Wisdom Notes-27


All I do is breathe, pray, stand strong in my faith and try to remember that all things happen for a reason and there’s a lessen in every storm. Knowing this, doesn’t make it easy. Storms are not always easy to bear.

Wisdom Notes-24

When You Are Blind: You Hear Things Differently; You See Things Differently; You Feel Things Differently; You Walk Differently; You Touch Things Differently…

The same is with life: when you’re going through things, you handle accordingly to how you feel inside. It affects your decisions and the way you handle things; it affects the way you see things and it affects the way you get things done.

Hurt, Pain, Lost, Fear & Needs has a way of getting in the way of your blessings.

Prayer- Jesus


Jesus, I need your wisdom, guidance and direction. I need Your word to come alive in my life. I need to hear and see You Clearly. I need You to hold my hand and I need to hold Yours. I need healing, peace and love in my life and the lives of my children and those I love. I need You Lord. I need You to be in the places that I go and show me that you were in the places I’ve been. I need You to use me and I need to be used by you. I need to feel loved by You and I need to feel that I’m apart of You. I need Your love to make a difference in my life and others. I need You here with me because someday I want to be there with you Jesus. I need You .


Trust a tiny, vulnerable, sensitive, fragile token of love. Unbroken trust is a powerful thing. It’s strong enough to move the tallest mountains into the sea. But, when trust is broken, it’s like the dead that will never live again. Resuscitation is not an option; the mind never forgets.

From My Heart: To trust someone, you have to first believe. Why believe a lie? Why trust a fool? Why do you believe a lie when the truth is right before your heart? I believe that it’s human nature to want and need to trust somebody sometimes. It feels good to be able to trust. Trust is solid, trust actions and trust with wisdom. Trust where trust is due and deserved. We allow people to lie to us and then get angry at the outcome. We allow people in our lives that we know that we shouldn’t trust. Trust makes a huge difference in your relationships.

Learn to trust in spurts. Example: I trust you to be faithful but I don’t trust you to marry me; I trust you to pay the bills but I don’t you to not gamble; I trust you to do the right thing when we are together but I don’t trust you do the right things when we are apart; I trust you to honest with me but I don’t trust you to tell me the whole truth; I trust you with the kids but I still got my eye on you; I trust you to go where you said that you were going but I trust that, that’s the only place you have been.

As for me: I trust people to do what people do. People are just people- most, know not what they do and the effect they cause a heart.


Poetry: Trust You
You want me to trust you yet you lie to me and keep things from me. You want me to trust you and you don’t even trust yourself to do right by me. You want me to trust you when all you care about is you. You want me to lay my life and my health in the palm of your slippery hands on a non-solid foundation. You hands are in many places, touching many things, holding others, knowing this to hurt me. You want me to trust you when you are not in my sight and my calls go unanswered. You want me to trust you and you have done nothing to earn the trust of my heart.

You have not shown me anything different that those that have damaged my heart. You too, have caused my soul to cry as you cut my heart into pieces. Trust you. Please. I wouldn’t trust you if you lying in your grave dead.


Being Submissive is humbling your-selves one to another in love and respect; bowing to each other; saying “yes” to each other’s will, needs or demands in compassion and fairness. Being submissive allows the other person to feel loved and empowered with endless possibilities.

From My Heart: Being submissive can be a humiliating thing; that’s if you are submissive to a fool and all his/her selfish and foolish ways. Being submissive to God is easier because you know that God will not lie, He will not take you for granted, He will not hurt you in your willingness to be open and vulnerable and being at God’s mercy during your submissiveness is safe and His love is comforting. Be submissive to people with wisdom, prayer, knowledge and understanding.

Spiritual Connection

For some, a spiritual connection comes after a sex; loving God on the same levels or equally yoked; an answer to a prayer for love to come and it does or a moment that feels like fate or destiny is real; when the two you are the same by the way of being different; your differences covers each other’s shortcomings and your made whole.

From My Heart: Spiritual Connection between two people is when God is a part of what you share: having the same dream; passing by each other singing the same song; heartbeats at the same pace; when one hurts the other feels the pain; silent words speaks depth to eachother’s soul; your one in Christ, one before God, you have the love of God for each other-no leaving and no forsaking, no lies and no disrespect, no unfaithfulness or abuse.

You’re a helpmate, a friend, a lover, a comforter to each other. You’re a forgiver and you except eachother’s shortcomings. You lift each other in prayer always. You feel each other in every way when you together or apart. There are no secrets or pride and you thank God for the love you share every day. And every day you find a reason about your mate to love and cherish even more. You can feel God’s love flowing from them; the love you share makes God’s love real in eachother’s lives. God is able to help you communicate with each other because each of you listens to God individually. You know each other in a way that’s amazing and unique and love over-powers, mends and conquers all things that try to come between you.


HE WROTE…. My first love, words cannot describe how special you are to me. I will always love you. J. S.

Over 20 years now, I walk by his picture, a glance turns into a stare…. I can’t move, hypnotized. I can’t feel the breath that I take. The mire thought of every seeing him again… it would truly be a dream come true. It would be amazing if we could be once more. I look at his picture, my heart feels as if he were just here, standing beside me. His kiss was a drug-I closed my eyes for a moment, days seemed like weeks gone by. His body, the gods would envy… Everything about him was perfect- head to toe. I look at his picture… he love we made, no words could express. His sense of humor was like sunshine, warming my soul. I would get lost in his presence… I would stop breathing until he would come again. His love was pure and devoting only to whom he loved most. His love was sincere as the love of a child. Yet, he was wise, caring, gentle, understanding ….. He was all that one person could ever dream of. Beautiful as he was on the outside, he was just as beautiful inside. His tears, when he said good-bye… still run down my face. That’s the first time I had seen a real man cry. I miss my soul mate.

I Chose Pride Over Love


Instead of standing before you and sharing my fears of being hurt; my pride stands strong and I walk away Instead of showing you that I need you; my pride portrays me as a people that don’t need anybody for nothing.

Instead of shedding a tear in your presence; I avoid eye to eye contact or avoid time with you. Instead of calling you and asking you to come be with me because I’m lonely; pride harden my heart and keep me company. Instead of meeting you half way; I make you come most of the way so I can feel in control and loved.

Instead of swallowing my pride to ask; I wait for hell to freeze over or wait for you to ask you ask … whichever comes first Instead of letting you in and making you feel at home; I make it known this is mine and your time is limited Instead of opening up my fragile heart and let you love me; I treat you like you’re no different than they Instead of pouring out my heart to give your heart a safe place to belong; I keep silent and this makes your mind unsure and confused All you want to do is love me, but chose pride instead of love.


I’m not sure that the mind is the brain, much like the heart is not the heart and the soul is not an organ of the body. The mind is a powerful, complicated yet simple thing. It’s a storage place for good and evil. The mind has been known to control the body and it consists of many thoughts in one head. The mind has been known to heal the body. When the mind hears that the body is sick, the body get’s sicker and possibly die. The mind tells the heart to hurt because of what the eyes see or do the heart see and tells the mind to hurt? The mind is a path with many detours and avenues that become the life that we live.

I feel that a person that wears many hats to fulfill many tasks on one job is no different than a person that is diagnosed as being schizophrenic; choosing to be or pretend to be someone other than themselves to conquer projects or a way to turn on a mental mechanism to survive a certain situation.

From My Heart If you cut a brain open you will not find a thought. If you cut a heart open you will not find a feeling. If you dissect an eye, you cannot see what has been seen, yet. It’s funny; man will try to find a way….