Wisdom Notes-22

To Hold A Broken Heart In The Palm Of Your Hands: You Will Need Compassion To Carry It With You, Mercy To Repair The Pieces, Patience To Put It Back Together Again & Prayer To Give It New Life, New Hope &  A New Beginning.

Everyone has their own faults, shortcomings, imperfections and insecures. Love endures all in wisdom and knowledge.


Being Submissive is humbling your-selves one to another in love and respect; bowing to each other; saying “yes” to each other’s will, needs or demands in compassion and fairness. Being submissive allows the other person to feel loved and empowered with endless possibilities.

From My Heart: Being submissive can be a humiliating thing; that’s if you are submissive to a fool and all his/her selfish and foolish ways. Being submissive to God is easier because you know that God will not lie, He will not take you for granted, He will not hurt you in your willingness to be open and vulnerable and being at God’s mercy during your submissiveness is safe and His love is comforting. Be submissive to people with wisdom, prayer, knowledge and understanding.


Strength: Having a body of strength or being strong; having strength or being strong in certain skills, certain talents or abilities; Having strength or being strong is a product or shell nurture pride and egos.

From My Heart: I once wrote that, it take more strength to be weak than it does to be strong. Anyone can be strong but how many strong people can be weak. Some people rather die than to appear weak. Strength can be a band-aid of insecurities, hurt, low self-esteem and anger-a need to look strong in a weak moment.

Find strength to love yourself just the way you are. Having the strength to endure is better than having the strength to fight a dozen angry men. Wisdom and knowledge is stronger than foolishness. All strength is, is making through your weaknesses. Just make sure that your strength isn’t covering/replacing your weakness because of shame-that would be the beginning of Pride.



Where does it come from? Being a shame of where we were born? When we could have died at birth? Being a shame of the color our skin? Our skin holds everything within Being a shame of the way we walk or talk. We were all born to be different and unique. Being a shame of the love ones. Love endures all, patient, kind and assuring. Being a shame of what we don’t know; But having the willingness to learn is a blessing. Being a shame of what we don’t have. Not having, makes the heart even more appreciative. Being a shame of what we don’t understand

Knowing is better than not knowing. Being a shame or our failures and mistakes. This how we learn and gain knowledge and wisdom. Being a shame because we don’t measure up to their standards, when in fact. I’m sure they don’t measure up to your heart, standards, values and self-worth.

What happens to make us feel this way? A single word, harsh word in the form of a sharp arrow, directed to our soul to make us bleed for a life time. Those words become alive.

Why do the negative thoughts of others hold so much power over our minds? Pride that covers fear; Wanting to belong or fit in; Needing to be praised or feel important; Caring about how others feel because we don’t value ourselves. Why do we believe the negative to be true? Because we don’t believe in ourselves; some of us don’t know what it’s like to have someone to believe in us so how do we begin to believe in self? Pray and see yourself as God

Pray and see yourself as God does-perfectly made, precious, amazing like Him and wrapped in love and mercy, beautiful inside and out. Cast down the thoughts of shame before it gets planted in your soul. Believe in you if no one else does and never give up on yourself.

Grieving My Holy Spirit

I know I’ve grieved You in many ways….many times. I’m truly, whole-heartedly sorry. If You stay with me, we can get through this; for I can’t be strong without You, weakness would kill me. I can’t give without You; I would never have anything left to give. I can’t love without You, love would drain me. I can’t feel God’s anointing without You, you’re the anointing within me. I can’t find God’s peace without You; worldly peace is temporary and shallow. I can’t see without You, things unseen would rule over me. I can’t be without You, You are my faith, my hope, strength, knowledge and wisdom, Holy Spirit, You’re the reason why my heart still beats; my tears wouldn’t dry without You side. My soul would be burden, my compassion would cease and my caringness and concern would be limited. You loving me, keep me alive; without You, I shall not be.

Holy Spirit, please don’t leave me, don’t let sin keep You from me. You’re a part of me and there’s no me without You.


Forgiveness is peace within. It’s the beginning of a healing process that allows you to grow. Forgiveness takes wisdom, knowledge and humbleness. It’s a higher level of maturity in Christ Jesus. Forgiveness feels good to the soul and cradles the heart.

From My Heart: When you hold un-forgiveness, you body aches and develop sickness. To forgive is an act of mercy that blesses you with God’s grace and peace. Real forgiveness does forget. Forgiveness without wisdom is foolishness. Just because you forgive and forget does not mean you have to continue to be hurt and misused again and again. You can give them another chance but only with wisdom guiding you. God said forgive as I have forgiveness you. If you forgive not, you are not forgiven by God. God forgives a sincere heart. That doesn’t mean that, there will not be consciences to your actions.


Counseling: Someone that listens in order to give advice and direction to another; One that thinks highly of self and plant seeds/words in the lives of others for time and money and they nature that seed to healthy state of mind; Someone educated enough to evaluate the state of mind and has mastered the ways that the mind thinks and with a single word, they can determine a diagnosis and need for medications, weakness or disabilities; Someone that can manipulate a mind or transform thinking.

From My Heart: Counseling without Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience, Fairness, Compassionate, Patience, Understanding, Mercy and God is being counseled by fools