Wisdom Notes-21

How Do You Make A Heart Believe That It Deserves Love, Honor, Respect & It Deserves The Best?

How Do You Make A Heart Protect Its Own Preciousness & Still Love?

How Do Contain A Heart That Starves To Be Love?

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that a weary and damaged heart usually finds the answers a little too late. You have One Heart, One Soul & One Spirit and they were made to protect eachother. Know your worth.


Walls are built to separate one thing from another, one person from another; to separate walls inside the heart unconsciously; to separate walls inside the mind are created by life (fear, regret, remorse, hurt); to separate walls are a temporary and quick fix to deal with certain moments in life. Walls are large stumbling blocks to detour you, re-direct you, hinder you and make it harder for you to go forward. Wall protect from the bad but they also keep the good out. Walls could make you miss your blessings.

From My Heart: It’s hard to break through invisible walls inside a person. To break through and break down walls take prayer, patience, understanding, sincere love, compassion, mercy, kindness, endurance and faith. Because you don’t always see the walls coming down or falling inside, you just have to believe in that person more than they believe in themselves. Trust that your prayers are being answer and the seed is growing inside that person. Some walls are thick but love is thicker and stronger than any wall.


Poetry – Walls

Walls made of bricks, wood, stone, iron, water, trees, rocks or paper, held together by tears of pain and hurt, are all strong walls inside the heart, mind or soul. Worldly Love made these walls solid and strong and the memory of hurt maintain these walls.

God’s Love with faith, can restore, repair, mend, remove and tear down these walls. It starts with making a decision, a choice to love again.

You were made to love and be loved. Hurt is just a part of life. You live and you learn the wisdom of love.

If you learned not to love, you didn’t learn anything at all and satan wins.


Shame… a self-evaluation in the middle of choice made; an overwhelming sense of self-condemnation; a thought that covers the heart, burden the spirit; an unchanging moment of regret and pity; labeled/named to enhance embarrassment; words embedded in the mind to blind the eyes and hinder the strength to believe in self. I don’t know it’s easy to believe the negative thoughts of others than to believe the best about ourselves. Maybe, not believing in self-creates a hollow space within and when someone speaks hurtful things; it fills that space and become a part of every part of self.


Prejudice: Raised to hate someone because of the color of their skin, where they were born, how they were raised or the status of their finances; Raised to believe that anyone other than your own is beneath you; Raised to see things through the eyes of your past, your friends or family; Raised to destroy something that you fear or don’t understand (In order to understand a thing, you must first care). Being Prejudice is an excuse to hate, to be mean and evil. Acts of Prejudices- a person’s right to judge another according to their own personal views.

From My Heart: Prejudice is not born inside a person. It is born from ignorance, jealousy and fear. Prejudices are taught. It’s taught by selfish, self-centered and narrow-minded people. It’s taught by damaged hearted people (victims of prejudices). The only time that there are no prejudices, is at a 4 way stop (but that’s only on good day) or it’s an attack on the US than we are one nation under God.

A prejudice system set up to destroy, divide, control and conqueror. Laws were created to be fair and protect the innocent but the loop-holes were created by the prejudice, greedy and conniving people.

It’s You


It’s YOU If my body is wash whiter than snow or covered with filth; If my ears cannot hear and my eyes cannot see; If I prosper or prosper not, blessed or blessed not, it is you; If I cry, You are the reason for my tears, if I laugh it’s because you are my joy; If I lose, it is You that allow it to be taken or If I gain, it is You that giveth.

If my world crumbles and falls apart; If I lose my children, my family, my friends or lose the ability to think, feel and function, it’s You; If I sink to bottom of the ocean or able to climb the highest mountain, it’s you that allows; If I am lost or put in a jail cell beneath three decades of graves, I know you will save me. If I live, it’s because You gave me life; If I die, it is You that allow my life to be taken.

If I rise above a thousand hills or sink in sinking sands; If I am in the hospital bed filled with hopeless pain or going through life with no pain at all, it’s You. If my soul stayed anchored in You or if my soul stray; If my broken heart is healed or remain torn; If my heart is harden or harden not, it’s You

If I died today and saw heaven or died tomorrow and saw Hell, You will be with me. Because I believe you’ll be where ever I am, I am a complete a thought from the words spoken from your heart. You are my beginning and my end. Whatever happens or happens not; You allow because it’s part of your plan for my life and my life is you.

