A slow pace toward condemning and destroying self in a way that no one else can; creating a bottomless pit in your own soul to drown your faith and love; allowing words to un-do the positive spirit in you; cutting your own heart open to be loved by any means necessary; closing your eyes to the truth and open your arms to embrace a lie; refusing to eliminate dead weight and remove infected leaches; choices to swallow the poison of others and die for someone that has no love for you.

From My Heart: Losing self in un-healthy love; losing self in life’s games; setting self up to fail by not being honest with yourself; pretending that the things in our lives are supposed to be, when those very things are destroying everything about you; choosing to embrace the things that are wrong for the soul, for the heart and spirit; opening doors that should not have been open; separating self from the word of God; paving roads that lead to the wrong places; going down roads that you will never return from.

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