Wisdom Notes-28


I love you means I like you alot. I miss you means I miss something you do. I need you means I need sex. Your the one means your the one right now. I trust you means I trust as far as I can see. Don’t go means stay until I don’t need you. You hurt my feelings means nothing.


When a go-getter connects an un-motivated mate, it’s like putting a string of bricks around the neck and expected to keep moving forward in life at the same speed. Un-motivate people hold you back or slow you down and they benefit from your gain. It’s stressful trying to reach your goal to benefit you both. Resentment sets in and the distance attitude starts. Some un-motivate people need you to believe in them in order for them to do better; Some un-motivate people don’t know how to be a go-getter (it’s like their minds can’t extend pass a certain point). Some are comfortable being where there are and if you change them, you change who they are.

From My Heart: Rather you are in a relationship or alone, there are things that need to be done to get where you need to be in life. I don’t know what will inspire you to be motivated. I don’t know how to go inside your mind and reprogram it to think or see life in a different way. Just know that life is passing your by.

There are many things that you can learn; many places that you can go; being comfortable doing nothing, you’re missing out on many things. All it takes is prayer, effect, sacrifice of self for others, take a healthy chance on being happy and meeting someone half-way, listen to tapes or read inspiring books.

Your mind is the reason that you’re not being motivated to do anything worth doing. Search your heart, mind and soul to be a better you. Be a blessing to someone when you get the chance. You may not be lazy; it may be a form of depression.

But know this; that God can renew your mind and your way of thinking but you have to want Him too.

Name of Jesus


No leaf on a tree is the same as other leafs.. No love is ever the same No human’s finger print is the same as any other. No moment is the same as the next. Everything is different than something else. Out of all the people dead or alive, from the beginning of time. From every corner of the universe… no one is the same. Beyond every language of the human race; Beneath the lowest depth and the highest height; From all the places within the World and in Space; God in all His Glory and wisdom chose one man above all others, Jesus. In Heaven and Earth there is only one name that be-hold so such power, compassion, mercy, love and grace.

The Name “ Jesus” ….. Lord, they just don’t know, they just don’t know.


Suicide is an easy way out of all your worries, mistakes, fears, regrets and problems; it’s a one-shot solution; selfishness not thinking of others and how it will affect their lives.

Suicide is not a thought… it’s a feeling, it’s a strong emotion. It’s no different than trying to deal with an addiction or habit. It’s fighting the mind over a matter. It’s a need that is greater than what anyone can give at a certain moment. The eyes of suicide, does not see a way out or a way through or a way over, nor a way around the problem.

From my heart: I have written a book: Suicide is my closest friend. I pray that it helps you to understand the mind and heart of suicidal people.

Spiritual Connection

For some, a spiritual connection comes after a sex; loving God on the same levels or equally yoked; an answer to a prayer for love to come and it does or a moment that feels like fate or destiny is real; when the two you are the same by the way of being different; your differences covers each other’s shortcomings and your made whole.

From My Heart: Spiritual Connection between two people is when God is a part of what you share: having the same dream; passing by each other singing the same song; heartbeats at the same pace; when one hurts the other feels the pain; silent words speaks depth to eachother’s soul; your one in Christ, one before God, you have the love of God for each other-no leaving and no forsaking, no lies and no disrespect, no unfaithfulness or abuse.

You’re a helpmate, a friend, a lover, a comforter to each other. You’re a forgiver and you except eachother’s shortcomings. You lift each other in prayer always. You feel each other in every way when you together or apart. There are no secrets or pride and you thank God for the love you share every day. And every day you find a reason about your mate to love and cherish even more. You can feel God’s love flowing from them; the love you share makes God’s love real in eachother’s lives. God is able to help you communicate with each other because each of you listens to God individually. You know each other in a way that’s amazing and unique and love over-powers, mends and conquers all things that try to come between you.



Where does it come from? Being a shame of where we were born? When we could have died at birth? Being a shame of the color our skin? Our skin holds everything within Being a shame of the way we walk or talk. We were all born to be different and unique. Being a shame of the love ones. Love endures all, patient, kind and assuring. Being a shame of what we don’t know; But having the willingness to learn is a blessing. Being a shame of what we don’t have. Not having, makes the heart even more appreciative. Being a shame of what we don’t understand

Knowing is better than not knowing. Being a shame or our failures and mistakes. This how we learn and gain knowledge and wisdom. Being a shame because we don’t measure up to their standards, when in fact. I’m sure they don’t measure up to your heart, standards, values and self-worth.

