Every trap they set, I step right in it Bear traps, mines, pits, wells, ovens…… They know me better than I know myself. I can’t make it out without you Lord, That, that I do, I can’t undo. I realized it’s a trap a little too late. Traps are planted everywhere I go, everywhere I move. Every failure could cost me my life or alter my life in such a major way.

Some traps, I see but my heart hopes for the best and I want to believe that it’s real. Some traps are set on the other side of the mountain and I don’t see it till I get up the hills. Some traps are set so well, it’s hard to believe that it was all just a trap. Some traps, the hold is so painful and last so long before I’m free. Some traps, even when I’m free, it still hold me bound. Every trap that is set well prepared before I was born, it’s set with the wisdom of time. Ropes, chains, barbwire, duck-tape… My enemies are prepared to destroy me

Father, the traps leave me weary, empty of hope, foolish, naïve, stupid and useless. Every trap hinders my faith, crush my self –worth and weaken my will to try again. Please save me. Amen

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