept the negative outcome or abuse. Understanding the ways of a person, doesn’t mean you have to tolerate their behavior.

From My Heart: Understanding means that you acknowledge their reasoning, you know their individual ingredients (past situations). When you come out of any bad situation, you have two choices: 1. To let bad make you un-trusting, bitten, cold, mean, selfish, evil, insensitive, abusive, etc… or 2. Be better than what you been through; use what you have been through to keep yourself and your love ones safe; use what you have been through to help others make it out, make it over and make it through.


Selfish/Selfishness: Everything is about self: I, Me and Mine. Every conversation, every excuse and every reason starts with “I”. Nothing is more important than self. The love for self is unbelievable and the love for others is shallow. For self-gain, they will step on any/everybody to get where they want to be. Their priorities are screwed up; God, family, friends are last in their lives; they can be sneaky by nature and often unfair in love: They always take more than they give and will be quick to take back what they have given.

From My Heart: The reasons for their selfishness run deep-their past controls their future. I find that most selfish people are often, never satisfied; giving them the world, wouldn’t be enough. They always have a backup plan to get what they want. Their main concern is themselves. They will do nothing for you unless they can somehow benefit for it. Realizing what’s most important, comes a little too late. They may do the right thing but it’s always for the wrong reasons.


Prejudice: Raised to hate someone because of the color of their skin, where they were born, how they were raised or the status of their finances; Raised to believe that anyone other than your own is beneath you; Raised to see things through the eyes of your past, your friends or family; Raised to destroy something that you fear or don’t understand (In order to understand a thing, you must first care). Being Prejudice is an excuse to hate, to be mean and evil. Acts of Prejudices- a person’s right to judge another according to their own personal views.

From My Heart: Prejudice is not born inside a person. It is born from ignorance, jealousy and fear. Prejudices are taught. It’s taught by selfish, self-centered and narrow-minded people. It’s taught by damaged hearted people (victims of prejudices). The only time that there are no prejudices, is at a 4 way stop (but that’s only on good day) or it’s an attack on the US than we are one nation under God.

A prejudice system set up to destroy, divide, control and conqueror. Laws were created to be fair and protect the innocent but the loop-holes were created by the prejudice, greedy and conniving people.


Judging is having a strong opinion or belief about someone or something based on personal past experience, book sense, street sense, religion, emotions, fears, anger or views.

From My Heart: To judge without knowing the whole story, judging without compassion, judging without walking a step in someone else’s shoes and judging without mercy and fairness is wrong.

God is the only one who is wise enough to judge.

Being Human

Our past is our future, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but once it falls to the ground, it’s free to be different Our minds naturally store what we must forget; ignoring memories is a 24 hour effort. Memories create our fears and weaknesses, our strength and successes.

Our hearts has rules of its own; a constant struggle between wanting and raise to want; loving and raise to not love; needing and raise to have pride and never ask; desiring what we were taught to hate and desiring what we were never meant to have.

Our soul and spirit constantly battling between what is rights and wrongs, love and devotion, what is pure and holy and what is evil and inhuman. Our souls cut with lies and dishonestly, drowned in tears and sorrow and lock away to hide pain.

Our bodies born to function or not function, born to be different and have different needs, born with insecurities and flaws, born to change but bodies were born to die. Accept eachother and let eachother be who we are. Human.


Trying hard not to make the same mistakes; ending up making different mistakes for the same reasons. Outcome: it’s still a mistake. Trying hard not to repeat history, forgetting the past yet the past drives your every move. Your past mark your footsteps and direct you to only places of comfort and control. Trying to make decisions, to make up for all the mistakes you made and change the things you could not control; sacrificing self to no ends. When in fact, it is what it is… what’s done is done. Trying to pretend it all went away when things got better but the effects of your mistakes never go away. You just have to deal with it every time it come back to remind. Trying not to go down the same path and detour from anything or anybody that reminds you of the guilt of your past; missing the path of blessings because of fear.

Guilt: the sinking of a heart, drowning of a soul in regret and shame. Confess, forgive self and more on.


Confusion is a mind shifting in the wind without directions or purpose; easy to detour; unstable in every way. A confused mind struggles to make healthy decisions. Confusion can blind the heart.

Confusion: Being raised to believe one thing but heart and spirit learns differently and your torn between the two; When people hurt your heart but your heart still wants to love the one that caused the hurt; Hating your mate but loving the children you share; Struggling to be someone you’re not; trying to fit in with crowds that you don’t belong in; Doing wrong when you know what is right; Hating your job but you need the money to provide for your family; Trying to balance life, love, foolishness, self struggles, finances when all you can think about is being free; Confused between the lessons of your past and being positive about your future; The struggle between good and evil.

From My Heart: To avoid confusion- make a choice, make a decision, hold on or let go, stay or go, hang in there or walk away, believe or not believe, trust or don’t trust, do what is wrong or do what is right, be who you are and suffer the outcome or be who everyone expect you to be and be happy either way, change or stay the same. Make up your mind and heart. Take responsibility for your choices and actions. Live with your mistakes or forgive yourself and move on. Nothing makes sense without truth and honesty within one’s self.


Cheaters The faithful cheater is someone who cheats every now and then, so that a pattern or trail isn’t notice.

Seasonal cheaters (it depend on the weather to determine their mood for being unfaithful). The Spring & Summer are the best times; body parts of the opposite sex are exposed.

The Rich Cheater –because he/she is the provider (takes care of home) that justifies the right to cheat; Money gives them the right to do as they please, when they want, with whom they want to do it with. They give things as substitute for love, affection and emotional support. Cheating is a mere hobby or a pass time.

Old School Cheaters, which are the long-term cheater, everyone accepts the fact that there is someone else and they all know about each other. The lovin is good, everybody is satisfied and as long as he’s providing for all and supplying the goods, women share him fairly.

The Dog – He/She couldn’t be faithful is their lives depended on it. No “One” man or woman is enough. He/She don’t need a reason or motivate to cheat, it comes natural. He/She has no regret and no need to apologize if caught in the act of unfaithfulness. He/She has no honor or respect for the body, heart, mind or soul of their lovers. The Dog is often driven by past hurt, fear, insecurities, a need to prove things; driven by a hunger that can’t be satisfied. The penis and eyes of a man are like the nose of a dog, always sniffing somebody’s butt. A woman is always needing something to screw rather it’s somebody’s life, a penis or toys.

From My Heart: It takes special and unique people to cheat. It takes skill and organization. You have to be able to justify your wrong, make your wrongs to be right and alter your conscience. There is nothing you can do to make a cheater faithful. Cheating is embedded in the heart and it doesn’t take much for the mind to follow. Allowing that person to stay in your life after the trust has been broken is like keeping an untamed tiger that has already eaten part of your heart.