What happens to make us feel this way? A single word, harsh word in the form of a sharp arrow, directed to our soul to make us bleed for a life time. Those words become alive.

Why do the negative thoughts of others hold so much power over our minds? Pride that covers fear; Wanting to belong or fit in; Needing to be praised or feel important; Caring about how others feel because we don’t value ourselves. Why do we believe the negative to be true? Because we don’t believe in ourselves; some of us don’t know what it’s like to have someone to believe in us so how do we begin to believe in self? Pray and see yourself as God

Pray and see yourself as God does-perfectly made, precious, amazing like Him and wrapped in love and mercy, beautiful inside and out. Cast down the thoughts of shame before it gets planted in your soul. Believe in you if no one else does and never give up on yourself.

My Mother


I see why my mother walked with her head down sometimes; remembering the cracks in the sidewalks and the rocks on the ground; occasionally glancing up to see which way she was going; feeling like her today’s being no different than your yesterdays. She was only left with memories & regret as if time itself was already set.

I understand my mother tears …the tears that ran down my mother’s face …the tears that only filled her eyes …..the tears she held inside and the tears she couldn’t cry. I understand the Tears that soothe her soul and ease the heart …. tears that fell when feelings that had no words and words had no meaning … tears that restored strength….. yesterday tears that had pride. I know the love of her heart and depth of her soul, the spirit of “knowing” and the wisdom of a woman a thousand years old.

I live the life of my mother; my heart beats at the rhythm of her soul, my steps…a continuation of her journey. I am my mother’s child. I see why my mother walked with her head down sometimes.


I’m not sure that the mind is the brain, much like the heart is not the heart and the soul is not an organ of the body. The mind is a powerful, complicated yet simple thing. It’s a storage place for good and evil. The mind has been known to control the body and it consists of many thoughts in one head. The mind has been known to heal the body. When the mind hears that the body is sick, the body get’s sicker and possibly die. The mind tells the heart to hurt because of what the eyes see or do the heart see and tells the mind to hurt? The mind is a path with many detours and avenues that become the life that we live.

I feel that a person that wears many hats to fulfill many tasks on one job is no different than a person that is diagnosed as being schizophrenic; choosing to be or pretend to be someone other than themselves to conquer projects or a way to turn on a mental mechanism to survive a certain situation.

From My Heart If you cut a brain open you will not find a thought. If you cut a heart open you will not find a feeling. If you dissect an eye, you cannot see what has been seen, yet. It’s funny; man will try to find a way….


Trying hard not to make the same mistakes; ending up making different mistakes for the same reasons. Outcome: it’s still a mistake. Trying hard not to repeat history, forgetting the past yet the past drives your every move. Your past mark your footsteps and direct you to only places of comfort and control. Trying to make decisions, to make up for all the mistakes you made and change the things you could not control; sacrificing self to no ends. When in fact, it is what it is… what’s done is done. Trying to pretend it all went away when things got better but the effects of your mistakes never go away. You just have to deal with it every time it come back to remind. Trying not to go down the same path and detour from anything or anybody that reminds you of the guilt of your past; missing the path of blessings because of fear.

Guilt: the sinking of a heart, drowning of a soul in regret and shame. Confess, forgive self and more on.


Communication: I don’t think that people realize that words are all they have with each other. I’ve found that people arguer to keep from talking, for, if they talk, someone has to tell the truth, admit a lie or face their wrong-head-on. Communication is listening without thinking about what you want to say; not listening for words to use against the person who’s talking; listen and try to hear what’s really being said. Communication is talking to someone, not talking at someone. In listening, some words may hurt but give that person a chance to say something to make your heart feel better.

From My Heart: It takes love and caringness to address important situations with patience and understanding; to be able to able to discuss issues that matters most to you; to not be quick to augur but talk calmly; to not be assume you know what the other person has to say and rudely cut them off. It takes a sincere man or woman to sit down and talk about matters of the heart. Communication starts with being honest with yourself and your mate. Secrets and lies damage the communication of love.

Some people don’t want to listen- when you listen, that means that you are responsible for what you hear. Listening takes sacrifice, control, humbleness and a willingness to change. Listening could take the relationship to a higher-deeper level. Much love comes more responsibilities.

Love and care enough to listen to each other’s thoughts, ideals, opinions and emotions. Learn to communicate in a healthy way. Try to see and hear things from a different perspective. Communication takes compromise, understanding and mercy on both parts. Think first, choose your words carefully and pray that your words are received with understanding.