Being a writer, words mean the world to me. Every word has its own meaning, its own time and place. Words determine the outcome of a thing, the depth of thing. I’ve search my whole life to find someone that could hear me. You, you listen to my heart, my soul, my spirit. When my words won’t come out right, you speak what I meant to say. I speak words on the surface of things, you speak the depth of my hidden fears. When you speak, it’s like you’ve been in my secret places and heard my silence cries. You leave me frozen in my steps when you speak my truth that I keep from you. Before you, I always felt like I was in the world by myself. When you speak, you are in my world, crossing into my comfort zone.

My land was divided by your ocean, you open me up and filled every part of me. Before you, Words was all I had and I kept them hidden inside. Before you, a pen, a piece of paper and prayers was all I had to express myself. Writing was my safe place, no one could use my words against me. Writing was somewhere to put how I felt and now I have you, my words, you hear and we are one I love you, my world, my every thing. Maybe you are just my imagination because you left without a single word.

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