Wisdom Notes-22

To Hold A Broken Heart In The Palm Of Your Hands: You Will Need Compassion To Carry It With You, Mercy To Repair The Pieces, Patience To Put It Back Together Again & Prayer To Give It New Life, New Hope &  A New Beginning.

Everyone has their own faults, shortcomings, imperfections and insecures. Love endures all in wisdom and knowledge.

Wisdom Notes-17

It’s Hard To See Things A Better Way. It’s Hard To Always Do Things The Right Way. It’s Hard To Believe When Your Body Is In Pain. It’s Hard To Trust Something You Can’t See. It’s Hard To Change With A Broken Spirit. It’s Hard To Walk Through Fear. It’s Hard To Love When Your Heart Has Been Torn Apart…

Be patient with yourself. Be patient with God. Nothing last forever but God’s love for you. There is Wisdom in everything that happens. A hard heart can’t learn wisdom.


Women- Protect your hearts. Learn to be humble with wisdom. Learn to be silent in anger. Learn to love without forgetting to love yourself. Raise your children to know the word of God and love of God. You can’t be with your children 24/7 and God is forever and everywhere. Forgive and love again. Trust in God in relationships to always show you the truth to make a wise decision with that truth. Trust God with your heart and your lives, for, He will love you more than any man can. Ladies, let’s learn to love each other and lift each other up. Stop sharing men and breaking up un-happy homes; You deserve a man of your own.


Poetry- Being Born A Woman Being born a woman, being born a woman of color Being born a woman and have to be as I was born… a woman: walk like a woman, dress like a lady, speak wit. Being born a woman, being born a woman of color. Being born a woman and have to be as I was born… a woman: walk like a woman, dress like a lady, speak with with wisdom of a queen.

Being born as a woman to live in a man’s world, expected to change at a drop of a hat, shift with the wind, move with the times, and think like a man, hide emotions and use few words without feelings. Being born a woman and left to do a man’s job: provide, protect, lead, preach, teach our sons to be men and teach our daughters how not to be a weak for men

Being born a woman, the weight of the world sitting on her shoulders, worries flooding her mind like an ocean flooding the lands; carrying everybody’s problems in her soul, being the one to hold it all together.

Being born a woman, a slave to love, a slave to loneliness, and a slave to how we were taught to be… too strong to be weak. Being born a woman of difference; loved for the curve of her hips, the size of her butt and the length of her hair; loved for the skin she’s in, love for the body of a goddess… never being love for the woman that she is.

Being born a woman with spiritual beliefs, values and morals and have to lay it down in the hands of fools; push it aside with stripped pride; hide it in order to be love and get where she needs to be; put it on a shelf and provide for her family by any means necessary. Being born a woman and treated like a dog; fragile on the inside, tough on the outside; lost on the inside and going through the motions on the outside; broken on the inside and together on the outside; afraid on the inside and bold on the outside; insecure on the inside and beautiful on the outside; humble on the inside and stubborn on the outside; crying on the inside and smiling on the outside.

Being born a woman and always treated like a whore Being a woman and dying alone




It’s You


It’s YOU If my body is wash whiter than snow or covered with filth; If my ears cannot hear and my eyes cannot see; If I prosper or prosper not, blessed or blessed not, it is you; If I cry, You are the reason for my tears, if I laugh it’s because you are my joy; If I lose, it is You that allow it to be taken or If I gain, it is You that giveth.

If my world crumbles and falls apart; If I lose my children, my family, my friends or lose the ability to think, feel and function, it’s You; If I sink to bottom of the ocean or able to climb the highest mountain, it’s you that allows; If I am lost or put in a jail cell beneath three decades of graves, I know you will save me. If I live, it’s because You gave me life; If I die, it is You that allow my life to be taken.

If I rise above a thousand hills or sink in sinking sands; If I am in the hospital bed filled with hopeless pain or going through life with no pain at all, it’s You. If my soul stayed anchored in You or if my soul stray; If my broken heart is healed or remain torn; If my heart is harden or harden not, it’s You

If I died today and saw heaven or died tomorrow and saw Hell, You will be with me. Because I believe you’ll be where ever I am, I am a complete a thought from the words spoken from your heart. You are my beginning and my end. Whatever happens or happens not; You allow because it’s part of your plan for my life and my life is you.

Broken Hearts

For Broken Hearts All Over The World, Lord I pray for broken hearts all over the world, there are more than the hairs on my head. It’s nothing for a heart to be taken for granted and soul crushed by selfishness and pride. Lord, some do it because they can, some do it because it makes them empowered. I pray that total healing rain down from heaven to restore all that pain and hurt his diminished. Lord, give hearts a sincere new start with wisdom, truth, direction, fairness and mercy. Please don’t let yesterday’s pain hinder the beginning of a love that will lift up your Glory. Hold broken hearts close to your heart. Lord and hear their cry for deliverance and love. Camp your Angels around their emotions, desires and will to love and be loved. For some don’t know how hurt has affected their lives, attitudes, faith, their ways. May your love cast out fear, heal and deliver, restore and bring about a good change. Father, have mercy on the broken hearts and damaged souls that turned to evil. They know not what they do, for they are blinded by hurt and lost in the pain of yesterday. Bless their memories to heal, their soul to mend and someone to love them unconditionally. Amen and Amen


Being unfaithful is deeper than being a cheater. The word “faith” gives it a whole different meaning. It means that God is somewhere involved. Being unfaithful affects the lives of love ones, causes broken homes, financial stress on the family, children act out in desperation or depression. It’s more than a game played on the heart. Many lives are at stake. This sin affect generations to generations.



