Stress is the side-effects of silence, hurt, worrying, pain, anger, frustration and humiliation that quietly affect the body functions; A silent destroyer of your health, spirit and peace. Stress starts with an over-whelming thoughts; thoughts without solution; thoughts with no way of changing things or fixing a matter; a feeling behind a situation; not having enough hours in the day to finish everything that you think, that need to be done and not enough of anything to make things better. From My

From My Heart: I know that it’s easier said than done but lay it down at the feet of Jesus and leaving there. Being one person but having many roles is extremely hard: Being a woman, mother, wife, sister, friend, business woman or employee, co-worker, counselor, bed-warmer, cook, maid, nurse to the sick and daughter; Being a man, husband, provider, protector, co-worker, freedom, father, business-man or employee, friend, brother, Mr. Fix-it, lawn care person and a son; Being a child, student, friend, a son/daughter; dealing with growing up, obedience and sacrifices; being hungry, emotional, needy and left alone. Life and worldly love is stressful.

So, just take a lot of deep breaths, count your blessing, pray, wait for something to happen, change things that need to be changed, sacrifice for a piece of mind, find another way of thinking about a situation or person, find some good in the bad and make the best of it until you can do better.

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