Sacrifice is an act of kindness that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice because it’s done truly from the heart. It is a willing heart giving without conscience, regret, self-gain or recognition.

From My Heart: Most people think that, sacrifice is giving up something you love for something that you love more. For some people, sacrifice is making a commitment to stop doing a thing for the sake of love. Other may think that doing a thing, instead of doing something else is a sacrifice.

When you sacrifice without remorse, regret, doubts, motives and your only reason is love…. Then, it’s a pure, sincere and genuine sacrifice. It’s like giving without any thoughts of expecting anything.

Doing something for someone without any thought of self-gain or need for a thankful outcome. God sacrificed His only Son Jesus to save our souls. Jesus willingly gave His life (no one took it) regardless of us not being worthy, ungrateful and evil hearted people…. Jesus gave his life for us. Who else would die for someone like us? Sacrifice is giving with a pure heart.

Don’t sacrifice anything that you will regret. Don’t give anything that you may want back. Don’t sacrifice for self-gain, it won’t last very long or it will bring you unhappiness. When you sacrifice for the wrong reasons, the heart becomes filled with bitterness, regret and anger; often speaking of what you gave and what you did, expecting something in return.

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