Unfaithfulness, an effort to lock all that you love, including your own heart into a vault until you have finished performing an act that will alter lives and change things forever. Unfaithfulness, an answer to loneliness and a method to be understood. Unfaithfulness, a safe place to find a need to be respected and appreciated. Unfaithfulness, an act of justification or rejuvenation. Unfaithfulness, a cry for mental and spiritual help to deal with self and others. Unfaithfulness, a hiding place from reality, from change, from commitment, from your future. Unfaithfulness, a willing weakness of pure selfishness. Unfaithfulness, the moment you lost your damn mind and expect everything to be the same. Unfaithfulness, an act that you can’t undo.


Cheaters The faithful cheater is someone who cheats every now and then, so that a pattern or trail isn’t notice.

Seasonal cheaters (it depend on the weather to determine their mood for being unfaithful). The Spring & Summer are the best times; body parts of the opposite sex are exposed.

The Rich Cheater –because he/she is the provider (takes care of home) that justifies the right to cheat; Money gives them the right to do as they please, when they want, with whom they want to do it with. They give things as substitute for love, affection and emotional support. Cheating is a mere hobby or a pass time.

Old School Cheaters, which are the long-term cheater, everyone accepts the fact that there is someone else and they all know about each other. The lovin is good, everybody is satisfied and as long as he’s providing for all and supplying the goods, women share him fairly.

The Dog – He/She couldn’t be faithful is their lives depended on it. No “One” man or woman is enough. He/She don’t need a reason or motivate to cheat, it comes natural. He/She has no regret and no need to apologize if caught in the act of unfaithfulness. He/She has no honor or respect for the body, heart, mind or soul of their lovers. The Dog is often driven by past hurt, fear, insecurities, a need to prove things; driven by a hunger that can’t be satisfied. The penis and eyes of a man are like the nose of a dog, always sniffing somebody’s butt. A woman is always needing something to screw rather it’s somebody’s life, a penis or toys.

From My Heart: It takes special and unique people to cheat. It takes skill and organization. You have to be able to justify your wrong, make your wrongs to be right and alter your conscience. There is nothing you can do to make a cheater faithful. Cheating is embedded in the heart and it doesn’t take much for the mind to follow. Allowing that person to stay in your life after the trust has been broken is like keeping an untamed tiger that has already eaten part of your heart.

Broken Spirited

Broken Spirited Defined: When the doors are closed in your face too many times; When hard times last a little too long; When problems come a little too often; When nothing good ever last; When no one is ever there for you when you need them the most; When your worst outweigh your bad and there is no comfort in your nights or days…A broken spirit …. your faith become thin as the skin of a dry leaf; your spirit grows weary and your prayers fade in the ceiling; tears harden your heart; your strength feels like it left your body to defend for itself; you’re emotions becomes numb; your mind is at stand still like stagnate water and your soul broken into a million pieces.
Your what-ever-attitude says that you have given up. You go to church and can’t lift your hands to give God praise. You want to speak life to your situation but your lips won’t move. You’ve given up trying to make it work because all your hopes are gone. You listen to people trying to say things to encourage you but you can’t hear them. Your eyes are open but you can’t see. Going through the motions of everyday life and nobody sees your pain. Tears behind the smile and hurt behind the laughter. Your prayers are short and to the point because you don’t feel that God hears you. All your memories of hurt, pain and all the bad things drown your spirit. And you find yourself mad at God to only find that satan had a plan for you before you were born and your people in your past and your own choices played a part in his plan.

Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted: When someone breaks your heart, you allowed your heart to be broken. Every time you give your heart, it is always a possibility of hurt. There is always a chance that someone won’t love you the same as the love that you give or give you the love that you deserve. Admitting that you saw all the stop signs and still went into the relationship, the hurt is your fault. Broken hearts were not meant to keep you from loving again or keep you from taking a chance on being loved. Broken hearts are supposed to teach you lessons like: how to love, when to love, what kind of love your dealing with, how much love should you give or if you should love at all. Most times, heartache teaches us to have a hard heart and be distant in love. Future loves pay for the hurt of the past.
From My Heart: Everyone has a time and season to love, be loved, be hurt, be healed and love again. Healing of the heart and mind starts with pray and forgiveness; Letting go and stop being stuck on stupid. People have the right to say goodbye and walk away. Let them go and get over it-it’s called free will. You can’t make someone love you the way that you want to be loved. You can’t make someone appreciate the love that you give. You can’t make someone ready for a relationship if they are not. You can’t make someone stay if leaving is in their heart. And begging only prolongs the hurt (stop trying to control someone with your hurt emotions). Let go and let God heal your heart and life.