Selfish/Selfishness: Everything is about self: I, Me and Mine. Every conversation, every excuse and every reason starts with “I”. Nothing is more important than self. The love for self is unbelievable and the love for others is shallow. For self-gain, they will step on any/everybody to get where they want to be. Their priorities are screwed up; God, family, friends are last in their lives; they can be sneaky by nature and often unfair in love: They always take more than they give and will be quick to take back what they have given.

From My Heart: The reasons for their selfishness run deep-their past controls their future. I find that most selfish people are often, never satisfied; giving them the world, wouldn’t be enough. They always have a backup plan to get what they want. Their main concern is themselves. They will do nothing for you unless they can somehow benefit for it. Realizing what’s most important, comes a little too late. They may do the right thing but it’s always for the wrong reasons.

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