Wisdom Notes-23

The Past Showed Up Smelling Good, Dressed In New Clothes That Covered The Old Ones; Wearing The Same Shoes That Walked On My Heart; Speaking The Same Words That Woke-Up Old Feelings To Set Familiar Traps. What Do I Do?

Close my eyes, nose, mouth, butt and ears, turn around and run like hell!


Time…. Time is all you have. Time is everything. There’s a Time to live, a Time to have life, a time to be remembered and a time to be forgotten. A Time to leave and time to stay; a time to make mistakes along the way; a time to use what you have learned to better yourself. A time to do things your way, a time to do things the right way and a time to do things God’s way.

There’s a time to raise your children in the way that they should go; a time when it’s too late to teach them anything; a time when life will teach them in the hospital, jail or grave; A time to give; a time to regret giving; a time to receive and accept what is given; A time to be free, a time to be enslaved to freedom and a time to realize freedom is lonely. There’s a time to love, a time when life damage that love; a time to forget love; a time to remember that we were made to love and be loved in spite of the pain; A time to run; a time to hide; a time to try and a time to give up; a time to be still and a time to go forward; a time to fly and a time nest; a time to swim and a time to stay on dry land. A time to cry and a time to laugh; a time to rejoice and a time of sorrow; a time to have peace and a time walk over troubled waters; a time to struggle and a time to overcome.

There’s a time be humble and a time to be bold; a time to be aggressive and a time to be meek a time to bossy and a time to be submissive; a time to be child/childish and a time to be an adult/grown up; a time to learn and a time to teach; a time to follow and a time to lead; a time to be careless and a time of responsibility; a time to be foolish and a time to be wise; a time to be set in your ways (narrow minded) and a time to know that wisdom is your friend and wisdom will keep you safe; a time to hold on with all your might and I time to let go with all your heart; a time for tough love and a time when love is tough; a time to be obedient and a time to pay for disobedience. Remember Obedience is better than Sacrifice.

There’s a time to sacrifice; a time when sacrifice will cost more than your willing to pay; a time when you have all that you want and there’s a time when all that you have is never enough; a time when, where you have been and the things you have done will alter your life; a time when doors open and the sky is the limit; and a time when your rep and pride will be all that you have left.

There is a time when, what you remember is all that matters and a time when memories won’t matter at all; a time to breathe and a time to stop breathing; a time to see if your religion and beliefs were right or wrong, a time to see if heaven and hell are real.


Last Words

Last Words (Before The Good-Byes): Don’t go, Don’t leave, Please Stay, Don’t die, Don’t give up, Please give us another try, Can we start over, Please listen, Please let me explain, Please understand, Please don’t walk away, It just happened, Please say something. I have to go, I’m not coming back, I’m leaving, I’m gone for good this time, It’s over, I’m done, I can’t take no more, We’re finished, Don’t ever come back, Get out, I don’t want you anymore, Why are you still here, I’m not in love with you anymore, Why won’t you leave, Why can’t you stay, I didn’t mean too, I didn’t try too, I didn’t think, I didn’t know, It’s not you it’s me, I’m sorry, Goodbye.

From My Heart: The moment when there is nothing you can do, say, think, feel, pray, beg, cry could change that moment. You want to speak from the depth of your soul but all you can do is be still, wait, listen, accept and obey. Sometimes, in certain situations, there is no undo-s, redo-s, start over-s or forgiveness. Life goes on. Everything begins and ends. Everything has a start and a finish. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Everyone lives and everyone will die. People come and people go. Just appreciate what you have and trust God for the rest. Nothing and nobody belongs to you. So, when it’s time to lose what you have, give up what you’ve been holding on to…. Let it go, Let them go.

No one but God is forever.

GirlScout Cookies

Poetry Girl Scout Cookies (by Ms Doggett)

He walks through the door and says “Honey I’m home” as if I’m not standing here looking at him. He turns to put his coat on the rack by the door. I sweetly said, “Glad your home honey, Shelia called”. His coat and shoes must have weighed a ton because he didn’t move an inch and I wasn’t sure he was still breathing. Like the news-paper funny pages, I could see that little white balloon above his head filled with the words “damn, damn, damn, no -she- didn’t”.

He turn to speak but I cut him off and said don’t worry about, we’ll talk later and I left him standing there and headed to the kitchen and fixed his plate. The tension at the dinner table… you could cut it with a chainsaw. We got ready for bed, room filled with guilty silence, regret and no eye contact. He reaches for me and says “I’m sorry” and I said “Sorry for what”. He said that he only slept with her once and I looked at him and said, “She called to see if you still wanted her Girl Scout Cookies”. Well, I guess you do.