Guilty Silence

Guilty Silence: You can’t speak concerning the wrong done to you because of the wrong you have done in secret. Words of Guilt and Regret get together and hurt like hell.

From My Heart: There is a moment in a relationship where the guilty silence cut worst than a knife. The guilt, regret, truth, fear, pride and foolishness won’t let the lips confess; it won’t let you curse, scream or attempt to point fingers. Guilty silence is like a two edge sword; cuts going in and it cuts coming out.

Forgive yourself. Ask God for forgiveness. Confess and ask for forgiveness from the ones that you wronged; pay the price for your wrong; lose what will be lost; learn what need to be learned; change what needs to be changed for the better. Go and sin no more.

Time to say goodbye

Time To Say Goodbye: When it’s all over between us and there’s no sun hiding behind the clouds. When our ears stop listening and our eyes forget to see what we once work so hard to keep. When there are no feelings left to care, no mercy left to give and no strength to keep trying. When all that is left is the memory of pain and pointed fingers Lord, please give us the courage to say goodbye in peace. When everything has been given and there is nothing else to take. When all the conversations are expressed in arguments, disrespect and frustration. When accomplishments become tarnished, our success becomes our failures. When everything done, can’t be forgiven and everything said cannot be taken back, I pray Lord, that You will have mercy and heal both our hearts and allow time to pass quickly Or have mercy to help us walk away with a sweet goodbye.