Wisdom Notes-22

To Hold A Broken Heart In The Palm Of Your Hands: You Will Need Compassion To Carry It With You, Mercy To Repair The Pieces, Patience To Put It Back Together Again & Prayer To Give It New Life, New Hope &  A New Beginning.

Everyone has their own faults, shortcomings, imperfections and insecures. Love endures all in wisdom and knowledge.


Walls are built to separate one thing from another, one person from another; to separate walls inside the heart unconsciously; to separate walls inside the mind are created by life (fear, regret, remorse, hurt); to separate walls are a temporary and quick fix to deal with certain moments in life. Walls are large stumbling blocks to detour you, re-direct you, hinder you and make it harder for you to go forward. Wall protect from the bad but they also keep the good out. Walls could make you miss your blessings.

From My Heart: It’s hard to break through invisible walls inside a person. To break through and break down walls take prayer, patience, understanding, sincere love, compassion, mercy, kindness, endurance and faith. Because you don’t always see the walls coming down or falling inside, you just have to believe in that person more than they believe in themselves. Trust that your prayers are being answer and the seed is growing inside that person. Some walls are thick but love is thicker and stronger than any wall.


Poetry – Walls

Walls made of bricks, wood, stone, iron, water, trees, rocks or paper, held together by tears of pain and hurt, are all strong walls inside the heart, mind or soul. Worldly Love made these walls solid and strong and the memory of hurt maintain these walls.

God’s Love with faith, can restore, repair, mend, remove and tear down these walls. It starts with making a decision, a choice to love again.

You were made to love and be loved. Hurt is just a part of life. You live and you learn the wisdom of love.

If you learned not to love, you didn’t learn anything at all and satan wins.


Being Submissive is humbling your-selves one to another in love and respect; bowing to each other; saying “yes” to each other’s will, needs or demands in compassion and fairness. Being submissive allows the other person to feel loved and empowered with endless possibilities.

From My Heart: Being submissive can be a humiliating thing; that’s if you are submissive to a fool and all his/her selfish and foolish ways. Being submissive to God is easier because you know that God will not lie, He will not take you for granted, He will not hurt you in your willingness to be open and vulnerable and being at God’s mercy during your submissiveness is safe and His love is comforting. Be submissive to people with wisdom, prayer, knowledge and understanding.

Being Sensitive

Human Sensitive: Being sensitive has become viewed as a weakness or fault. People often make fun or criticize those that are sensitive. Spiritual Sensitive: You are sensitive to the things seen and not seen. Your spiritual feelings exist as a 6-Sense.

From My Heart: Being sensitive, caring about the feelings of others; portraying emotions that show how much you care; being sensitive to the needs of others; showing sympathy when people need it the most; being sensitive to words un-spoken. Empathy taken to a whole different level: To be able to know or sense things that no one else can, being able to see things that shouldn’t exist, to be able to feel people’s hurt or pain, to able to feel when something is wrong, see through a lie is a blessing not a curse. Embrace your Gift. God made your heart to care and he made you differently. If being sensitive is who you are, be secure in yourself and be compassionate. Compassion is what causes you to be able to powering in knowing. Use all Gifts wisely.


How do you describe patience? Waiting peacefully; Being understanding and merciful with the things you don’t normally tolerate; Waiting in love and kindness; Enduring the storms in peace, humbleness and meekness; Waiting in wisdom; Compassion with the differences, ways and minds of others. Be patient and kind to the elderly. Be patient with the mind of

Be patient and kind to the elderly. Be patient with the mind of child. Be patient when you’re driving. Be patient with those that are slow to learn. Everybody learns differently. Be patient with yourself in love and life. Be patient with your enemies, for, they know not what they do. Be patient with God even when you don’t see what he’s doing or don’t know the plan for has for your life. Be patient with God in trying to teach you; it’s to help and lead others. Be patient with the church, their just people- we all fall short of God’s Glory. Be patient with fools, they know not what they do. Be patient with the prideful, the insecure, and the hurt and fearful. Be patient with the emotional people, God made them to feel more than others. Be patient in the storms, there’s precious wisdom to come. Wisdom is your friend. Be patient in your lost; nothing last forever; appreciate the small things and know that everything happens for a reason. Be patient in love- Love takes work and dedication, determination, prayer and the love of God. Be patient in goodbyes, it could be a blessing after you heal. Be patient in the mistakes of others, we all have to learn sooner or later. Be patient with time, time could be your best friend. Be patient with family, family is just family and they’re the only family you may have

Wisdom is your friend. Be patient in your lost; nothing last forever; appreciate the small things and know that everything happens for a reason. Be patient in love- Love takes work and dedication, determination, prayer and the love of God. Be patient in goodbyes, it could be a blessing after you heal. Be patient in the mistakes of others, we all have to learn sooner or later. Be patient with time, time could be your best friend. Be patient with family, family is just family and they’re the only family you may have.

Be patient with death, we all have a number of breathes that we will take and the number of days we will live. Be patient with yourself in trying to change, change what you can and accept what you can’t change and trust God with the rest. Be patient in pregnancy and child birthing, 9 months is a long time for your body to be going through changes and pain. Be patient and caring with the life that inside you. Be patient with your parents, no one was born knowing how to be perfect parents.

