Wisdom Notes-27


All I do is breathe, pray, stand strong in my faith and try to remember that all things happen for a reason and there’s a lessen in every storm. Knowing this, doesn’t make it easy. Storms are not always easy to bear.

Wisdom Notes-19

I Try To Take A Step To Get To A Higher Place… The Steps Are Too Far Apart

I Try To Reach The Brass Ring… It’s Always Too High

I Try To Find Open Doors… They were Open But Not For Me

I realized that, anywhere that I am… that’s where I’m supposed to be and I’ll get where I’m going when it’s my time; Blessings that come in your life is better than one brass ring; If the doors are not open for me, I’m sure that God has, not only a door but a whole building just for me. Just Keep The Faith.


A slow pace toward condemning and destroying self in a way that no one else can; creating a bottomless pit in your own soul to drown your faith and love; allowing words to un-do the positive spirit in you; cutting your own heart open to be loved by any means necessary; closing your eyes to the truth and open your arms to embrace a lie; refusing to eliminate dead weight and remove infected leaches; choices to swallow the poison of others and die for someone that has no love for you.

From My Heart: Losing self in un-healthy love; losing self in life’s games; setting self up to fail by not being honest with yourself; pretending that the things in our lives are supposed to be, when those very things are destroying everything about you; choosing to embrace the things that are wrong for the soul, for the heart and spirit; opening doors that should not have been open; separating self from the word of God; paving roads that lead to the wrong places; going down roads that you will never return from.

Broken Hearts

For Broken Hearts All Over The World, Lord I pray for broken hearts all over the world, there are more than the hairs on my head. It’s nothing for a heart to be taken for granted and soul crushed by selfishness and pride. Lord, some do it because they can, some do it because it makes them empowered. I pray that total healing rain down from heaven to restore all that pain and hurt his diminished. Lord, give hearts a sincere new start with wisdom, truth, direction, fairness and mercy. Please don’t let yesterday’s pain hinder the beginning of a love that will lift up your Glory. Hold broken hearts close to your heart. Lord and hear their cry for deliverance and love. Camp your Angels around their emotions, desires and will to love and be loved. For some don’t know how hurt has affected their lives, attitudes, faith, their ways. May your love cast out fear, heal and deliver, restore and bring about a good change. Father, have mercy on the broken hearts and damaged souls that turned to evil. They know not what they do, for they are blinded by hurt and lost in the pain of yesterday. Bless their memories to heal, their soul to mend and someone to love them unconditionally. Amen and Amen


Being unfaithful is deeper than being a cheater. The word “faith” gives it a whole different meaning. It means that God is somewhere involved. Being unfaithful affects the lives of love ones, causes broken homes, financial stress on the family, children act out in desperation or depression. It’s more than a game played on the heart. Many lives are at stake. This sin affect generations to generations.



Unfaithfulness, an effort to lock all that you love, including your own heart into a vault until you have finished performing an act that will alter lives and change things forever. Unfaithfulness, an answer to loneliness and a method to be understood. Unfaithfulness, a safe place to find a need to be respected and appreciated. Unfaithfulness, an act of justification or rejuvenation. Unfaithfulness, a cry for mental and spiritual help to deal with self and others. Unfaithfulness, a hiding place from reality, from change, from commitment, from your future. Unfaithfulness, a willing weakness of pure selfishness. Unfaithfulness, the moment you lost your damn mind and expect everything to be the same. Unfaithfulness, an act that you can’t undo.

My Road Map

You were the road map that directed me when I couldn’t hear God so clearly You were my conscience when my spirit man went silent within me You were the truth that I hide from myself You were the mirror, the reflection of my fears and insecurities You were the dream that came true but you were never my dream to dream A road not taken yet you lead me everywhere I needed to be You showed me the paths that I was taking that lead to nowhere You showed me the dead end roads that lead everywhere with a little faith Your prayers were signal lights, warning signs and detours to avoid hell’s doors Without my road map, my Holy Spirit, I’m lost.

Broken Spirited

Broken Spirited Defined: When the doors are closed in your face too many times; When hard times last a little too long; When problems come a little too often; When nothing good ever last; When no one is ever there for you when you need them the most; When your worst outweigh your bad and there is no comfort in your nights or days…A broken spirit …. your faith become thin as the skin of a dry leaf; your spirit grows weary and your prayers fade in the ceiling; tears harden your heart; your strength feels like it left your body to defend for itself; you’re emotions becomes numb; your mind is at stand still like stagnate water and your soul broken into a million pieces.
Your what-ever-attitude says that you have given up. You go to church and can’t lift your hands to give God praise. You want to speak life to your situation but your lips won’t move. You’ve given up trying to make it work because all your hopes are gone. You listen to people trying to say things to encourage you but you can’t hear them. Your eyes are open but you can’t see. Going through the motions of everyday life and nobody sees your pain. Tears behind the smile and hurt behind the laughter. Your prayers are short and to the point because you don’t feel that God hears you. All your memories of hurt, pain and all the bad things drown your spirit. And you find yourself mad at God to only find that satan had a plan for you before you were born and your people in your past and your own choices played a part in his plan.