Wisdom Notes-24

When You Are Blind: You Hear Things Differently; You See Things Differently; You Feel Things Differently; You Walk Differently; You Touch Things Differently…

The same is with life: when you’re going through things, you handle accordingly to how you feel inside. It affects your decisions and the way you handle things; it affects the way you see things and it affects the way you get things done.

Hurt, Pain, Lost, Fear & Needs has a way of getting in the way of your blessings.


Hate is a silent killer; an unexpressed emotion that fester inside. Hate is a strong, bitter, heartless, selfish, cruel word.

From My Heart: When the word hate rolls off your tongue, it’s like steam from a boiling pot when you lift the top. Hate can stem from anger, jealousy, bruised egos, pride, hurt or fear. All you need is one reason for hate to exist and it grows like cancer. To love what you hate is almost impossible. Hate affects the body, causing blood pressure to elevation and increase stress within the body.

There is no reason to hate anyone or anything but we do. Some people make you want to hate them and some feel good when they are being hated. It is so easy to hate than to forgive. Hatred-acknowledge your reasons and forgive, release, move-on and be a better person.


Anger- a bottomless pit of hurt; Anger is like the root of a tree planted in the deepest part of the ocean. Anger is an emotional state of mind that clouds your judgment and views. The result of Anger: murder, lost, damages, destruction, jail time or regret. It silently affects/destroy your health (high blood pressure, stroke, stomach problem, breathing problems, depression, fatigue and problems sleeping). Anger affects your day, your work, friendships, relationships and marriages. Anger affects the world and how we treat other people and animals.

Life Lessons in Rehab: When someone makes you angry, they have control over you. When someone finds pleasure in making you miserable, they have control over you. In your moment of anger; Stop, breathe, listen, think and speak calmly and don’t give fools the satisfaction of seeing you angry, confused or hurt. Anger hardens the heart and turns the soul cold. The Spirit of Anger has no mercy. The deeper the anger the harder it is to forgive. Forgiveness lightens the heart, heals your body, gives you peace within and allows you to breathe. Being angry with God is foolish. Everything that God allow to happen is based on your decision (free will) and His plan and purpose for your life and others. Everything works together, comes together in God’s time. God’s time is not our time. God’s wisdom is deeper that our thoughts.