The Last Call

I called you in my time of need, pity and shame… I thought I wasn’t going to make it to see another day. I called you when the tears had swollen my eyes closed….you answered me not. You wouldn’t answer my call because I’ve called so many times, my life keeps falling apart. I called you when my child was in the operating room for over 4 hours. I called you when my car broke down; you left me stranded in the worst part of town.

I called you when my lights, water and gas was about to be turned off… you had and wouldn’t give. You didn’t answer because I wasn’t your responsibility. I called you when me and my children were homeless… you open not your doors. I called you when we were hungry and you feed us not… you judge me instead. I called you when my spirit was broken, my faith was paper thin… your words tore me apart. You, like others are quick to give prayer and slow to give a helping hand. I called you when trouble was on every side, my body beaten; my soul cut… you came not.

I called you before I pull the trigger, before I jumped off the ledge, before I swallowed every pill, before the blade cut my skin, I called you. I called you, woman of God, man of God, friends of Christ, people of the world… and you answered me not. You were my last call, my last cry for help…

Jesus heard my cry and saved me from myself. Satan knew that my blessings and my break-through was close and within my reach. I almost missed a life changing event.

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