Wisdom Notes-31

Someone Asked Me, How Do I Raise Good Children? How Do Teach Them Respect & To Obey? How Do You Raise Them The Right Way?

Answer: 1. The Bible says to raise a child in the way that they should go; Raise them in the word and to fear God, to know God.  2. I don’t care how hard you try to be a good Parent to your child…. you wouldn’t see what you did wrong until their Grown. Then, it’s too late to remold them.

Wisdom Notes-28


I love you means I like you alot. I miss you means I miss something you do. I need you means I need sex. Your the one means your the one right now. I trust you means I trust as far as I can see. Don’t go means stay until I don’t need you. You hurt my feelings means nothing.

Wisdom Notes-17

It’s Hard To See Things A Better Way. It’s Hard To Always Do Things The Right Way. It’s Hard To Believe When Your Body Is In Pain. It’s Hard To Trust Something You Can’t See. It’s Hard To Change With A Broken Spirit. It’s Hard To Walk Through Fear. It’s Hard To Love When Your Heart Has Been Torn Apart…

Be patient with yourself. Be patient with God. Nothing last forever but God’s love for you. There is Wisdom in everything that happens. A hard heart can’t learn wisdom.

Told What To Do

Some people hate being told what to do or what not to do. Men resent it more than women. There is something powerful about the side-effects of being told what to do or not to do. This has been a problem from the beginning of time (Eve and the tree). It’s become second nature to be disobedient and rebellious. Being a child and always being told what to do 24/7 sometimes rolls over into people adult lives; Being told what to do, create a bitter, resentful and rebellious spirit.

From My Heart
There is a right way of doing a thing and a wrong way of doing the same thing. There will always be your way and someone else’s way of doing things. A part of growing up is learning and being taught. Being an adult doesn’t mean that you do what you want to do, when you want to do it, how you want to do it or with whom-ever you want to do it with. If you think back, everything you were taught, good or bad, it taught you wisdom and I’m sure there were lessons learned. But most times, we have to learn the hard way, right. If it were taught to you in love would you still be bitter, if it was taught you in anger, would the lesson be learned better??? A wise man listens to direction and prays about all things. Improvement is always a good thing. A hard heart is a foolish heart.


Leaving and letting go seem to be the hardest thing for people to do. Maybe because leaving is not always the right choice; maybe leaving is the wrong way to handle a situation or solve a problem. For most, leaving is the easiest way out. Some people have to experience lost/leaving in order to appreciate what they had. They don’t miss their water until it start flowing to another well. When words or thoughts are spoken concerning goodbyes, that person is already gone in their heart. Leaving one person for another person (trading a car in for another make and model) plants a seed of insecurity and doesn’t say much for your charter.

From My Heart: I must say that, there is something about a person being left behind; it leaves a feeling that state that you will always be left. There’s a lot of regret and pain in leaving or being left. It’s hard to accept that “No One” belong to anyone. Everybody has the right to leave- commitment or no commitment, marriage or no marriage. You can’t make someone’s heart ready for love if it’s not. You can’t make a relationship work by yourself-it takes two willing hearts. You really can’t make someone love you enough to stay if they want to go. All you can do is just help them leave, wish them well and take a deep breath and let time heal your heart.

Get over it, stuff happens. People don’t need a reason to leave and they don’t have to say good-bye because they have the right to walk away. Just remember, everyone love’s and leave differently.

Head Strong

Head Strong: You are quick to turn a deaf ear; Quick to anger; Stubborn; Hard-headed; Narrow Minded; You often right in your own eyes; Your opinion is the only one that really counts; You get in the way of your own blessings; It’s your way or no way; You only trust yourself; and you have to learn from your own mistakes.

From My Heart: It’s ok to stand your ground, hold on to what you believe and be un-moveable by any negative wind that blow your way. But always seek wisdom from wise persons or Proverbs. Never depend solely on your own thoughts. Pray about everything. Get knowledge, listen to the ideals of others but have your own thoughts; embrace new things, yet, stay focus on the right thing. You can sing someone else’s song but make it your own; much like wisdom, you listen and apply only what you need to your life or situation.


Having a conscience once meant, if you did wrong, it was strong possibility that your conscience would convict your heart or soul and you were quick to do what is right or sincerely felt bad about the wrong you had done. Having a sincere heart made your accusers forgive and forget and that gave you another chance to get things right. Once upon a time, much respect was given to a person that had a conscience.

