Giving LifeTo A Snake

When my heart grew in love for you, after almost of year of still trying to make it work. You felt the need to tell me the story you once heard and I listened in tears. You said that there was once a girl, who had found a dead snake, held it and brought it back to life. The snake ended up biting the little girl and she wondered why after giving it life that it decided to bite her. The snake said to the little girl, that you knew I was snake when you brought me to life.

You were dead but I gave you life, I gave you my life in unconditional love. You were a snake with no conscience, doing what snakes do: kill, eat, sleep and wait patiently to kill again. You went and came as you please, I gave you my life to make your life meaning. Now, I lay you back down in the dirt as I found you: died, alone and lost in your selfishness.

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