Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is an anointing and blessed spirit of Christ Jesus that He shares with us; A Spirit that people are afraid of, that people run from, that people ignore because they don’t misunderstand. They don’t know how gentle and loving the Holy Spirit is and how much He is already a part of their lives. He cradles your heart, comforts your pain and gives you strength to endure with the love of God. The Holy Spirit is a blessing and an unselfish comforter.

The Holy Spirit is the part of you that keeps God alive inside; the one that encourages your body to keep going on; the voice inside you that is holy and righteous; a conscience that begs you to listen to God and having the Holy Spirit gives you power against satan in a mighty way. The Holy Spirit is an anointing that comes to heal you, remold you, re-shape you, save you, repair you, mend your heart, break habits and strong holds and it can only come through the Name of Jesus.

When the anointing is flowing, it’s like God’s love mending you, changing all the things that you couldn’t; it’s like sincere love that embraces you like Angle wings; it’s like floating in a cloud of God’s amazing grace. Laying there and God loving you just the way you are. The anointing is made of God’s power, love, peace, wisdom, compassion, mercy, understanding and forgiveness.

The entire Bible is about one thing: God wanting to love us and be loved back. I believe that everyone was born with the Holy Spirit inside of them; you just have to wake Him up with a sincere heart and with the sweet name of Jesus. Having Him, being able to feel you’re personal Holy Spirit, makes a difference in your life. He never leaves you nor forsakes you. God is not a religion. God is Spiritual.

As for Me: Lying out on the floor in the front of the church, humbling my everything before God; surrendering my pride and shortcomings unto Christ… I didn’t think God was ever gonna let me up. Lol. It’s not that I couldn’t get up but in the middle of lying out in the presence of God, your body, heart and soul don’t want to move from His grace, love and mercy until God is finished. It’s like God giving you a new body, a new life, a new spirit, a new start, a new strength, a new heart and a new mind. The Holy Spirit is an amazing love of God.

A Door

I wish there was a door that I could walk through and my yesterday’s pain will be gone. To go through a door that leaves my past in my past and I can go on with a whole heart. To go through a door that separates me from all things that displease God. To go through a door that heals and deliver me even from myself. I wish there was a door that was filled with Heaven’s love on earth. To go through a door that’s not so complicated and God’s ways are clear for my life. To go through a door that hides me from satan’s hands and protect me from his cruel intent. To go through a door and all that I lost would be waiting to be mine again. And all those that I loved and lost will be standing there with open arms to hold me forever. I wish that there was a door that, when I walk through, that I would be reborn & brand new.

I constantly search within me, casting down every negative thought of my heart: To go through the door of salvation, the pool of healing waters and touch the cloth that Jesus wore would be amazing, or to find the gates that hide the trees of life to eat of tree that gives life forever with Christ. I wish there was a door that I could walk through to be with Jesus, my Lord, my everything.