Without God


Without God, I don’t know how you make it without believing in the most high God, the God of Heaven and Earth. If you don’t believe in God, what lifts you up when your down, holds you when you have no one, find you when you’re lost and save you from yourself. If you don’t believe in God, where do you get the strength to go on when you hit rock bottom; when you need a hiding place and there is nowhere that you can hide to find peace to your spirit.

If you don’t believe in God, how does our heart mend, how do you forgive and go on in peace; how do you heal from life’s heartaches, pains and lost; how do face everyday trails without making God apart of your everything. If you don’t believe in God, how do you treat each other with love without God’s word blessing your heart with direction, mercy, wisdom and compassion? How do you survive when everything around you is falling apart; how do you be strong in your weakness, see when you’re blinded by greed, wealth, poverty or selfishness How do you breathe when you find your soul suffocating from regret, shame, rejection and fear?

I don’t know how you live and love without God and I don’t ever want to know.


Lies are untruths, secrets untold, half-truths, fiction, make-believe or an imagination gone wild. We all lie daily: on our jobs, to our friends, to our family and strangers. We tell lies to get what we want or need. But habitual Liars are a different kind of people. Their lies plant strong seeds of distrust, doubts and fear in a person’s heart. People, who feel the need to lie, start by lying for no reason at all. Lying becomes who they are and all they know to do. Most Liars are hard working people; they work hard at the lies they tell. They work even harder to keep up with each trail of lies they created and that, take skills. At some point in their lives, their minds start to believe their own lies.

From My Heart: Lies are like sinking sands-no solid foundation. Lies are like self-made pits. Lies change lives forever. Lies changes the way people see, think and feel. Love sees through lies. If you can’t go a day without lying, you have a problem. I know that, in this life you have to lie to get ahead; lie to keep a job; lie to get more business. But you should never lie in love, in your personal relationships or marriage. Lies are like drops of poison into someone’s soul. Lies are like death that never comes back to life.

God hates a liar.



Out-Come Of Lies Protecting and securing Lies, Secrets and Half-truths cause distance, distrust and hurt. There’s is a special place in Hell for habitual liars.

Head Strong

Head Strong: You are quick to turn a deaf ear; Quick to anger; Stubborn; Hard-headed; Narrow Minded; You often right in your own eyes; Your opinion is the only one that really counts; You get in the way of your own blessings; It’s your way or no way; You only trust yourself; and you have to learn from your own mistakes.

From My Heart: It’s ok to stand your ground, hold on to what you believe and be un-moveable by any negative wind that blow your way. But always seek wisdom from wise persons or Proverbs. Never depend solely on your own thoughts. Pray about everything. Get knowledge, listen to the ideals of others but have your own thoughts; embrace new things, yet, stay focus on the right thing. You can sing someone else’s song but make it your own; much like wisdom, you listen and apply only what you need to your life or situation.

I Don’t Want To Be Job’s Wife

I watch you struggle with the decisions of life weighing you down. You’re torn between things that seem to be blessings running over. I want to share with you my wisdom to help guide you. But I don’t want to be Job’s wife whispering satan’s words in your ear. I see the desires of your heart to please God in all that you do.

I hear your prayer to make your ways clear and promising. I want to share my wisdom to make it better and easier for you. But I don’t want to be Job’s wife and you harden your heart toward me.

I hold your heart as you pour out the fears of wrong choices. Listening to the sound of your voice as a child lost in the wilderness. I want to protect you from the wrongful ways that pulls you most. But I don’t want to be Job’s wife, judged as foolish in my worry.

In my silence, I pray and I trust God to direct your path and bless your footsteps. And I pray that somewhere along the way, your footsteps will lead you back to me. And you will believe that I love you and I’ll always be here for you. I am your blessed Wife


Endure- Not giving up and continue on in good spirit Enduring through the storm with faith comforting your heart Enduring the hard lessons of life with forgiveness, meekness and humbleness Endure till the end and having the willingness to begin again Endure: not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but having faith that it’s there. Endure: Giving up is not an option. Endure: doing your part and trusting God for the rest

From My Heart: To endure something, you must have patience and depend on God for strength, leaning not on your own understanding and leaning not on your views and what your eyes see. To endure, takes the sacrifice of self, believing God for a blessed outcome. To endure, trust God for all things and go through (endure) for the gain of wisdom and knowledge from God which will help you bless others.