Wisdom Notes-27


All I do is breathe, pray, stand strong in my faith and try to remember that all things happen for a reason and there’s a lessen in every storm. Knowing this, doesn’t make it easy. Storms are not always easy to bear.


Suicide is an easy way out of all your worries, mistakes, fears, regrets and problems; it’s a one-shot solution; selfishness not thinking of others and how it will affect their lives.

Suicide is not a thought… it’s a feeling, it’s a strong emotion. It’s no different than trying to deal with an addiction or habit. It’s fighting the mind over a matter. It’s a need that is greater than what anyone can give at a certain moment. The eyes of suicide, does not see a way out or a way through or a way over, nor a way around the problem.

From my heart: I have written a book: Suicide is my closest friend. I pray that it helps you to understand the mind and heart of suicidal people.

Saying “I Love You

Saying “I love you” to someone and that someone doesn’t say “I love you too”; is a hurtful, humiliating and embarrassing thing. Saying “I love you” means I like you a lot for now Hearing “I love you” is information as an avenue to easy street. Saying “I love you” doesn’t mean that your love for each other is the same depth, width or height. Saying “I love you” pushes people away

The words “I love you” is so easy to use in greed, manipulation or selfishness. Those words should be nurtured with compassion, mercy and understanding. It should be a stepping stone in a relationship or a green light to happy-everafter but the meaning of love has change; love can be brought, sold, exchange and turned on and off like a light switch. In most relationships love feels like a bird with strong wing and bricks tied around his feet.


Insecurity is a form of FEAR. A created thing that affects how you live, love, give, grow, trust and how you see everything: A produce of stolen self-worth, unhealthy pride and no selfrespect. A secure/solid foundation taken away in a blink of an eye (every step becomes impossible). Broken trust, nothing is easy to believe anymore (actions and reactions become random and based on fear). When someone takes advantage of weakness and fear, it leaves a heart vulnerable. Mind Games created to control a heart, damaged a soul (you forget who you are and the good you deserve). Striped of your will, pride, strength, belief in love, dreams, determination… unable to trust and love as God intended.

From My Heart: To the insecure person: The damage hasn’t been done to the heart but to the mind. Insecurities are a way of thinking and the way you think affects your heart. Be careful of your choices and protect your own heart with wisdom, reality, logic and trust your instinct. You need reassurance for your heart to secure in love, yet trust the eyes of your 6 sense. Accept how someone feels about (negatively), they have that right but you don’t have to accept it as your own belief. Like water running off a ducks back, shake it off unless it constructive criticism.

To the person dealing with an insecure person: It will take much patience, wisdom, mercy, compassion, fairness, honesty, openness, time, understanding and sacrifice. Choose your words carefully. Say what you mean, mean what you say, keep your words and promises and do what you say that you will do. Tread lightly even on a good day for every moment is like walking bare footed on broken egg shells. They will hang on your every word and live by the breaths that you take: if you’re breathing change, insecurity mode automatically kick on.

You have to have a secure and safe place in your heart to put an Insecure Person.


Hunger-The body of a human or animal that is starving for the one thing that keeps its flesh alive- food, water & pleasure. Hunger alters the mind of a person or animal: causing madness, anger, confusion, violence, evilness, delusions, depression or greed. Hunger is a created weakness to be controlled.

From My Heart: Hunger is a powerful thing. The mind, body, soul, spirit is weak in hunger. A hungry human or animal are easy to control with the food but without food you can’t tell the difference between which is human and which is animal. The body can’t survive without water and food. Everything that the body needs to stay alive will become extremely and unbelievably expensive and they will hunger as a form of control.

The bible talk about the mark-you won’t be able to get food without it-a form of control which may cause you to have to decide between whom you love and what you need: Food or God. A mother will do anything to keep her children from being hungry.

To be hungry is an awful feeling and no one should be hungry or without clean water in the entire world- there is too much of it. There will always be money for weapons, research and wars. It’s an unfair and vicious game: Prices go up for the things we need the most -food, medications, personal items, gas in their cars, clothes, a roof over your head, water and electric.

Hey, it’s all about the greed, selfishness and power.


