SAFE: A place where you are protected; A place of security; A solid ground to stand upon; Stability; A place of comfort, trust and peace.

From My Heart: What I learn is that: When someone gives you their heart, you need to have a safe place to put it. If you want something, you need to prepare before you get. Preparing a place takes sacrifice, change, understanding, love, humbleness and a heart that’s ready to surrender. Keeping someone or something safe is a responsibility from the heart, dedication from the soul.

As for Me: The only person that I feel safe with is God. Nothing in my life has made me feel secure. My foundation (Jobs, Money, Relationships, Friends) was always falling apart; Nothing good ever lasted very long for me. So, God is my solid foundation, my rock, my hiding place, my security blanket, my shelter, my friend, my first love, my comforter, a good listener, and wonderful advisor. He’s my medication for depression, sickness and loneliness. I’m weak in His arms and God carries me. When life cuts me up and love damages my soul, He mends me, heals me and put me back together again. I’m safe with God from my enemies and myself.

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