A spiritual mate; One with her husband, a praying woman, a wise woman, a protector of her husband and family, caterer of her family needs; a help mate, friend, lover for her husband, affectionate, watchful, fair-showing no favor among her children, encouraging, faithful, compassionate, respectful, patient in anger and calm under stress, understanding, merciful, humble; Everything to her husband and her children; The strongest and sweetest link of their support system. Selfless.


Poetry -Real Wife

Marriage doesn’t make a woman a wife as giving birth doesn’t make a woman a mother. A Wife, married or single, is always a wife at heart.

A single woman is always a single woman even in marriage. Wife, is who you were born to be. Being a Wife is a gift, a privilege, an honor so respect it. Being a Wife is a blessing, so own it and embrace it. Being a Wife is not something you do, it’s who you are… a Wife.

Silent Enemies

Silent Enemies: The people who take from you and never have it to give back when you need it for yourself; people who never give yet always want more; the ones that we feed and they are never full; the ones that set traps over a long period of time-they invest in your long term misery; the ones that wait patiently for you to drown in your own tears and they are constantly the source of your pain. They are the ones that gently tear you apart by searching for your weakness and the ones that laugh at your misfortune and failures.

From My Heart :Silent Enemies seek you out like wolves to a lamb. Their plan is to distract, detour and discourage you from your path. They try to hurt you to the point of no return and they wait for your heart to harden and love no more. They seek out Christians that seem to truly love the Lord. They know that they can’t come to Christians, head on, because Christians are ready with the word of God to cast it down. So they tread lightly upon familiar waters (the things they have collected of your weaknesses) to dismount your armor.

The sad thing is: You don’t see this enemy until it’s too late. Nothing they have done can be undone. You are left to start over with nothing but emptiness and despair. You can’t get around what they’ve done; you just have to let it play out in time. You embrace your only choice; fall down on your knee, call on the name of Jesus to hold you together and mend your heart.

Behind this attack is a powerful lesson to learn and wisdom to gain. It’s a chance to start over, be wiser and appreciate the small things. Most importantly, be aware of the people you allow in your life. It’s like standing at the crossroads of life, make a decision, forgive yourself and move on.


Mountains represent optical or problems in one’s life. Mountains are a pile of rocks, dirt and bones.

From My Heart: Separate the rocks and mountain doesn’t look so big. Things are never as bad as they seem; looking at the whole picture of a thing can be overwhelming. They seem bad because we give the bad things power to stress our lives. Nothing stays the same. This too shall pass. Everything has to change.

What helps to see the mountain as rocks: handle one problem at a time; handle one heart break at a time; be patient with myself and embrace flaws; learn from mistakes; trust God for all things; pray about all things; love as God as loved me; take one day at a time; accept that I’m different and be me and expect to be rejected and misunderstood.

Watching You


As I watch you, walk around the house, I feel your secrets, weighing heavy on your heart, drowning your spirit and creating distance between us and I have done nothing wrong. I love you day in and day out, searching my own heart to find the right words to give you comfort enough to speak, while praying for comfort to embrace me when the truth hits my soul like a ton of bricks.

We talk as if nothing has happen; we touch from habit; we are polite to each other like we were taught to do. We respect each other’s space and fit to each other like hand to a glove. I watch you constantly try to hide that secret and the harder you try to protect that secret, the less strength you use to protect what we have.

You forget that I’ve been with you long enough to know when or if there is a change in your touch, your kiss, the way you walk, how you sleep and how you make love to me. I know, and yet I don’t know. Honesty is love. Which will matter the most? Love in honesty and truth or the grounds of stability and fruitfulness.

I wish that I could promise that I won’t leave you, if you choose to be honest with me. I can’t promise you that I’ll stay and live as I have forgiven and forgotten. But I can promise you that the truth is always better than a festering lie.

Head Strong

Head Strong: You are quick to turn a deaf ear; Quick to anger; Stubborn; Hard-headed; Narrow Minded; You often right in your own eyes; Your opinion is the only one that really counts; You get in the way of your own blessings; It’s your way or no way; You only trust yourself; and you have to learn from your own mistakes.

From My Heart: It’s ok to stand your ground, hold on to what you believe and be un-moveable by any negative wind that blow your way. But always seek wisdom from wise persons or Proverbs. Never depend solely on your own thoughts. Pray about everything. Get knowledge, listen to the ideals of others but have your own thoughts; embrace new things, yet, stay focus on the right thing. You can sing someone else’s song but make it your own; much like wisdom, you listen and apply only what you need to your life or situation.

The Bedroom

The Bedroom: The place where the honesty begin, truth is known in your spirit, clothes come off and every flaw, every problem is felt (you know when something is wrong), mask are off and you got your real face on, your armor is off, every nerve is exposed and fears are seen; a place where secrets pressure the heart with guilt; guilt makes the touch, kiss and embrace feel different; silence speaks louder than words. It’s a place where needs are strong, sometimes un-met and those needs determine what happen outside the bedroom. A place where you shouldn’t take the stress of the day, demons that surrounded you, disappointment or frustrations. A place when you’re Denzel & Halle Berry becomes just a man and just a woman. For some, it’s the only time you feel loved and appreciated. The bedroom: a place where your strength to tolerate shortcomings and craziness of your mate.
From My Heart: The bedroom should be a place of mercy, forgiveness, security, unselfishness, humbleness, respect, honor and submission; A sacred place; A place of compassion, passion, romance, selfless love, sincere affection, caringness, patience and mercy; A place of sacrifice without bitterness or regret, sharing the things that happen or tempt you during the day before it contaminate your relationship and home later; Standing before each other, stripped of pride and no insecurities or neglect; A place of peace, honesty, respect, no fear, no lies, no secrets, openness, understanding, one on one love and prayer. A place where needs are met and plans are made. Just love, talk and listen to eachother with your heart.