Wisdom Notes-18

How Do You Separate Life From Work… Separate Pain From Joy….Separate Your Past From Your Future… Separate Your Friends From Your Enemies… Separate Right From Wrong…

Breathe, Pray, Get Wisdom, Forgive, Make wise choices, Do the Right thing for the right reasons & Trust God for the rest.

Youthful Spirit

Youthful Spirit: Ages between 12 and 25: young, naïve, stubborn, ignorant, selfish, wild, carefree, untamed, untaught, won’t listen, can’t hear (music bumping too loud-deaf in the future to come), followers, easy to manipulate, easy to detour, angry, hungry all the time, curious, lazy.

From My Heart: There is time in a person’s life where the choices they make affect the rest of their lives. When a youthful spirit is upon a young man or lady, they listen but cannot hear wisdom. They are blinded by freedom, fun, pier-pressure, attitudes, raging hormones and stubbornness. A time when secrets are being formed; lesson learned from friends and enemies; wants outweigh needs and latest trend is the most important thing in the word. It’s hardest for those that were not taught, train or lead; hardest for those that were not saved or taught the word of God between the ages of 7 through 14.

Mistakes are waiting to exist in their lives; the TRAPS are set just for you: Older Men and Women are waiting to take their virginity. The legal system is waiting to stamp you with a label- Felony. Money is waiting to ruin their credit and future. The Clinics are waiting run test and announce your life threaten results. The world of employment is waiting to tell you that you don’t have any experience and education is not enough. Other employers are waiting to give you the lowest wage possible regardless of your education.

The Love Game is waiting to alter your hearts, destroy the preciousness that God intended for you to share; their waiting to stain your belief in love and you will never be the same; their wanting to make you cry and hurt so you can’t love again; they are ready to enjoy your innocence and take advantage of you being naïve; They are waiting to introduce you to drugs, alcohol, perverted sex, emotional and physical abuse; the welfare and child support office is wanting to put you in their system to be labeled “just another statistic”. But the good news is God is waiting to carry you through it all.


Selfish/Selfishness: Everything is about self: I, Me and Mine. Every conversation, every excuse and every reason starts with “I”. Nothing is more important than self. The love for self is unbelievable and the love for others is shallow. For self-gain, they will step on any/everybody to get where they want to be. Their priorities are screwed up; God, family, friends are last in their lives; they can be sneaky by nature and often unfair in love: They always take more than they give and will be quick to take back what they have given.

From My Heart: The reasons for their selfishness run deep-their past controls their future. I find that most selfish people are often, never satisfied; giving them the world, wouldn’t be enough. They always have a backup plan to get what they want. Their main concern is themselves. They will do nothing for you unless they can somehow benefit for it. Realizing what’s most important, comes a little too late. They may do the right thing but it’s always for the wrong reasons.

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test:The first response to a pregnancy test is usually the most honest one, which is the same response when the condom breaks: Damn, S…, F…., etc…. It uncovers the true intent or negative feelings of a heart. At that moment, everything becomes a mistake and the hurt begins and a child’s life is altered before he/she is born.

The negative reaction in a moment of regret: Is it mine; how did this happen; Oh well; Are you sure; What are you going to do; Maybe it’s a false alarm; I can’t afford another child; It only happen one time; Did you do this on purpose; I thought you were on birth control; I thought you couldn’t have any kids; I’m not ready for a child; what will my family say; how will this affect my life; how will I be able to finish my educations; what will people think of me; I had plans for my future; not what; what if I’m infected with HIV or Aids as well as having a baby; I can’t be on lock down; I need my freedom; I’ll pay for an abortion if that’s what you want; damn I got to get a job or two jobs; how am I going to take care of a child and I can’t even take care of myself.

From My Heart: Sex and the consequences: you can’t change things back to the way they were; You can’t undone what’s been done; you can’t fix it or hide it under the rug. Finding out your pregnant should be a happy moment shared by two people that love each other and willing to make the commit and share that responsibility.

I Am Not Free

I Am Not Free. I’ve allowed them to tie chains around my feet to keep me from embracing my future: the chains are supposed to be a daily reminder of how hard will be for me to get ahead and be prosperous; the chain bruise my ankles to keep me in fear of going forward

They put chains around my eyes to keep me from seeing how beautiful I really am; to keep me from seeing the amazing self that I truly am; to keep me from seeing the detrimental plan that they have for my life; to keep me from seeing love in an unpainful way.

They put chains around my mind to make me think that I am less than they, squeezing the life out of my self-worth; They want me to think that I cannot make it over their high hurdles or out of the traps they set just for me I have allowed them to make me a statistic, a black dot on a white sheet of paper, a last choice, a runner up, a substitute, a career prostitute, a bed warmer, a childish dreamer, a hopeless case, a disgrace to the human race

As long as I give them power over me, I am enslaving myself and I will never be free.

Controlling You

I tried to control you in us, for us. I tried to control what I didn’t understand. I tried to control what I was afraid of, losing you. You were the bird that stood in the palm of my hands. I held your feet to keep you from flying away from me, from us. I tried to be the god over us and take us in my own hands. I tried to control our future and our love. I tried to breathe and think for the both of us. You were all I saw, felt and thought about I couldn’t see me; I couldn’t see life without you, without us. I tried to secure what we shared by controlling our everyday. I tried to think for you and make the right decisions for us. I tried to control us because I was afraid of losing you I controlled you right out my life.

Consider Me

Did you not consider me in your wrong? Did you not consider my heart and soul in your selfishness? Did you not consider you’re lost in all your gain? Have you ever considered me loving you? Did you not consider the safety of my body in your weak moments? Did you not consider our home and our future? Did you not consider the outcome in the income? Have you ever considered the love we shared? Did you not consider our righteousness over your sin? Did you stop to consider how God felt about how you treat me? Did you consider or even obtain the thought of losing me, losing us, I guess not?


A conniving person asks all the right questions to use every answer. They search for the opportunity in the weakness of others. They seldom associate with someone if there is no self-gain. Every chance they get to use you, they will. They look for opportunity in the weakness of others. Everything they do has a reason or motives. What you say, can and will be used against you for future gain.

From My Heart: A conniving person sees the outcome of a thing before it begins. They see the gain and how to avoid the lost. Every point is covered and every plan carefully thought out. Even in their lost, they gain. Conniving people are careful with their words and actions. They fill their glass up from top to bottom but they see it full before you even starting pouring.


Confusion is a mind shifting in the wind without directions or purpose; easy to detour; unstable in every way. A confused mind struggles to make healthy decisions. Confusion can blind the heart.

Confusion: Being raised to believe one thing but heart and spirit learns differently and your torn between the two; When people hurt your heart but your heart still wants to love the one that caused the hurt; Hating your mate but loving the children you share; Struggling to be someone you’re not; trying to fit in with crowds that you don’t belong in; Doing wrong when you know what is right; Hating your job but you need the money to provide for your family; Trying to balance life, love, foolishness, self struggles, finances when all you can think about is being free; Confused between the lessons of your past and being positive about your future; The struggle between good and evil.

From My Heart: To avoid confusion- make a choice, make a decision, hold on or let go, stay or go, hang in there or walk away, believe or not believe, trust or don’t trust, do what is wrong or do what is right, be who you are and suffer the outcome or be who everyone expect you to be and be happy either way, change or stay the same. Make up your mind and heart. Take responsibility for your choices and actions. Live with your mistakes or forgive yourself and move on. Nothing makes sense without truth and honesty within one’s self.