Wisdom Notes-21

How Do You Make A Heart Believe That It Deserves Love, Honor, Respect & It Deserves The Best?

How Do You Make A Heart Protect Its Own Preciousness & Still Love?

How Do Contain A Heart That Starves To Be Love?

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that a weary and damaged heart usually finds the answers a little too late. You have One Heart, One Soul & One Spirit and they were made to protect eachother. Know your worth.

The Last Call

I called you in my time of need, pity and shame… I thought I wasn’t going to make it to see another day. I called you when the tears had swollen my eyes closed….you answered me not. You wouldn’t answer my call because I’ve called so many times, my life keeps falling apart. I called you when my child was in the operating room for over 4 hours. I called you when my car broke down; you left me stranded in the worst part of town.

I called you when my lights, water and gas was about to be turned off… you had and wouldn’t give. You didn’t answer because I wasn’t your responsibility. I called you when me and my children were homeless… you open not your doors. I called you when we were hungry and you feed us not… you judge me instead. I called you when my spirit was broken, my faith was paper thin… your words tore me apart. You, like others are quick to give prayer and slow to give a helping hand. I called you when trouble was on every side, my body beaten; my soul cut… you came not.

I called you before I pull the trigger, before I jumped off the ledge, before I swallowed every pill, before the blade cut my skin, I called you. I called you, woman of God, man of God, friends of Christ, people of the world… and you answered me not. You were my last call, my last cry for help…

Jesus heard my cry and saved me from myself. Satan knew that my blessings and my break-through was close and within my reach. I almost missed a life changing event.

Spiritual Connection

For some, a spiritual connection comes after a sex; loving God on the same levels or equally yoked; an answer to a prayer for love to come and it does or a moment that feels like fate or destiny is real; when the two you are the same by the way of being different; your differences covers each other’s shortcomings and your made whole.

From My Heart: Spiritual Connection between two people is when God is a part of what you share: having the same dream; passing by each other singing the same song; heartbeats at the same pace; when one hurts the other feels the pain; silent words speaks depth to eachother’s soul; your one in Christ, one before God, you have the love of God for each other-no leaving and no forsaking, no lies and no disrespect, no unfaithfulness or abuse.

You’re a helpmate, a friend, a lover, a comforter to each other. You’re a forgiver and you except eachother’s shortcomings. You lift each other in prayer always. You feel each other in every way when you together or apart. There are no secrets or pride and you thank God for the love you share every day. And every day you find a reason about your mate to love and cherish even more. You can feel God’s love flowing from them; the love you share makes God’s love real in eachother’s lives. God is able to help you communicate with each other because each of you listens to God individually. You know each other in a way that’s amazing and unique and love over-powers, mends and conquers all things that try to come between you.


A conniving person asks all the right questions to use every answer. They search for the opportunity in the weakness of others. They seldom associate with someone if there is no self-gain. Every chance they get to use you, they will. They look for opportunity in the weakness of others. Everything they do has a reason or motives. What you say, can and will be used against you for future gain.

From My Heart: A conniving person sees the outcome of a thing before it begins. They see the gain and how to avoid the lost. Every point is covered and every plan carefully thought out. Even in their lost, they gain. Conniving people are careful with their words and actions. They fill their glass up from top to bottom but they see it full before you even starting pouring.