Wanting To Be Loved

Wanting to be loved started as a child for me. There was never enough love in my days, my nights, my life. Love sometimes felt like riches hanging from the tallest tree. I could never reach it and it never fall down so I could have, love was never easy. I’ve always wanted to be loved… the love I saw with others, I never experienced. I was made to feel that, wanting to be loved was unrealistic, childish or whorish and they try to comfort me with “when the right one comes-I’ll know it”.

I gave myself to men in my search to be loved. I gave my heart and poured out my soul to people to be loved. I lowered my standards and put my spirit aside to be loved. Wanting to be loved was like being hungry all the time. What’s wrong with wanting to be loved and cared for, for once in my life? What’s wrong with needing to be loved and making love a reason to live? What’s wrong with wanting love, to love me, for me? What’s wrong with wanting to live the melody of a love song? What’s wrong with wanting the fairytale or a happy ever after I still find myself wanting and needing to be loved?

The only difference is, I find the love I need in Christ Jesus No one loves me like the Lord and man’s love can’t compare.

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