Leaders/Managers/Bosses/Owner: The head of a chain is only as strong as the links that are connected to it. When there is a weak link, you are not a good leader. The people that follow you, represent you or your company/group/business. When you allow people to mistreat others that are under you command, what does this say about the person you are?

From My Heart: What happen to Character, Integrity, Moral, Value and the Christian Way. It’s not all about money and people are not expendable. Good Leaders are hard to fine. A Leader is wise, smart but never too smart to learn. A Leader is compassionate, yet firm, honest and fair, watchful and merciful yet filled with tough love; patient because people learn differently and follow at a different pace. A Leader is a part from men, a woman a part from women. They aren’t afraid to stand alone and hold their own and stand for what they believe. A Leader protects in wisdom, serve in love and thinks before they speak, direct or demand. A True Leader, leads in knowledge, humbleness, strength and prays about all things. But most, find it easier to follow in the footsteps of fools.


Poetry -Leade Me

I let you lead me to the pits of hell I’m burned to the core of my soul You lead me to my death, my body wants to breathe no more I let you lead me to an empty place of no return, into pity and shame and I can’t find my self-worth I let you lead me through a pile of crap and I can’t get the smell off me or out of my memory.

But under your leadership, you lead me to myself: I chose to follow, so, in that, I learned from my mistakes And I choose to accept responsibility for trusting you to lead  In you leading me to my death, you lead me to my own life.

Divided You Fall

Fall Love, Business, Marriage & Friendships divided one from another….. Fails. * One mate working days and the other working nights is never a good thing. Nights hold much evil. You miss important moments that create a solid and sincere foundation. * Marriages built on lies, money, motives, secrets. * Marriages built on lies, money, motives, secrets, half-truths, physical attraction, sex and material things, divorce is waiting you.

* Business partners with different moral, value and plans, going in the same direction only to get to two different destinations is a rough road to travel. * A Pastor marrying the wrong woman, his ministry suffers, his spiritual growth is hindered. There is a silent division the church becomes his wife. * A relationship with uncertainty, going with the flow, words filled with “maybe” and “what if,” makes room for hurt, foolishness and mistakes.

* A Parent uncomfortable with communication, never take time to understand their children; label their children as a nobody or just like their no good mom or dad; judging them without listening, putting them aside for relationships, friends, jobs or money…causes an unhealthy future for that child.

* Dividing a STATE: Black, White, Other, Young, Old, Fat, Skinny, Tall, Short, Light, Dark, Poor, Rich, Smart, Dumb, Healthy, Sick, Educated, Uneducated, Beautiful, Ugly, Husband, Wife From My Heart Divided you fall. Divided we fail. Divided, they win. Life without God shall cease to be no more.