Snakes mate, sleep, eat, watch and wait patiently to kill you. They are not Pets. They have no emotions in their eyes and they have no soul. To keep snakes around your children is a very foolish thing. Snakes are very smart, intelligent and wise animals. Over a period of time, they figure out your height, weight, width, length and weakest moment, then, they stop eating to prepare their bodies to eat you. Reality is: you only want a snake because it makes you look dangerous, different, evil, violent and cool. Insecurity is a dangerous thing.

From My Heart: We think, because we purchase something, that it’s ours and it becomes family or a close friend. Snakes are sneaky, dangerous, conniving, manipulative and wise by nature. Their motive and reasons: to survive (sleep, eat, hunt and mate). They appear humble, friendly and peaceful. They study your every move, your weaknesses and strengths, your height and weight, your pattern of thoughts and behavior. They come to know you better than you know yourself. They wait patiently to strike at the right moment. Every attack is a well thought out, rehearsed in detailed plan

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