Wisdom Notes-23

The Past Showed Up Smelling Good, Dressed In New Clothes That Covered The Old Ones; Wearing The Same Shoes That Walked On My Heart; Speaking The Same Words That Woke-Up Old Feelings To Set Familiar Traps. What Do I Do?

Close my eyes, nose, mouth, butt and ears, turn around and run like hell!

Poetry-Told What To Do

Poetry-Told What To Do

You cringe at every request I make of you. You get angry when I put my needs into words. You despise me to telling you what to do, which way to go, how to do things a little better or easier. All because I remind you of your mother or any woman that stripped you of your manhood and disrespected you in a hurtful way.

When did I become your enemy or your past instead of being your help-mate and best friend? What can I do to changed how you hear my words. Bottom line is, unless you love me with your whole heart, you will never be able to see through love’s eyes or hear me with love ears. Love is being humble and submit to each other.


PETs: Animals may not have a soul but they have a heart, emotions and feelings. When you hurt them, they cry. When you leave them, they are lonely. When they see coming, they are happy. When you abuse them, they fear you. When they lose someone they love, they mourn/grieve for days. When you are affectionate toward them, they learn to be affectionate. When you’re sad, some animals can sense this and try to comfort you. When you love them, they protect you; some will even die for you. When you give them away or they get lost, they try to find their way back to you because they remember your love.

Pets should be part of your family. They should service a purpose of compassion, companionship and protection. They were meant to be blessings. Yet, you leave them out in the cold, you suffer them to the heat, no baths, no flea collars, no flea powder, no shots, no fresh water or no water at all and they eat when you remember to feed them. You turn the music loud in the car with the windows up-they have sensitive ears. You subject them to your 2nd hand smoke just as you do your small children. You dress them in clothes to look pretty without making sure it’s uncomfortable for them. Pet clothing was meant to keep your pet warm when it’s cold or dry when it’s raining. You half-care for them and they still protect you and trust you.

Pets are like children, they are your responsibility. Neglect is a form of abuse. We are a selfish and inconsiderate people. Animals are better than most people.



Your ears are connected to your soul, spirit and mind. Ears are connected to your fears, insecurities and desires. What you hear affects how you see things. What you hear determine your decisions and direction. You don’t always need ears to hear Actions speaks and the heart perceives. How and what you hear change your life for the good or bad Hearing, listening… the ears have no doors, no filter and there’s no erasing what is heard, it’s embedded for a life time. The Wind of Words carved in the soul Hearing and Listening, seeds or weeds planted to grow or die. Hearing and Listening, dreams are encouraged or destroyed. Hearing and Listening, builds or tears down. Hearing and Listening, heals or bruise. Hearing and Listening affects lives, future and love.

The best friend of Hearing and Listening is Alzheimer. Casting down thoughts and hurtful words before they reach your mind, spirit, heart and soul.


EARS Ears are a very sensitive thing. Baby virgin ears and Dogs super hearing should not be subject to loud music in your car. You say that loud music doesn’t affect you but every time someone says something to you, your response is “uh, what cha say?” You have to listen to everything loud in order to enjoy it or hear it means that you have already damaged your hearing for life.

From My Heart: Words are valuable in life. Hearing those words is life. Being able to hear and save a life is an amazing thing. Speaking meaningful words to someone you love and they cannot hear is a very frustrating thing. Being able to hear to protect your family is important. You, not being able to hear, may hinder what people may need to say to you. To hear is a gift.

Lord, You love me anyway


I know my boat don’t always float and when it does, it only floats to the left. Some days my elevator goes halfway up and shifts to the right. Every cup I have, has a hole in it and most of them have been glued back together. I fall short, drift backward when I’m trying to go forward and I miss the point a lot. My ducks don’t know what a straight row is and I never know when to fly south. But, Lord you keep me close to your heart. Sometimes I’m blind even though I see and I’m deaf while hearing out of both ears. I don’t make sense most of the time to no one but myself. I don’t understand the simple things of life and love and I stumble over stuff that I knew was in the way. I often find myself swimming in the same shark-infested waters looking for the same things. But Lord, you are still there for me and you never forsake me. I get lost with perfect directions and I even get lost going to places I’ve been before. I lose what I’ve never had and I claim things that were never mine. I hardly every get anything right and most days I expect the worst and other days I have to laugh at myself for the way my mind works. I don’t know what you’re going to do with me Lord, but thank you Lord for loving me in spite of myself.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for loving me anyway


Having a conscience once meant, if you did wrong, it was strong possibility that your conscience would convict your heart or soul and you were quick to do what is right or sincerely felt bad about the wrong you had done. Having a sincere heart made your accusers forgive and forget and that gave you another chance to get things right. Once upon a time, much respect was given to a person that had a conscience.

Now, people do as they please rather it’s wrong, hurtful, belittling, unfair or degrading to others. Having a conscience doesn’t change anything if there are no morals or values in place. The voice of a conscience is too soft to hear; a hard heart deafens the ears. It’s too weak to be felt because it’s buried under anger, selfishness, greed, hunger, pleasures, fear, hurt or regrets.

From My Heart: Your conscience is your Holy Spirit urging your heart, mind, body and soul to do what is right, holy and acceptable in God’s sight. Your conscience is the soft voice of God teaching you, guiding and you using to bless others. Your conscience is the love of God trying to saving you from yourself.

Time to say goodbye

Time To Say Goodbye: When it’s all over between us and there’s no sun hiding behind the clouds. When our ears stop listening and our eyes forget to see what we once work so hard to keep. When there are no feelings left to care, no mercy left to give and no strength to keep trying. When all that is left is the memory of pain and pointed fingers Lord, please give us the courage to say goodbye in peace. When everything has been given and there is nothing else to take. When all the conversations are expressed in arguments, disrespect and frustration. When accomplishments become tarnished, our success becomes our failures. When everything done, can’t be forgiven and everything said cannot be taken back, I pray Lord, that You will have mercy and heal both our hearts and allow time to pass quickly Or have mercy to help us walk away with a sweet goodbye.