Be patient with your job and co-workers- it’s all just a temporary thing, a place of trials and a test of your faith. Be patient with people authority over you, their human and have to play the role of leadership. Be patient in sickness, we all have our cross to bear and pain to endure. Just breathe more. The pain means you’re alive. Be patient and merciful toward the disabled, sick and crippled, for, it may be you one day Be patient with life, we were all given paths to take, we are all the part of a big puzzle and we all have a purpose in life.

From My Heart There is a thin line between peace and patience Waiting patiently in peace while you are trusting God for all things Being peaceful within helps you be patience There is no peace in this world like the Peace that God gives.


Mercy is an act of kindness from a sincere heart; A willingness to have compassion on someone or something that does not deserve it; An unselfish, sacrificing act of compassion.

From My Heart: With the gun to my head, he could have shot me- but he had Mercy. He raped me and could have left me for dead, but he did not-Mercy. He could have stabbed me in my sleep but he didn’t-Mercy. He could have laid down with me and infected me with HIV but he didn’t -Mercy. He didn’t have to protect me but he did-Mercy.

Having mercy on someone or something makes you feel human and it brings the heart alive. There is no mercy like God’s Mercy on us.



MERCY Lord, You’re mercy is like every drop of a waterfall, forever falling from heaven You’re mercy Lord, is Love. Your mercy taught me mercy. In Your mercy there’s forgiveness, strength and peace. Because of mercy Lord, I appreciate Your grace. Your mercy extends far more than my eyes will ever see. You’re words “Rich in mercy” Reassures me. When I cry out “Lord have mercy on me,” Your mercy comforts me and my heart is worry free. Saved by Your Mercy and Grace. Your mercy endureth forever. You said “You’ll have mercy on whom You will have mercy. I thank You Lord, for choosing me to have mercy upon.

Without Your mercy, I couldn’t feel Your love.


Judging is having a strong opinion or belief about someone or something based on personal past experience, book sense, street sense, religion, emotions, fears, anger or views.

From My Heart: To judge without knowing the whole story, judging without compassion, judging without walking a step in someone else’s shoes and judging without mercy and fairness is wrong.

God is the only one who is wise enough to judge.


Eyes are a powerful thing. The eyes hold emotions that are hidden in the heart and soul of a person or animal; The eyes speak when the heart has not words; see the past, present and future and the future of the past with wisdom; The eyes hold truth, joy, sadness, peace, fear, anger, love, desire, confusion, pride, compassion, respect, admiration, honor and endurance; sometimes the eyes hold life and sometimes, death.

Searchful eyes- behold a curious heart, easy to stray, always looking for more. Lying eyes: the heart hold many secrets; the heart never rest. Restless eyes: the heart holds no peace; driven by past hurt, stress. Sad eyes: the heart holds much unforgiveness and sorrow. Hard eyes: hold grudges, a heart of regret, pain. Lonely eyes: hold hunger for affection and love, a need. Hungry eyes: a heart that is never full, never satisfied. Wild eyes: a heart and soul that has lost something of value-life, purpose and love. Angel eyes: Unforgettable, An Ocean Blue that you’ve never seen before; Eyes you never forget. Evil eyes: behold no conscience, no regret or remorse; cold. Merciful eyes: behold the gift of compassion, sincere kindness, humble yet strong. Bedroom eyes: behold lust and good intent; driven by strong desires; romantic; loving. Honest eyes: hold strength, honor, respect; fairness; easy to trust. Baby’s eyes: behold God’s love; the person that they will be; the struggles; their eyes hold innocence until life (someone) plants not-so-innocence-seeds.

From My Heart: What the eyes see can alter a life for a life time. The eyeballs lose its strength to see or become blind but they never get old and the eyes never, never, lie. The eyes reflect what is in the soul or heart of a person or animal. The heart, mind, soul and spirit of a person or animal create an invisible glass that cover the eyes and reflect what is inside. What we see, alter or shape how we view everything around us. If a heart is guilty- the eyes see through guilty eyes and no one is innocent. If the mouth lies, the eyes start to view everything as a possible lie. If you kill, you can see through the eyes of a killer and can identify the traits in others. If you are a thief, your trust is thin and your eyes are always watchful. The eyes are connected individually to the heart, mind, soul, body and hands of a person or animal. The body can remember for the eyes- you can see through your touch. The senses that we possess, become eyes to tell our spirit, mind and soul what our actual eyes cannot see. The eyes are a powerful and unique thing.


Consideration is a kind act or thoughts toward someone or something else. It is a moment of compassion and unselfish love. It is an action, motives or reasons. Consideration comes from the heart and treating others as you would want to be treated.

From My Heart: Try opening the door for someone that has their hands full or just open it because you’re the first to reach for the door. At the grocery store, let someone go before you in line because they have fewer items than you. Pull your pants up so other won’t have to look at the crack of your personal part (butt), boxers or underwear. Be patient when there is a handicap sticker on the car in front of you. Be understanding and merciful with the elderly. Don’t use curse words in the presents of an adult, Christian, Pastor, Elderly or young child. Don’t be mean to someone just because you’re having a bad day.

Don’t make noise when someone is sleeping. Be quite in the movie theater.Respect Items in someone’s Home, Store or on someone’s Property. Have mercy on someone that is sick and do what you can. Don’t break someone’s heart or laugh at someone else’s pain. Consider the feelings and emotions of another.