Now, people do as they please rather it’s wrong, hurtful, belittling, unfair or degrading to others. Having a conscience doesn’t change anything if there are no morals or values in place. The voice of a conscience is too soft to hear; a hard heart deafens the ears. It’s too weak to be felt because it’s buried under anger, selfishness, greed, hunger, pleasures, fear, hurt or regrets.

From My Heart: Your conscience is your Holy Spirit urging your heart, mind, body and soul to do what is right, holy and acceptable in God’s sight. Your conscience is the soft voice of God teaching you, guiding and you using to bless others. Your conscience is the love of God trying to saving you from yourself.


Change is taking action to be different than before. Change is not forced. It is a willingness inside that helps you to be different. It happens in a heart and mind of a person that has a desire to change.

From My Heart: Love does not change a heart but love does help the heart to change. Change for the sake of love or motivates-doesn’t last very long. Change to be married-your true selves will show its colors in time to come. Change to be free from bondage or prison- freedom will show up and cause you to be locked down again. I don’t know if any person can truly change without God. Changing without God, your old-self and old-ways will sit on your shoulders and wait for you to fail to crawl back in and take over again.

If you are praying for a change in someone else, remember that, God starts the change from within. That means that you may not see the change that God is doing but have faith and trust that He’s doing His part. In time, you’ll start to see small changes (first) on the outside from the big changes that God is doing on the inside. So don’t get in the way of what God is doing. Don’t continue to talk negative words to that person; don’t keep putting them down; don’t treat them like they are too far gone in sin for God to change them; don’t remind them how they use to be; don’t push them or pressure them. Pray for them. Be Silent.

Trust God. Believe in them and believe for them. Trust God for them. Pray before you speak to them. Believe that all things are truly possible with God. Nothing is too hard for God. Be patient while God is doing what God does. Let God be God.

For some people, it would be easier to crawl back into their mother’s womb than to change from the heart.

From My Heart

I found out that God is a jealous God wanted me to know that there is no other more powerful and loving than He. He wanted me to love Him and trust almost as much as the love He has for me. He wants a chance to show me His love, a chance to show me that He would never leave me nor forsake me; that the doors He closed no one could open and doors He opened, no one could close. He let me know that He was God all by Himself and He didn’t need my help. God loved me enough to show me His heart. I learn to cast down every thought that exhaust itself against the word of God and His promises for my life. I laid every doubt at His feet and left it there. And I took a lot of deep breaths, blowing my caring upon waters that I could not see. I forgave myself. I finally chose to trust God with His plan for my life and heart. I tried hard not to lean on my own understanding and get out of the way of what God is doing. I started applying his word to my emotions, fears and worry because he said if I abide in Him and His word abided in me, anything I ask, this He would do if it was His will. On my rough days, I prayed in moaning because I had no words, God knew my heart and heard my cry and I waited for a change to come. After 40 years, God let me out the wilderness and answered my prayers. He said “Yes” to me. But He allows me to visit the wilderness to save soul for His Glory and touch heart with His love.

Broken Spirited

Broken Spirited Defined: When the doors are closed in your face too many times; When hard times last a little too long; When problems come a little too often; When nothing good ever last; When no one is ever there for you when you need them the most; When your worst outweigh your bad and there is no comfort in your nights or days…A broken spirit …. your faith become thin as the skin of a dry leaf; your spirit grows weary and your prayers fade in the ceiling; tears harden your heart; your strength feels like it left your body to defend for itself; you’re emotions becomes numb; your mind is at stand still like stagnate water and your soul broken into a million pieces.
Your what-ever-attitude says that you have given up. You go to church and can’t lift your hands to give God praise. You want to speak life to your situation but your lips won’t move. You’ve given up trying to make it work because all your hopes are gone. You listen to people trying to say things to encourage you but you can’t hear them. Your eyes are open but you can’t see. Going through the motions of everyday life and nobody sees your pain. Tears behind the smile and hurt behind the laughter. Your prayers are short and to the point because you don’t feel that God hears you. All your memories of hurt, pain and all the bad things drown your spirit. And you find yourself mad at God to only find that satan had a plan for you before you were born and your people in your past and your own choices played a part in his plan.