Wisdom Notes-28


I love you means I like you alot. I miss you means I miss something you do. I need you means I need sex. Your the one means your the one right now. I trust you means I trust as far as I can see. Don’t go means stay until I don’t need you. You hurt my feelings means nothing.

Wisdom Notes-23

The Past Showed Up Smelling Good, Dressed In New Clothes That Covered The Old Ones; Wearing The Same Shoes That Walked On My Heart; Speaking The Same Words That Woke-Up Old Feelings To Set Familiar Traps. What Do I Do?

Close my eyes, nose, mouth, butt and ears, turn around and run like hell!

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test:The first response to a pregnancy test is usually the most honest one, which is the same response when the condom breaks: Damn, S…, F…., etc…. It uncovers the true intent or negative feelings of a heart. At that moment, everything becomes a mistake and the hurt begins and a child’s life is altered before he/she is born.

The negative reaction in a moment of regret: Is it mine; how did this happen; Oh well; Are you sure; What are you going to do; Maybe it’s a false alarm; I can’t afford another child; It only happen one time; Did you do this on purpose; I thought you were on birth control; I thought you couldn’t have any kids; I’m not ready for a child; what will my family say; how will this affect my life; how will I be able to finish my educations; what will people think of me; I had plans for my future; not what; what if I’m infected with HIV or Aids as well as having a baby; I can’t be on lock down; I need my freedom; I’ll pay for an abortion if that’s what you want; damn I got to get a job or two jobs; how am I going to take care of a child and I can’t even take care of myself.

From My Heart: Sex and the consequences: you can’t change things back to the way they were; You can’t undone what’s been done; you can’t fix it or hide it under the rug. Finding out your pregnant should be a happy moment shared by two people that love each other and willing to make the commit and share that responsibility.


People Emotional people are very in touch with their spirit; very in tune to everything around them; sensitive to the actions of others. Emotional people need more comforting than any one person can give. We often try to (un-knowingly) control a person with our feelings or emotions, wanting someone to take responsibility for how we feel and do something about it. Sometimes emotions alter the outcome of relationships, plans and goals. Emotions seem to be a result of reasons, the outcome of a fear or expressing a need. It’s not childish to express emotions as a re-action. There are reasons for emotions.

From My Heart: Emotions should not run your life. Emotions should not control your every move or decision. You shouldn’t make a decision based on emotions. Most people really don’t care how you feel but don’t take it personal, that’s life. When you want to communicate your feelings and people label them as “Drama” or “You’re Sooo Emotional: I suggest that you keep your emotions to yourself. Emotions cloud judgment, sight and heart.

Advice to emotional people: Just like you have a right to feel what you please, the other person has a right to feel differently or not feel at all. When you allow your heart to feel or allow your emotions to get the best of you, remember your emotions are your responsibility. You can’t make someone care about how you feel.


Consideration is a kind act or thoughts toward someone or something else. It is a moment of compassion and unselfish love. It is an action, motives or reasons. Consideration comes from the heart and treating others as you would want to be treated.

From My Heart: Try opening the door for someone that has their hands full or just open it because you’re the first to reach for the door. At the grocery store, let someone go before you in line because they have fewer items than you. Pull your pants up so other won’t have to look at the crack of your personal part (butt), boxers or underwear. Be patient when there is a handicap sticker on the car in front of you. Be understanding and merciful with the elderly. Don’t use curse words in the presents of an adult, Christian, Pastor, Elderly or young child. Don’t be mean to someone just because you’re having a bad day.

Don’t make noise when someone is sleeping. Be quite in the movie theater.Respect Items in someone’s Home, Store or on someone’s Property. Have mercy on someone that is sick and do what you can. Don’t break someone’s heart or laugh at someone else’s pain. Consider the feelings and emotions of another.

One Extreme To Another

One Extreme To Another: There has never been a balance within my thinking I go from one extreme to another and there is never a-in-between Either I’m helpless romantic or a realist, compassionate or cold hearted Either a wife at heart or a whore by nature, a friend or an enemy Either I’m mad to a dangerous degree or there’s nothing you do to tick me off Either I go all the way or I don’t go at all, forever or never Either I give 100 percent or 1 percent, pour my heart out or allow my feelings to die One extreme or the other, a woman of God or a woman of the world Adjust, adapt, improvise and survive; these could be my reasons Hey, I’m still a work in process.

Something About You Being Gone

There’s Something About You Being Gone. I lay there looking at your side of the bed and my rest isn’t complete. I’m lost in the nights without you beside me… morning can’t come fast enough. I grabbed my pillows and comforter and sleep on the side of the bed, on the floor. The bed: the place where we talk in humbleness and truth. The bed; where everything we had was sacred and real. In The bed; the world doesn’t exist when we’re lying next to each other. The bed; every movement was like poetry, in sync, a perfect fit. You once stated that we needed all that space to do what needed to be done. I was tempted to throw the bed away because of too much space. But when you’re not here, the bed and pillows don’t feel the same, the covers don’t cover right, the sheets are cold and the mattress is uncomfortable. There’s something about lying in the bed without you that I just can’t get use too. In The bed; where we make love till the morning came. The bed; where confession were made and hearts were mended. The bed; where moments were written in stone and time was precious. The bed; when a single touch and a sigh gave feelings light to be seen. There’s something about you being gone and I’m left in that big bed alone. When you’re gone, my heart aches, my body is anxious for your touch. I ball up in a knot on the floor to forget the place where you use to lay. And I sleep in peace.