Walls are built to separate one thing from another, one person from another; to separate walls inside the heart unconsciously; to separate walls inside the mind are created by life (fear, regret, remorse, hurt); to separate walls are a temporary and quick fix to deal with certain moments in life. Walls are large stumbling blocks to detour you, re-direct you, hinder you and make it harder for you to go forward. Wall protect from the bad but they also keep the good out. Walls could make you miss your blessings.

From My Heart: It’s hard to break through invisible walls inside a person. To break through and break down walls take prayer, patience, understanding, sincere love, compassion, mercy, kindness, endurance and faith. Because you don’t always see the walls coming down or falling inside, you just have to believe in that person more than they believe in themselves. Trust that your prayers are being answer and the seed is growing inside that person. Some walls are thick but love is thicker and stronger than any wall.


Poetry – Walls

Walls made of bricks, wood, stone, iron, water, trees, rocks or paper, held together by tears of pain and hurt, are all strong walls inside the heart, mind or soul. Worldly Love made these walls solid and strong and the memory of hurt maintain these walls.

God’s Love with faith, can restore, repair, mend, remove and tear down these walls. It starts with making a decision, a choice to love again.

You were made to love and be loved. Hurt is just a part of life. You live and you learn the wisdom of love.

If you learned not to love, you didn’t learn anything at all and satan wins.


RAPE: Someone that commits a sexual action with someone or animal against their well or taking advantage of a person or animal in their weakness or vulnerability; Forcing the act of severe sexual pain upon a person or animal against their will; Forcing sex on a person or animal, disregarding their cries for help, their cries of “NO or STOP.”You are taking something that cannot be returned or doing something that cannot be undone.

Life: An innocent child lay there helpless as ant held down by the clause of a merciless beast. Their bodies and heart torn and no one hear their screams. People see and refuse to do something about it.

Life: The elderly lay there in the nursing home, continually being raped at others convenience… too weak to fight, too weak to scream, for why should they scream, when no one seems to care.

Life: Prisoners are wrong in what they have done. No one has the right to be raped even in their wrong. Rape shouldn’t be a prisoner pleasure or punishment. When a human rapes an animal, who then is the animal?

Life: For some, their daughters and sons, nieces and nephews are convenient and secretive supplies of sex and the family know and do nothing. There is nothing stronger than a family secret.

For those being raped, being raped plants a seed in the soul. The pain, moments after raped, reminds the body of the force that was entered into the body. The healing of the tissues inside causes a certain feeling, inching feeling that need to be scratched, similar to a desire. The mind connects with the body forming a complex or a struggle inside… to either become a rapist or molester or begin to consider homosexuality or lesbianism.

After-wards, some are not able to value the natural act of sex between two people of the opposite sex. Sometimes, a seed is planted to destroy your purpose, to hinder your blessings or to prolong what God has in store for you. The seed is like weeds that crush your innocent, your mind become narrow and limited and your self-esteem and self-worth are shot to hell in a hand basket. It’s like becoming pregnant after being raped but instead of birthing a child, you end up birthing fear, anger, distrust, never letting anyone gets too close, and being distant is your answer to every problem. Being raped affects your thinking, your views, decisions and directions. It affects your life in an un-expecting way. It affects you in ways that you don’t even notice even 20 years later.

I pray for those that are being raped or who have been raped. I’m praying that someone to have mercy on you. Your tears, I feel. I’m praying that someone will find you and love the pain away with kindness and patience. I pray that God will send someone to protect you for the rest of your life. I cry for you and hurt for you. I know your pain. I feel you but I don’t know where you are in the world, I can‘t see your face but I feel you. If I knew where you were, I would come save you. I pray for your heart, that when you are saved and in a safe place, that your heart will not be harden. I pray that God heals the scars upon your soul as well as the scar upon your body. Amen

Broken Hearts

For Broken Hearts All Over The World, Lord I pray for broken hearts all over the world, there are more than the hairs on my head. It’s nothing for a heart to be taken for granted and soul crushed by selfishness and pride. Lord, some do it because they can, some do it because it makes them empowered. I pray that total healing rain down from heaven to restore all that pain and hurt his diminished. Lord, give hearts a sincere new start with wisdom, truth, direction, fairness and mercy. Please don’t let yesterday’s pain hinder the beginning of a love that will lift up your Glory. Hold broken hearts close to your heart. Lord and hear their cry for deliverance and love. Camp your Angels around their emotions, desires and will to love and be loved. For some don’t know how hurt has affected their lives, attitudes, faith, their ways. May your love cast out fear, heal and deliver, restore and bring about a good change. Father, have mercy on the broken hearts and damaged souls that turned to evil. They know not what they do, for they are blinded by hurt and lost in the pain of yesterday. Bless their memories to heal, their soul to mend and someone to love them unconditionally. Amen and Amen


EARS Ears are a very sensitive thing. Baby virgin ears and Dogs super hearing should not be subject to loud music in your car. You say that loud music doesn’t affect you but every time someone says something to you, your response is “uh, what cha say?” You have to listen to everything loud in order to enjoy it or hear it means that you have already damaged your hearing for life.

From My Heart: Words are valuable in life. Hearing those words is life. Being able to hear and save a life is an amazing thing. Speaking meaningful words to someone you love and they cannot hear is a very frustrating thing. Being able to hear to protect your family is important. You, not being able to hear, may hinder what people may need to say to you. To hear is a gift.