Wisdom Notes-21

How Do You Make A Heart Believe That It Deserves Love, Honor, Respect & It Deserves The Best?

How Do You Make A Heart Protect Its Own Preciousness & Still Love?

How Do Contain A Heart That Starves To Be Love?

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that a weary and damaged heart usually finds the answers a little too late. You have One Heart, One Soul & One Spirit and they were made to protect eachother. Know your worth.


Prejudice: Raised to hate someone because of the color of their skin, where they were born, how they were raised or the status of their finances; Raised to believe that anyone other than your own is beneath you; Raised to see things through the eyes of your past, your friends or family; Raised to destroy something that you fear or don’t understand (In order to understand a thing, you must first care). Being Prejudice is an excuse to hate, to be mean and evil. Acts of Prejudices- a person’s right to judge another according to their own personal views.

From My Heart: Prejudice is not born inside a person. It is born from ignorance, jealousy and fear. Prejudices are taught. It’s taught by selfish, self-centered and narrow-minded people. It’s taught by damaged hearted people (victims of prejudices). The only time that there are no prejudices, is at a 4 way stop (but that’s only on good day) or it’s an attack on the US than we are one nation under God.

A prejudice system set up to destroy, divide, control and conqueror. Laws were created to be fair and protect the innocent but the loop-holes were created by the prejudice, greedy and conniving people.

I Wasn’t Born This Way


He looks at me as if I was born this way. People like him made me like this I was born innocent, sweet, giving, loving and trusting. I feel condemned for being damaged at heart and scared to the core of love. It’s not my fault… I didn’t know that heartache would alter my ability to love. I didn’t know that the tears would harden my heart after they have fallen from my face. I didn’t know that my body would develop a routine, habit and need to run from love. I didn’t know that, between every so called Mr. Right, the pain was killing who I am and who I was meant to be. He looks at me as if I was born with this fear that protects my heart and my peace of mind. I can’t see pass the “fear”, “maybe’s”, “what if” and the thought of another heartache

My colors used to be bright as a rainbow, filled with life, hope and faith in love. Now at the thought of love… love feels like death waiting to kill me


EARS Ears are a very sensitive thing. Baby virgin ears and Dogs super hearing should not be subject to loud music in your car. You say that loud music doesn’t affect you but every time someone says something to you, your response is “uh, what cha say?” You have to listen to everything loud in order to enjoy it or hear it means that you have already damaged your hearing for life.

From My Heart: Words are valuable in life. Hearing those words is life. Being able to hear and save a life is an amazing thing. Speaking meaningful words to someone you love and they cannot hear is a very frustrating thing. Being able to hear to protect your family is important. You, not being able to hear, may hinder what people may need to say to you. To hear is a gift.


Anger- a bottomless pit of hurt; Anger is like the root of a tree planted in the deepest part of the ocean. Anger is an emotional state of mind that clouds your judgment and views. The result of Anger: murder, lost, damages, destruction, jail time or regret. It silently affects/destroy your health (high blood pressure, stroke, stomach problem, breathing problems, depression, fatigue and problems sleeping). Anger affects your day, your work, friendships, relationships and marriages. Anger affects the world and how we treat other people and animals.

Life Lessons in Rehab: When someone makes you angry, they have control over you. When someone finds pleasure in making you miserable, they have control over you. In your moment of anger; Stop, breathe, listen, think and speak calmly and don’t give fools the satisfaction of seeing you angry, confused or hurt. Anger hardens the heart and turns the soul cold. The Spirit of Anger has no mercy. The deeper the anger the harder it is to forgive. Forgiveness lightens the heart, heals your body, gives you peace within and allows you to breathe. Being angry with God is foolish. Everything that God allow to happen is based on your decision (free will) and His plan and purpose for your life and others. Everything works together, comes together in God’s time. God’s time is not our time. God’s wisdom is deeper that our thoughts.