Being FAIR does not justify an ACT of Kindness. Being fair is about having Charter, Interiority, Dignity, Morals and Values and being a decent human being or having good heart within your-self. When you show fairness, it’s says something amazing about the person you are and who’s you are.

From My Heart: How freaking hard is it to be FAIR and Just, toward another human being or animal? How hard is it to treat people or animals decently, mercifully, compassionately? To be fair regardless of how you where raise; to be fair outside of what you have been taught; to be fair when selfishness is strong within you; to be fair in a circle of people that will judge you and cast you out. To be fair is not easy in a world like today. But being fair makes you feel good about yourself and it makes you a better person inside.

A lot of our unfairness starts before we were born. We just carried the unfairness from their graves. We carried the unfairness from the branches of the oldest trees. Some of us carried unfairness from the womb. Most people in the world, has only 5 years of life without prejudices and unfairness and then it’s embedded like hot iron to a cow’s ass.

Eash Way Out


I took the easy way out and leave without trying to work thing out In being afraid of losing you, I decided to leave first Instead of letting you speak, I spoke us to an end because I was afraid of what you might say I took the easy way out and said goodbye I assume whatever I needed to, in order to get through what you may have been thinking because your words were few I look in your eyes and I was afraid of what I saw, what I didn’t see and what I always wanted to see that wasn’t there. I took the easy way out, left and hurt myself I was afraid feeling weak inside; weak to your touch, weak to your kindness, weak when you’re standing close. Your touch, your kiss, your heart…. I was afraid that it wouldn’t last and I needed it forever I was afraid of love and took the easy way out and ran from love and a life with you and now that I’m gone, I’m afraid you won’t want me, I’m afraid of, if you do want me to come back I’m afraid to go back Being afraid is an easy way out

I took the easy way out, left and hurt myself. I was afraid feeling weak inside; weak to your touch, weak to your kindness, weak when you’re standing close. Your touch, your kiss, your heart…. I was afraid that it wouldn’t last and I needed it forever. I was afraid of love and took the easy way out and ran from love and a life with you and now that I’m gone, I’m afraid you won’t want me. I’m afraid of, if you do want me to come back I’m afraid to go back Being afraid is an easy way out.


Control Freak

Control: Needing to have everything their way or no way; extremely manipulative and conniving; sometimes greedy for money, success, attention; easy to offend and quick to blame; quick tempted or easy to get upset and often violent. In the work place, they spend more time trying to control people than getting work done or control others to do their work for them.

From My Heart: A person that feels the need to control seems to be very insecure and struggle with the fear of not being in control. Control gives a person power and security. Power covers their flaws and fears covered with perfectness. Control is a sign of weakness and a need to be something or someone you’re not. Being in control gives a person a sense fake comfort. Letting go of control, feels like losing ground, losing status, lessen selfworth and alter reputations.

To the person being control: Seek help to find the reasons that you let someone control you. Control is abuse, why do you think it’s healthy for someone to not be able to think for yourself. Love yourself enough to control how someone treats you. Pray and read the word of God to help you realize the problems; Walk away when or if you can, when it’s safe to do so.

To the person that is controlling: Find the reasons behind the need to control and set people from your misery.


Confusion is a mind shifting in the wind without directions or purpose; easy to detour; unstable in every way. A confused mind struggles to make healthy decisions. Confusion can blind the heart.

Confusion: Being raised to believe one thing but heart and spirit learns differently and your torn between the two; When people hurt your heart but your heart still wants to love the one that caused the hurt; Hating your mate but loving the children you share; Struggling to be someone you’re not; trying to fit in with crowds that you don’t belong in; Doing wrong when you know what is right; Hating your job but you need the money to provide for your family; Trying to balance life, love, foolishness, self struggles, finances when all you can think about is being free; Confused between the lessons of your past and being positive about your future; The struggle between good and evil.

From My Heart: To avoid confusion- make a choice, make a decision, hold on or let go, stay or go, hang in there or walk away, believe or not believe, trust or don’t trust, do what is wrong or do what is right, be who you are and suffer the outcome or be who everyone expect you to be and be happy either way, change or stay the same. Make up your mind and heart. Take responsibility for your choices and actions. Live with your mistakes or forgive yourself and move on. Nothing makes sense without truth and honesty within one’s self.