Trust a tiny, vulnerable, sensitive, fragile token of love. Unbroken trust is a powerful thing. It’s strong enough to move the tallest mountains into the sea. But, when trust is broken, it’s like the dead that will never live again. Resuscitation is not an option; the mind never forgets.

From My Heart: To trust someone, you have to first believe. Why believe a lie? Why trust a fool? Why do you believe a lie when the truth is right before your heart? I believe that it’s human nature to want and need to trust somebody sometimes. It feels good to be able to trust. Trust is solid, trust actions and trust with wisdom. Trust where trust is due and deserved. We allow people to lie to us and then get angry at the outcome. We allow people in our lives that we know that we shouldn’t trust. Trust makes a huge difference in your relationships.

Learn to trust in spurts. Example: I trust you to be faithful but I don’t trust you to marry me; I trust you to pay the bills but I don’t you to not gamble; I trust you to do the right thing when we are together but I don’t trust you do the right things when we are apart; I trust you to honest with me but I don’t trust you to tell me the whole truth; I trust you with the kids but I still got my eye on you; I trust you to go where you said that you were going but I trust that, that’s the only place you have been.

As for me: I trust people to do what people do. People are just people- most, know not what they do and the effect they cause a heart.


Poetry: Trust You
You want me to trust you yet you lie to me and keep things from me. You want me to trust you and you don’t even trust yourself to do right by me. You want me to trust you when all you care about is you. You want me to lay my life and my health in the palm of your slippery hands on a non-solid foundation. You hands are in many places, touching many things, holding others, knowing this to hurt me. You want me to trust you when you are not in my sight and my calls go unanswered. You want me to trust you and you have done nothing to earn the trust of my heart.

You have not shown me anything different that those that have damaged my heart. You too, have caused my soul to cry as you cut my heart into pieces. Trust you. Please. I wouldn’t trust you if you lying in your grave dead.

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